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As an international force in fashion and a company which is part of the massive Inditex distribution group, Zara supplies a broad range of high-quality, trendy men, women, and children’s clothing.

With online retail services available across the globe and their site being translated in many different languages, Zara quickly rose to popularity.

With prices online which match those found in-store, Zara holds many items within its expansive range of fashion collections. Each season, their range fills with exciting new items heightened through what Zara terms ‘Stories’ and frequent social media posts detailing models adorned in their fashionable wares.

Shopping from Zara is straightforward, affordable, and their customer support is known to be extremely attention and trustworthy.

Here we are taking you through how you can get in touch with Zara customer care info, detailing all of the means of contact at your disposal.

Contact Zara by Telephone

Zara has two telephone numbers where customer care can be reached. Please phone the number appropriate to your request during each department’s hours of operation:

  • Telephonic Queries About Online Purchases: 1-877-550-1108 from Monday to Friday – 8:30AM to 7:30PM EST & Saturday – 10AM to 4PM EST

  • Telephonic Queries About Stores: 1-888-501-2709 from Monday to Friday – 10AM to 7:30PM EST & Saturday – 10AM to 4PM EST

Zara Store Enquiries by Email

Feel free to email any questions regarding online purchases to, while those looking for individual store support are provided an in-store sales contact form instead.

Your query will be responded to via email in most cases, with certain consultants even opting to phone you in person.

Using the In-Store Sales Contact Form

Any store-related query should be addressed to Zara via the In-Store Sales Contact Form available here, or carry out the following steps to find the link on their page:

  • Visit the Zara homepage

  • Click on ‘Contact’ situated on the top right menu

  • Expand ‘E-Mail’ beneath the stores section

  • Select ‘Send’

  • Enter your name, surname, contact details, and leave a message

  • Check the box to agree to Zara’s privacy policy, then select ‘Send’

Contact Zara via Mail or Visit Their Office

Zara’s Canadian affiliate is situated in Quebec. Alternatively, you can find a full list of the physical addresses of each physical Zara office here. If you have any questions, or would like to mail or visit the offices, here is Zara Canada’s address and contact numbers:

1200 McGill College Av. – Suite 1550
H3B 4G7 Montreal (Quebec)

Telephone: 1-514-868-1516

Fax: 1-514-868-1522

Zara’s Social Media Presence

Due to the nature of Zara’s business as a fashion retailer, social media channels are highly utilized to showcase seasonal collections of clothing. Zara has constantly updated social media profiles which can also be used in certain cases to request assistance from customer support. You will have far better results giving them a call though.

Zara on Instagram

Zara on Instagram is very similar to the company’s Pinterest but showcases fewer items of clothing. The latest, trendiest fashion is typically highlighted on Instagram, while support is not offered via this social media channel.

Zara on Facebook

@Zara is updated with seasonal style photos, news regarding promotions and seasonal discounts, and also serves as a means to get in touch with the Zara staff. Facebook Messenger is used as a communication channel between the retailer and their customers, with most queries being attended to within a few hours.

Zara on Twitter

@ZARA_Care is the Zara’s support profile on Twitter. This customer support channel operates from Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM and 7:30 PM EST, and on Saturdays between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. All Tweets and direct messages are responded to timeously, with the account being well-known for its quick resolution of any problems encountered. Zara’s Twitter support should definitely be given a try.

Zara on Pinterest

ZaraOfficial on Pinterest should be your go-to whenever you wish to get a clear idea of what the company’s fashion looks like when worn. Solo models exhibit almost every item of clothing sold by Zara making Pinterest the best place to gauge your personal style preferences before buying. No support is provided via Pinterest.

Zara on YouTube

Zara maintains a YouTube channel listing short videos which exhibit each year’s collection of fashion. Each video gives a brief look at the latest clothing available from Zara, with the channel listing as far back as Spring/Summer 2016.

Contacting Zara Concerning Corporate Affairs

As a company of the Inditex group, corporate communication of all types should be either mailed to, or the company can be contacted at their Spain headquarters on +37-981-185=400.

Contacting Zara Regarding New Products

While Zara lists very little regarding contacting them about new products and product deals, there is a contact for communication of this regard. For all product communication, forward your message in an email to

Using the Zara Store Locator

While Zara lists very little regarding contacting them about new products and product deals, there is a contact for communication of this regard. For all product communication, forward your message in an email to

The Zara Store Locator allows you to find the physical retail location closest to you. Once the nearest store has been listed you will be given an address and telephone number for the branch. Access this feature of Zara’s site by clicking here, or carry out the following steps:

  • Visit the Zara Homepage
  • Click on the small link ‘+ Info’ beneath ‘Join,’ situated on the left-hand menu

  • Select ‘Stores’

  • Select your country from the drop-box and enter your location

  • Click ‘Find Stores’

Multiple Language Support

Zara upholds an international presence, being popular in many countries around the world. As a result, Zara’s homepage is available in a multitude of languages, including French.

Each localized Zara website will give you language options pertinent to that region. For example, Zara’s Canadian site can be displayed in French by scrolling to the very bottom of the page and then selecting ‘Français.’

Zara Site Search

A convenient search box is supplied on the upper-right hand side of the Zara homepage. Use this feature to locate any products of interest that you find on Zara’s social media channels, or to find out how to handle returns, refunds, and other areas of online shopping.

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    I will never use Zara online again. I will tell as many people as I can not to go online as they will not help you.
    I am only asking for someone to clarify a question I have and no one will.
    Very, very disappointing.

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