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Swoop is an ultra-low-cost Canadian airline that is known not only for its cheap fares but also for impeccable service to customers. The airline, owned by WestJet, has its headquarters in Calgary. The airline operates domestically and internationally.

The name for the airline came about from the company’s aim to ‘swoop’ into the Canadian airline market. Swoop is quite new, as it was created in 2017 and began operating its flights in 2018. As a relatively novel airline, the company is committed to providing excellent service to all of its customers.

Besides this, the low-cost airline is passionate about providing affordable fares for customers. They want all Canadians to have the freedom to travel wherever they want without being tied down by expenses. Hence, you can save some money simply by opting for Swoop airlines.

With Swoop, you can go anywhere at any time at the lowest price!

If you have encountered a problem or issue with Swoop, you can easily get in touch with them by visiting their official website.

Here, you can use the plethora of customer care services and resources they offer. This guide will walk you through each of them to help make it easier for you to get in touch with a representative from Swoop Customer Care Services.

Individuals who need to have any of their questions or queries answered should visit Swoop’s Help Center.

It contains information about everything existing, and potential customers might need to know. You can select various categories under which you can find relevant information. Here are the most popular categories that you can click on and find relevant information from:

  • COVID Information
  • Booking a Flight
  • Baggage
  • Check-In
  • Seat Selection
  • Flight Changes and Cancellation
  • Tech Help
  • Accessible Services
  • Travel Insurance
  • Swoop Getaways and Partner Bookings

If you still cannot find what you are looking for under these categories, you can get in touch with Swoop Customer Care representatives. There are various ways you can do this.

How to call Swoop Airline

If you wish to call them, the company has two separate numbers. One is for specially-abled travelers, such as those with hearing impairment. This number is:

  • 1-587-441-1009.

Secondly, the number that other travelers without any impairments can contact is:


You can call this number daily from 8:00 am to 4:30 am (MT). If you call between these hours, someone from their customer care department will definitely pick up and answer your questions.

Travelers with difficulties and disabilities that might hinder their flying experience can also get in touch with Swoop beforehand if they have any questions. Their email for such specific concerns is disabilityassistance@flyswoop.com.

Besides this, Swoop airlines also have a live chat option on their official website. You can see this icon at the bottom right of every page on their website. Simply click on the box, enter your information, and chat with their digital assistant. You can ask them whatever questions and queries you might have, and they will give you an accurate response.

Other Resources Offered By Swoop Airlines

Swoop has an abundance of resources offered on its official website. Customers can access these resources and find relevant information to answer any of their concerns.

If emailing, calling, or chatting with them is not something you want to do, then you can explore all of these resources on their website.

Email Offers

If you want to use discounts and offers on Swoop, you should sign up for their email subscription. This will keep you in the loop regarding any news or updates regarding the low-cost airline. Moreover, you will also be able to access exclusive offers and discounts.

Simply sign up for their subscription by entering your details and be the first to know about their offers, deals, and low-cost fares.

Swoop Blog

If you want to know more about traveling with Swoop and the latest information about the destinations you plan to visit, you should definitely check out Swoop’s blog section.

This resource will help you find the best food places, destinations, or things to do at various places. All of this would help you plan the best vacation with Scoop.

Group Bookings

If you are seven or more people, you can make use of the Group Bookings resource offered by Swoop. While this is not a discounted rate, it is designed to make traveling in large groups more accessible. It makes coordination easier so that everyone is on the same flight at the same time.

Swoop is perhaps the only low-cost Canadian airline that offers this service. It is not only unique but is designed solely to make travel easier for its customers.

Swoop Airlines Social Media Presence

Scoop is famous for being an ultra-low-cost and affordable airline, which is why it is also quite popular for travel. This is why individuals who plan to travel through Swoop or want to know about their latest updates, low-cost fares, and new information can follow them on various social media platforms.

You can find Swoop Airlines on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The company has over 100,000 people following them on Facebook. Similarly, they have around 18,000 followers on Twitter. On Instagram, they have over 60,000 people following them.

You can easily get in touch with Swoop on any of these platforms by sending them a direct message. You could also interact with them by commenting or tweeting them.

Final Thoughts

Swoop is one of Canada’s largest and most popular low-cost airlines designed to make travel easy, flexible, and affordable for you. They offer a base fare wherein you just pay for your seat. From there, you can customize your experience by adding different features and amenities.

Getting in touch with a representative from Swoop’s customer care department is quite straightforward. You can use this guide to explore the different ways you can get in touch with them. Good luck!

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