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Sunbeam Products is one of the oldest American manufacturers of electronic home appliances. Sunbeam actually grew out of a company called the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company, which was founded in 1897 to provide farmers with products to help shearing sheep and trimming horses. It wasn’t until 1921 that the very first “Sunbeam” product was released: the Princess Electric Iron.

Ever since then, the company began to expand its product line. For example, Sunbeam purchased Rain King Sprinkler Company in the 1950s, and they also acquired John Oster Manufacturing Company in 1960. Today, Sunbeam offers a wide variety of electric home appliances to homeowners in the USA and Canada. Just a few of these items include heating pads, heated beddings, breadmakers, deep fryers, and toasters.

Sunbeam Canada customer service

There are two toll-free numbers Canadian residents can reach Sunbeam’s customer service department at. The first number, (800) 667-8623, is for people who have issues with Sunbeam’s appliances, irons, beddings, or Health@Home products. The second number, (888) 264-9669, deals with heaters, humidifiers, and fans.

Sunbeam Canada supportTo find out more information on Sunbeam’s products and services, just take a look at the following URLs.

  • You’ll find a great deal of information on this official “Contact Us” page. There are phone numbers for both Canadian and American customer care representatives. You can also send Sunbeam an email by filling in the tabs at the top of this page.
  • This is Sunbeam’s “Service & Support” page. There are many tabs intended to help customers on this page, including tabs for help with product registry, order support, and even instruction manuals.
  • Here’s the Sunbeam “Store Locator” for Canada. Just type in your province or postal code and a map will appear showing you the closest stores that offer Sunbeam products.
  • Sunbeam has its very own YouTube page dedicated to Canadian citizens. This Sunbeam Canada YouTube channel is full of informative and entertaining videos on Sunbeam’s latest products and initiatives.
  • This is an official FAQ page that deals with order issues. You can learn where Sunbeam ships their items from, how to cancel an order, and what the official Order Acceptance Policy is.
  • Here’s Sunbeam’s official “Education Center“. You can learn a great deal about how to be a savvy shopper by reading a few of these guides. Just a few of the products detailed here include heaters, fans, air purifiers, and humidifiers.

If you feel the urge to send a physical letter to Sunbeam’s headquarters, take down this address:

Sunbeam Products Headquarters
2381 NW Executive Center Drive
Boca Raton, FL 33431

The telephone number for this central office is (561) 912-4100. This Florida headquarters is open Monday through Friday from 8:00AM-6:00PM.

Sunbeam employees are interested in what their customers have to say about Sunbeam’s products. That’s why Sunbeam is getting more and more active on social media sites. For example, Sunbeam Canada has its very own Facebook page at this page. Sunbeam Canada also has a Twitter page on this link.

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