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TransUnion has been helping numerous businesses and individual consumers around the world get a handle on their credit information. Founded in 1968 as a dedicated holding company for Union Tank Car Company, TransUnion has steadily grown over the years. Today, thousands of businesses and millions of average consumers use TransUnion’s services around the world.

To be specific, TransUnion is now available in at least 33 countries. The numerous specialized products offered by TransUnion have made it one of the largest and most respected credit bureaus in the USA. Interestingly, although TransUnion has been around for decades, it just decided to go public in 2015. Interested investors should look up the ticker TRU on the NYSE for more info.

Transunion customers service

If you use TransUnion‘s services, you really should know how to get in contact with the company. Here’s TransUnion’s dedicated toll-free number for Canadians: (800) 663-9980. A TransUnion employee should be there to pick up the phone between 8AM-8PM every Monday through Friday.

Transunion customer serviceDon’t feel like giving TransUnion a call? No problem. There are numerous other ways to gather information on this global company. Have a gander at the official URLs listed below. All of these websites are sure to satisfy your cravings for TransUnion information.

  • TransUnion has a lot of telephone numbers and addresses. Don’t believe us? Check out their official “Contact Us” page for Canadians. You’ll be amazed how many departments are listed on this webpage. There should be no problem finding the specific department you need to speak with on this page.
  • Have a question? Check out this FAQ page before you ask it. TransUnion neatly divides their FAQs into different categories. Click on the one that most closely relates to your issue, and then scroll through the questions.
  • TransUnion employs thousands of talented finance pros each and every year. If you want to get involved with this amazing company, just check out TransUnion’s LinkedIn page. If you already have a LinkedIn account, feel free to “follow” TransUnion by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner of this page.
  • Financial planning can be a very difficult for beginners. That’s why TransUnion created this blog. Take a peek at a few of TransUnion’s most popular articles to learn all about maintaining good credit.
  • Yes, even TransUnion has a YouTube page. Hey, we know financial planning videos might not be as alluring as Ariana Grande, but you won’t learn about credit reports from watching “Break Free” for the millionth time. Why not put a little TransUnion into your life?

We know there are some of you out there who are really serious about getting in touch with various corporations. Perhaps that first link with all the official Canadian offices didn’t do it for you. If you want to send a letter to the head honchos in the main headquarters, take down this address right now:

TransUnion Corporate Office
555 West Adams Street
Chicago, IL 60661

You can also call this Windy City headquarters by using this telephone number (312) 258-1717.

You know, TransUnion is hip to the social media jive. Right now you can find TransUnion on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. So, there’s really no excuse for not keeping a good eye on your credit score anymore

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