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Founded in 2010 by Piotr Szulczewski (CEO), James Prendergast (COO) and Danny Zhang (former CTO) in 2010, Wish is an American e-commerce platform. It aims to facilitate smooth transactions between buyers and sellers.

ContextLogic Inc., a company located in San Francisco, runs the Wish website. This e-commerce site uses browsing technologies to customize and personalize the shopping experience for each customer.

They avoid relying on a search bar format to give the customers a user-friendly site. Wish basically plays the role of an intermediary between the buyers and sellers by handling all the payments. However, it does not stock the products nor does it manage returns.

The Wish shopping app offers mostly fashion items and accessories to both men and women. The sellers on Wish are spread all over the world, which requires a little extra shipping time. This company is as real as it can get, with real people offering their products on the site.  

Since consumers are mostly concerned with their online rendezvous, they require constant feedback on their online parcels. Well, Wish caters to their concerns by offering an impeccable and delightful customer support system.

Wish Customer Support Services

The Wish website offers a bunch of customer support options. Its customer service is pretty great. It provides answers to any questions that you might have about your package, shipping, pricing, etc. It also has multiple contact options through which you can communicate with them.

Call Support

You can call a Wish customer support representative. A profile icon will appear at the top right side of the webpage once you’ve logged in or registered yourself on the Wish website.

When you move the cursor on the profile icon, a drop down box will appear. You will see an option of FAQs there. Once the page is redirected, at the left hand side of the page, a list of options will appear. The second option on the list is the “contact us” option. By clicking on this, you will be directed to a page with the customer support number.

This customer support number will connect you to a Wish customer support office. The number is:

  • 1-800-266-0172

For any queries or problems that you are facing, call on this number. A Wish representative will address all your concerns promptly.

Social Media

Right below the Customer Support number, you will find the Social Media handles of Wish. You can click on their Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook and follow them.  

The Instagram page of Wish has 4.5 million followers and almost 5000 Instagram posts. Wish also has a Facebook page where they can be contacted. Their Facebook page has around 38,216,480 likes. Wish Shopping also has a Twitter account with around 196,000 followers.

Its Social Media pages remain insanely active with new items being posted every day. This means that you can easily contact them if you incur any issues or problems.

Help and FAQs

At the bottom of the Wish shopping page, you will come across the FAQs option. Clicking on that option will direct you to the FAQs page. Once you’re directed to the FAQs page, you will come across basic questions that are generally asked regarding products, delivery time, order tracking, exchange and refund policies, etc.

Under this list of options, you can also find the option to manage your Wish account. This option tells you how to change your account email, password, etc. Under the managing account option, you will find the option of User Feedback.

This section provides you with guidelines about how you can submit your feedback or review of a product that you purchased from Wish. You can basically search for the item in your ‘order history’ and then rate it.

The Help and FAQs section is extremely comprehensive, considering the generic questions asked by almost every second customer. Wish Shopping offers a wide list of options for customer support.

In case you don’t find the option you’re looking for at one place, you can always proceed onto the next one.

Live Chat

One of the best customer communication options that Wish offers is its 24/7 live chat. If you are looking for prompt answers, then move the cursor on your profile icon located on the top right side of the page. Once your cursor hovers over the icon, a drop down list will appear.

You can choose the customer support option from the list. A chat box will pop open on the top left side of the page. The Wish Support Assistant will ask you if you require any assistance. Here you can address all your problems.

Stay In Touch with Wish Shopping

Wish Shopping has a massive following on its different social media accounts. By referring your friends or other people, you can gain extra cash in your Wish account. Wish has an impeccable customer support that offers special gifts to its loyal customers.

Keep a check to stay-in-touch with one of the best and cheapest e-commerce sites. If you have any reservations, you can contact their 24/7 customer support department or look them up on different social media platforms.

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