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Vancity has the distinction of being Canada’s biggest community credit union. This financial co-operative currently helps over 519,000 member-owners across many territories of the Great White North. Although based in the Vancouver metropolitan area, Vancity now has a total of 59 branches all around Canada. Just a few other communities Vancity serves include Victoria, Fraser Valley, and Squamish.

This financial services company is one of the oldest in the region, starting out way back in 1946. Vancity is proud to say it now has $19.8 billion in assets that it’s ready to use to help businesses, non-profits, and individuals in the region fund whatever they need. Over the years, Vancity has won numerous awards for its hard work from organizations such as Corporate Knights, Maclean’s, and even the City of Vancouver.

Vancity customer support service

Since Vancity is such an important financial institution for many Canadians, there are numerous ways to get in touch with its staff. The easiest way is to call Vancity’s toll-free number at (888) 826-2489. Vancity says their Member Services Centre is open from Monday through Saturday from 8AM-9PM and on Sunday from 10AM-6:30PM.

Need more information Vancity? No need to go scouring the web. Just take a look at these helpful links below.

  • Vancity AssistanceOn this official “Contact Page” for Vancity, you’ll find numerous ways to get in touch with Vancity’s customer care division. There are various phone numbers listed here, a central mailing address, and even directions on how to reach Vancity via email.
  • Anyone who has a general comment on Vancity should take a look at this website. Just fill out the electronic feedback form and send it off to Vancity’s staff directly from this webpage.
  • You’ll find numbers galore for various Vancity offices on this website. Just a few specialty phone numbers you’ll find here include the number for people with hearing difficulties, for people calling about a lost MasterCard, and for people who speak foreign languages.
  • It’s always helpful to look at an FAQ page to see if your questions have already been answered. If you want to check out Vancity’s official FAQ page, just click on this link.
  • If you are interested in seeing the more “personal” side of Vancity‘s work, then you can take a look at this company’s official YouTube page. Here you will see various informative and interesting videos produced by Vancity.
  • This is Vancity’s official blog site. You’ll find some great blog posts here on financial strategies, fun tips, and the latest news on the company.

If you want to send Vancity a physical letter, jot down this address:

PO Box 2120
Station Terminal
Vancouver BC V6B 5R8

You can also fax a comment to Vancity using the number (604)-871-5406 or email using the address

One way Vancity keeps in touch with the community it serves is by getting involved in social media. Facebook users can “friend” Vancity at this page. Twitter aficionados can follow Vancity’s tweets here. Lastly, Instagram enthusiasts can join Vancity’s page by following this link.

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