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WestJet is one of the most successful Canadian airlines, founded in 1996. In just two years, the airline flew more than 3 million passengers. The company is known for its corporate responsibility which ensured its rapid growth in the past few decades. Since the very beginning, its mission was to provide safe and friendly air travel that is affordable to everyone. Today, WestJet flies to more than 100 destinations across the world. The company’s headquarters is located in Calgary, Alberta.

If you look up customers’ feedback on the WestJet service, you will find numerous compliments. As a result, the airline received 8 awards in 2017 alone. These include the TripAdvisor Best Airline in Canada, SimpliFlying Awards Best Airline in North America, and other coveted awards.

Phone Numbers

WestJet has a very professional customer support system. There are many ways you can reach the company. One of the easiest is calling customer support directly. Here is a list of main phone numbers, including their operating hours and toll charges.

WestJet: 1-888-937-8538 or 1-888-WESTJET

This is the main toll-free phone number that operates 24/7 and you should use it for general inquiries and flight details. The estimated wait time is 3 minutes to reach a live operator, and you can also request a call back.

WestJet Vacations:1-877-737-7001

If you are looking for information about WestJet vacation offers, this is the number to dial. It is available from 6am to 10pm MT and the estimated wait time is 0 minutes.

Guests with Special Needs: 1-877-952-0100 and 1-866-693-7853

Both of these phone numbers are toll free and 24/7. The first one is intended for hearing impaired customers, while the second one is for guests who have difficulties accessing WestJet.com.

Lost and Found, Misplaced or Damaged Luggage: 1-866-666-6224

If you lost something valuable during your flight, you should refer to this number. Also, if your luggage gets misplaced or you discover any kind of damage, you can report it to a WestJet representative at this number. It is toll free for people calling from Canada.

WestJet Groups: 1-844-213-5230

If you are travelling in a group and you want to request discounts or other accommodations for the whole group, you can reach out via this number. This service is available on workdays from 7am to 5:30pm MT.

How to Talk to WestJet Representatives

Here are a few tips on how to be efficient when talking to a WestJet representative.

Research the website

You can’t go wrong with dialing the general number for asking additional questions. However, there may be better options to get the information you need. You can start by looking at the FAQ page to see if it covers the topic you need. If not, calling may the best solution. Make sure that you’re dialing the proper number in order to save time.

Be prepared

If you call a representative, but you don’t have the flight details or reservation code, he/she probably won’t be able to help you, at least not right away. That’s why it’s a good idea to always have the official documents and flight details ready.

Be precise

Think in advance about the things that you want to know and be very precise with the airline representative. This way, you won’t have to call again or ask for clarification.

Online Support and Other Useful Services

Social Media

Some people don’t have the time to talk with representatives and they prefer sending a short message. WestJet made sure that this option is available to everybody 24/7. It is very convenient as you can get in touch with the company’s personnel in just a few clicks. Two main platforms that are currently available are Twitter and Facebook. If you go to the WestJet website, you can find direct links to the company’s social networks. The only thing you cannot complete this way is payment.


Another way to contact the company is by email. There is a very simple form you can fill out in order to send your message. In the first step, you will have to choose among three main categories

  • Concerns

  • Questions/Comment

  • Praise

Depending on the category you choose, you will need to provide additional information. Some of it includes the date of experience and your reservation code. For this purpose it is always good to save your flight details and official ticket. Once you complete everything, you can leave a comment and specify whether you want a follow-up.

Submit a Request

Those who need additional service can go to the WestJet request tab and choose one of the categories. For example, you can request advertising and promotion service, sponsorship, flight simulator, and many more. Whatever you choose, the website will lead you step by step until you complete the inquiry. This is very convenient since you don’t have to lose time on phone calls and regular emails.

Popular Topics and Searches

If you are one of those people who prefer to search for answers before contacting the airline, you know how difficult and annoying it can be if the website is confusing. Oftentimes you don’t find what you need and end up losing time and energy.

In order to prevent that, the WestJet website provides a number of popular topics and searches with all of the necessary information. The page is easy to navigate as all of the categories are quite straightforward. Whether you need information about pets, flight status or baggage info, you will find it there.


Finally, the FAQ page is probably one of the safest options if you have additional questions or concerns. Chances are you’re not alone, so you can probably find all of the necessary answers fairly quickly. Once again, you will find well-organized categories that will help narrow down your research.

Mobile App

In case you want to be informed about the latest deals and you don’t have time to go on WestJet’s website, you can use its free mobile app. It works the same way as the website, which means that you can search for flights, book them, and even get boarding pass on your phone. The app is currently available for Android, iPad, and iPhones.

Final Thoughts

WestJet is a very responsible airline company that cares about its customers. Its rapid growth and numerous awards prove this. The WestJet website contains most of the information that passengers usually search for.

However, if you ever need additional support, you can get in touch with the company representatives in many ways. Most of the options are very quick and efficient so that you can have the best possible experience.

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