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Telegram is a multiplatform cloud-based messenger app with a firm focus on security, and a massive user base thanks to its intuitive design, ease of use, and low-resource usage.

With a design optimized for speed and some of the best security technology in the industry, Telegram quickly established itself as one of the most trusted platforms available.

Since its initial release on August 14, 2013, Telegram has steadily grown to a 2018 user-base of just over 200-million members.

Across fourteen different languages, Telegram supplies an ever-growing open-source messaging platform which has even expanded to third-party chat bot support.

From file sharing of media up to 1.5 gigabytes in size, to group support reaching sizes as large as 100,000 members with ease, Telegram is a secure messenger which is becoming a “go-to” for many businesses.

Here we’ll be showing you how to get into contact with Telegram Canada customer service, giving your all of the customer support info that you need.

Telegram Does Not Have a Physical Telephonic Support Contact

Other than the in-app support supplied by Telegram, there is no physical telephone number available for support.

Across its other support channels, staff and community members maintain this open-source messenger, with the financial backing of Russian investor Pavel Durov. Fortunately, the community base in-app support is known to be extremely reliable, resolving most issues timeously.

Official Login Support on Twitter

The only account which Telegram manages to attend to login problems is @smstelegram. Send a direct message with the number you used for Telegram to begin an investigation into your issue.

There are no other support accounts available on any other social media platforms. Any found are nothing but impersonators and should be completely avoided.

Localized Telegram on Twitter

Twitter is preferred social media platform of Telegram and the only social media channel from which support is provided. The company no longer has a Facebook page; however, localized versions of their Twitter are available. Here are the details:

  • English – @telegram

  • Spanish – @telegram_es

  • Italian – @telegram_it

  • Korean – @telegram_kr

  • German – @de_telegram

  • Brazil – @telegram_br

  • Arabic – @telegram_arabic

Reporting Illegal Content on Telegram by Email

If you have encountered any content such as a sticker set, bot, or channel which is publicly available but you think it is illegal, then send an email to

There are also abuse buttons provided within the Telegram app itself to report illegal content. Always provide a link or the @username of the content being reported. Infringements cannot be investigated based on screenshots alone.

Reporting Copyright Infringements by Email

If you wish to report any use-uploaded sticker sets, channels, bots, apps, or other content which violate copyright infringements and intellectual property rights, then mail regarding the legality of the content.

Reporting Content from Within the Telegram App

Here is how you can report illegal content and copyright infringements from within Telegram itself. Simply follow the instructions relevant to your device.


  • Open the Channel

  • Tap ‘…’ situated in the top right corner

  • Tap ‘Report’


  • Open the Channel

  • Tap the Image Situated on the Top Right (Profile Image)

  • Click the ‘Report’ button on the profile page which opens (situated above ‘Leave channel’)

Telegram Desktop

  • Open the Profile of the Channel

  • Click the ‘Report’ Button above ‘Leave channel’

Contacting Telegram via Online Support Form

Telegram gives you an online support form available here where you can submit all app-related queries. You will be presented a form whereby you need to enter and describe your problem, supply your email address, and the telephone number associated to your Telegram.

A response will be received via email within roughly one working day, although a much faster reply can typically be expected.

Provide Security Feedback by Email

Security feedback including everything from commentary on encryption and the deciphering of messages, to system audits, penetration testing, and all forms of cracking should be emailed to

Bounties are offered for vulnerabilities identified in Telegram apps and protocols, while cracking contest entries and other security competitions are also affiliated with this address.

In-App Support from Telegram Support Initiative

Within the official Telegram app, you can access support provided by community members.

Depending on your registered phone number, your request will be forwarded to an appropriate local support team once lodged. Navigate to your ‘Settings’ within Telegram, then select ‘Ask a Question’ and complete the form provided.

If you then save the number supplied as a contact, then your telephone number will be shared with Telegram volunteers making up a part of the Telegram Support Initiative.

The only way to not have your number shared is to contact a local support member and ask them to send you a contact card. Here is a list of the applicable local support numbers:

  • +424 10 – North America

  • +424 31 – Netherlands

  • +424 34 – Spain

  • +424 39 – Italy

  • +424 50 – Latin America

  • +424 52 – Mexico

  • +424 55 – Brazil

  • +424 60 – Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia

  • +424 70 – Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

  • +424 82 – Korea

  • +424 90 – India

  • +424 00 – All other countries (English support only)

  • +424 96 – Saudi Arabia (Bot)

  • +424 97 – Other Arabic Countries (Bot)

  • +424 98 – Iran (Bot)

  • @BotSupport – Official Bot support team

General Support from the FAQ Creator Himself

Markus Ra, writer of the Telegram Frequently Asked Questions section, can be reached by dialing +42 in Telegram.

With a bit of patience, he’ll guide you in the right direction. Given the large role which Markus plays in the support community he can be quite busy.

Deleting Your Telegram Account

Inactive Telegram accounts are automatically deleted after 60 days of inactivity. However, if you wish to delete your Telegram account immediately, an irrecoverable action, then click here to login using your phone number.

Once you enter your confirmation code sent via Telegram, you will be able to deactivate and thus delete your account completely. This is extremely useful for those who have lost access to all recovery numbers and the number associated to their Telegram account itself.

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