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YouTube is an internationally known media and video-sharing website. Since its launch in 2005, it’s moved from a simple video-sharing platform to a customizable user experience. Ad-free memberships, family-friendly playlists, and VR capabilities are all examples of how YouTube has moved on from a simple video-sharing platform.

Although they have added to the user experience, YouTube still delivers the basic content that made it popular, including: live streams, video clips, music videos, and video blogging. But, contacting them directly may be restricted to certain situations.

However, whether you are an uploader or a user, this article will outline how to contact YouTube Canada, if possible. The help page is packed with information. So, this may help you navigate it a little easier to find what you need.

Using the YouTube Canada Help Center

A Help window is accessible from the YouTube Canada home page drop down menu in the upper left hand corner. This will bring up a small pop-up window. From the window, you can search for help by using the search bar.

However, if you want to go directly to the Help Center, you can access it here. From here, you can search through the popular topics for YouTube, from video basics to technical help.

YouTube Help Channel

One of the most popular ways that users receive help with YouTube is by watching videos on the YouTube Help channel. You can watch videos on YouTube basics here. Also, you can learn how to start and grow your own channel.

Forum Community

In addition, you can seek help for your queries from the YouTube forum community. This official YouTube forum allows you to seek help on your own from your peers. This is helpful if you could not find the answer you were searching for on the Help channel.

This is also the main way to receive answers to inquiries because YouTube monitors the comments and questions. Occasionally, users receive responses directly from YouTube.

Email YouTube for Creator Support

If you need support as a creator or uploader, there are numerous steps to get to the email form. Creator Support is for users who are part of the YouTube Partner Program. If you are, you will receive an email response to your inquiry in one business day, or less.

Authenticate Your Identity

First, you need to sign into your YouTube channel. Or you can also sign in via Content Manager on the main page. You also need to make sure that the channel you are signed in on is part of the YouTube Partner Program.

Access Help

Next, you need to access “help” at the bottom of any YouTube page. Or, you can also go to the Guide located on the left hand side of the webpage and click the Help (or question mark) icon.

After you do this, a pop-up window will appear. Go to the link that says, “Need more help? Get Creator Support.”

Select Your Topic

After you go to Creator Support, you can specify what your issue using a selection of categories.

Email Support

Lastly, if you are eligible, you can click on the link that says, “email support.” You may also see a link that says “contact the creator support team.” Click on this link at the bottom of the pop-up window, too, if you see it.

When you are able to, follow the Creator Support team email prompts.

Sending Feedback

If you have problems sending out an email as a creator, you can also send feedback to report that issue, or any other. Here are the steps to send feedback or suggestions to YouTube:

  • First, go to your account icon in the upper right corner. Click the “send feedback” link
  • Next, you can describe your issue in the text box. The more information and detail you can provide, the better
  • Lastly, attach a screenshot if applicable. You can highlight any information you think is pertinent, or remove personal information. And, then press the “send” button

You may not receive an answer back. So, this is not a fast way to resolve an issue. If you have a time-sensitive issue, you may want to try the forum community.

Connecting to YouTube Canada Using Social Media

Additionally, you can connect to YouTube using social media platforms. However, these are one-sided communications because they have so many followers. So, you may receive the latest news and events from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+. But, they generally don’t respond to inquiries using the same platforms.


@YouTube is the official YouTube feed on Twitter. Follow them to find out the latest news and events for YouTube. Also, learn about new and featured videos from this social media feed.


Follow YouTube on their Facebook page @YouTube to join the discussion regarding their latest video clips, gifs, and news. But, this is not a platform that is checked by a customer service team. So, you cannot post an inquiry or comment for help, which you would have more success asking in the forum.

Contacting YouTube Canada for Legal Issues

Copyright Complaint

If you think your copyright is being infringed by a video, you can submit a takedown notice.

  • Email: You can also submit free-form complaints for copyright infringement via email to
  • Fax: In addition, you can fax your notification to +1 650 872 8513 (California, US number).
  • Postal Address: Or, send it via mail to DMCA Complaints, YouTube (Google Inc.), 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA.

Corporate Contacts for YouTube Canada


If you are an advertiser, or are interested in advertising on YouTube, you can dial 1-800-852-9990 within Canada. This phone number will connect you with an advertising expert to get you started.


To receive more information about press releases and events for YouTube, you can direct your email inquiries to

General Corporate Phone Number

In addition, if you need to contact the corporate office in San Bruno, California, USA, you can reach the main switchboard by dialing +1 650 253 0000. Optimal calling time is during business hours, between 8 am and 5 pm PST.

Corporate Office Mailing Address

Lastly, if you need to send an official document or project, you can mail it to them. Their corporate address is:

901 Cherry Avenue, 
San Bruno,
CA 94066,

Sending them feedback or an inquiry in the mail, however, may not yield a response or action.

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