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Zehrs Markets is a chain of supermarkets located southern Ontario. First founded in the city of Kitchener in 1950, Zehrs Markets was named after the store’s founder Emory Zehr. Ontario residents continue to rave about all the conveniences Zehrs offers its customers. Not only do most Zehrs locations have bakeries and meat/produce departments, they also have a vast selection of wine, electronics, and even professional optical departments.

As of today, Zehrs has 42 stunning locations in Ontario. Oh my God! 42! There’s the number again. Don’t you see? It’s the meaning of life. Right here at Zehrs. Do you understand? Are you shaking your head in confusion? Well, if you didn’t get that joke, then you’d better read The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy right away. Go ahead, drive down to you local library and pick up the book. We’ll still be here when you get back.

Although the meaning of life might be on your list of “things to find out before I die,” we’re going to guess that you’ve stumbled upon this page not because you’re interested in metaphysics, but rather because you’re interested in Zehrs. Don’t worry, we’ll give you more serious information from here on out. So, put your brainy glasses on, ’cause it’s time to get edumacated.

Zehrs Customer service

zehrs market customer careFirst off, if you want to call Zehrs for any reason, here’s the best number to reach their Customer Relations Centre (866) 541-6315. Just be aware, this Customer Relations Centre is only open from 8:30AM-5:30PM Mondays through Fridays. You can also fax the Customer Relations Centre by using the number (905) 861-2387.

For more useful information on Zehrs, follow the magical links below.

  • This is Zehrs’ “Contact Us” page. In addition to the phone numbers already listed above, you can send an email to Zehrs directly from this website. There’s also information on Zehrs’ official mailing address listed on this glorious page.
  • Don’t you just love FAQ pages? Someone else asks your stupid question for you so you don’t have to look like a total jackass. It’s genius. If you have a silly question bumbling around your brain, why not save yourself the embarrassment and see if it has already been asked on this FAQ page. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.
  • If you want to shop at Zehrs, then you’d better know where they’re located. That’s kind of obvious, right? But how are you going to know where to go. Never fear, the “Store Locator” page is here. Just click on this URL to easily find the closest Zehrs store to your home address.
  • Nowadays everything is online. That’s right, even grocery store flyers can be found on the World Wide Web. To take a peek at Zehrs’ latest flyer, please take a look at this link.

In case you didn’t know, Zehrs is actually owned by Loblaw Companies Limited. So, if you want to send a hand-written letter to Zehrs Customer Relations Centre, you must write out your mailing address as such:

Loblaw Companies Limited
1 President’s Choice Circle
Brampton, Ontario,
L6Y 5S5
Attention: LCL Customer Relations Centre

Hey, just because Zehrs is a grocery store doesn’t mean it isn’t hip to the latest digital trends. That’s right, Zehrs is on Mark Zuckerberg’s little social media page called Facebook. If you’re on Twitter, you can check out Loblaw’s Twitter feed on this webpage. And, finally, Loblaw has its own Instagram page on this site.

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  1. Lynda Hartford 2 years ago

    I live in Keswick, On and in our flyer it said that your Beef finger meat was on sale. I was in there last night (Friday) to buy some and was told they didn”t have any because they didn”t get there delivery on Tuesday but they were getting a delivery that night. I was in there today (Saturday) to buy some and they said they didn’t get last nights delivery. It is absolutely ridiculous that if your going to have a sale you don’t make sure the product is going to be in stock. This store does this all the time to bad they don’t make a phone call to find out where it is.

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