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Want a handwritten letter delivered to that loved one just before the holidays hit in a few days? Or how about that heavy parcel which must be handled with utmost care?

If you are looking for the best delivery service that you can trust to get your parcels and letters safely from Canada to any part of the world, look no further than UPS.

Set up in the United States of America in 1907 as a delivery service, UPS has grown into a multi-billion dollar corporation which is not only the largest in the package delivery market but also has a global footprint across more than 200 territories.

UPS came to Canada in 1975 and set up its first UPS CanadaHQ in Mississauga, Ontario. UPS Canada offers its excellent and beyond-reproach services to all business and personal addresses in Canada. UPS has a large footprint in Canada’s economy with a delivery fleet including about 3,400 vehicles and more than 12,000 employees.

UPS Canadaprides itself on its excellent UPS customer support which is one of the main reasons why UPS is by far the biggest and most preferred delivery service not only in Canada but also around the world. If you have a problem, query or any other concern that you need to be addressed from UPS customer support then this is the article for you.

This is an in-depth guide for understanding and accessing all customer support options offered by UPS Canada.

Customer Support

UPS Canada knows the importance of timely information about the tracking status of your packages and parcels. They understand just how concerned one can get about their deliveries. Therefore, to make it easier for their customers, UPS offers a variety of information about common issues and various options to contact the UPS customer support.

UPS Canada’s website can be accessed with this link and now we will explain the myriad of UPS customer support options which are available to you on their website:

UPS Package Tracking

Being the bread and butter of their operations, you will immediately notice a window for tracking services to the left as soon as you access their website. You can put in your tracking ID and get instant updates about the location and delivery status of your parcel.

In that same window, you can also get a quotation and view your bill and the list of places which UPS Canada delivers to within the country and internationally.

Contact UPS by phone

UPS Canada operates a dedicated helpline which can be accessed to directly speak to UPS customer support representatives. These representatives have all sorts of information regarding a variety of common issues, queries, and concerns. They can systematically guide you and help you through whatever problem you might have.

UPS customer support for Canada can be reached on the following number:


This number is to be used for both domestic and international queries and services people in both English and French.

Virtual Assistant

UPS Canada understands that it is not always possible to access the helpline. On the other hand, some people may not always prefer it. Therefore, UPS Canada has set up a virtual assistant on their site which can be accessed here.

The virtual assistant can be asked any question and it will get back to you with a relevant response within minutes.

In other words, you can get any problem or query solved by UPS customer support by dropping a question with the virtual assistant who will be answered immediately or after a small amount of time.

UPS support on social media

The social media handles for UPS Canada are somewhat lacking and not the main avenue of UPS customer support. You can still access them to find updates, news, and developments regarding UPS Canada and its affairs and activities.

The main ones it operates are:

Out of these two, Twitter is your best bet for accessing UPS customer support more directly. Simply tweet at UPS Canada or mention them in your tweets with details of your query, concern or problem and you are sure to get a prompt response by a customer support representative.

UPS realizes the importance of direct interaction with its customer base in today’s day and age and its Twitter handle is always prepared to solve any problem for its customers.

Contact UPS via mail

Whether you prefer emails or traditional mail, you are covered by UPS Canada. The team at UPS is more than happy and willing to respond to its customers who take the time to write out their concerns in detail and approach them with physical mail or through email. The address at which to send them physical mail is:

UPS Canada
1930 Derry Road East
Mississauga, ON L5S 1E2 

Meanwhile, the page to send them an email can be accessed from here.


UPS Canada admits and realizes that sometimes, mistakes may occur on their part and are thus prepared with a claims process and system to accommodate their customers and their complaints. Making mistakes and errors is a part of being human. What really matters is how a business responds to them. This is where UPS truly excels.

The page for the claims process can be accessed here. It offers all the information that you may need about making a claim. From there, you can start the process of compensation in case any parcel of yours is lost or damaged.

Stay Updated

UPS Canada realizes the importance of keeping their clientele and audience abreast about the latest news and developments. If you are interested in what’s new, you can follow all the happenings and news about UPS here.

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  1. I cannot say enough good things about Patrick at store number 5299 in Pompano Beach Florida. I live in Canada and I needed an item packaged and sent to me from a vendor in Pompano Beach. The service I received was excellent, fast, efficient and courteous. I got a very reasonable quote and quick action getting my item ready to ship and on its way. I just want to send my heartfelt thanks to Patrick for a job well done.

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  2. UPS is the worse delivery service provider ever! I paid extra $$$ to have my package delivered by 10:30 am the next morning. They never showed. When I checked the tracking number it stated that the package will be delivered the following morning by 10:30. The delivery man buzzed, I answered the phone he hang up and left. Called customer service they informed me that they will return between 6-8pm due to the urgency of the the package. Called back they told me the same thing between 6-8. At 7:30 I called again, now the tracking number doesn’t matches up. Apparently he was checking the wrong screen, now he’s telling me I have to pick up the package at the depot the next day. Eventually a so called manager came on the phone just to let me know I have zero chance of getting the package today, with no apologies. Even though the contents of the package is seizure medication for autistic son, they could care less.These people are unbelievable, unreliable and not trustworthy at all. Never again!!!! I give a rating of -5, they honestly suck!

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