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Subaru is a company that specializes in the making and production of consumer vehicles. The company was founded on July 15, 1953, by Chikuhei Nakajima. Its parent corporation, Fuji Heavy Industries, oversees the operations of Subaru. The main headquarters are located in Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan. There are currently four production countries for Subaru: Japan, the United States, the Philippines, and Canada.

Although there are only four main manufacturing sites, Subaru produces vehicles for countries worldwide. Overall, its customers have been satisfied with the quality of the vehicles they have purchased from Subaru. That is a big contributor to the company’s success.

Subaru was introduced to Canada in 1976. It started as a subsidiary of the privately owned business, Subaru Auto Canada Limited (SACL). In 1989, SACL sold out to Subaru Canada, Inc. Since then, the company has expanded to more than 100 authorized dealers across the country of Canada and continually adds new editions to their car lineups.

Subaru Canada Customer Care Information

subaru customer careSubaru’s customer service has always been top-notch. There are no exceptions made for the Canada branch of the company. There are a number of ways to contact Subaru Canada. If you live in Canada, you may call +1-800-894-4212 from 08:30 to 16:30 Eastern Time. You may also follow any of the URLs that are listed below to receive help from Subaru Canada.

Helpful websites to go to for assistance:

  • Main website for Subaru Canada – This is where to go for any and all information about Subaru Canada.
  • Contact Us – Go here to find all the contact information for Subaru Canada.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – This page has all the questions that are frequently asked by customers who have purchased (or will purchase) a Subaru vehicle from Subaru Canada
  • Accessories – This page will give valuable information about the quality and safety of Subaru Canada’s accessories.
  • Warranty – This link will take you to an informational page about Subaru Canada’s vehicle warranty.
  • Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. – This is where you go to find out information about Subaru Canada’s emergency roadside assistance program, known as 360 C.A.R.E.
  • Protection Plan – Go here to learn about Subaru Canada’s protection plan.
  • My Subaru Canada App – Go here to learn about Subaru Canada’s My Subaru Canada App.
  • Vehicle Maintenance – Go here to learn about maintenance for vehicles purchased from Subaru Canada.

If you would like to contact Subaru Canada by mail, the address is:
Subaru Canada, Inc.
560 Suffolk Court
Mississagua, ON, L5R 4J7

You may also follow Subaru Canada on Twitter at: @AskSubaruCanada.

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  1. I had a rather traumatic experience after I inadvertently forgot my key fob at home. I could start our 2022 Forester due to the fact that my wife had her fob. I dropped my wife off for a medical appointment and discovered then that I did not have my fob. I could not leave the veicle without the alarm going off nor could restart the vehicle. This was in a bad rainstorm. I tried to explain my predicament to Subaru roadside assistance and to the dealership where we had purchased the vehicle. The lack of professionalism and helpfulness was shocking. The service person at the dealership just told me that if I did not have my fob, I had to go and get it. They mentioned that they could send a tow truck. No explanation about any options, or that there was no manual override to help start the vehicle. Roadside assistance was next to useless. The first thing they said to me is that they could not help in this situation except to send a tow truck. I did contact my wife who could not get to me for at least 90 mintes due to her medical appointment. I was literally stranded in my own vehicle for two and a half hours – until my wife was able to take an Uber and meet me. I am so completely disappointed with Subaru as a result of this experience. So much so that although I really like the Forester, I doubt if I will ever buy another Subaru vehicle. I have lost confidence in any help or support from Subaru. As I am writing this, I’m waiting to speak to Subaru Customer Care. This is my second time. The person I spoke to the last time, over two weeks ago, noted down my concerns as expressed above, but never got back to me. I’ve been on hold now for over an hour.

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  2. Horrible customer service, yes they will replace a part under warranty but only after insisting on over $5000.00 to remove and replace other parts.

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