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Millions of Americans and Canadians put their trust in State Farm each and every year. A former farmer named Georg J. Mecherle officially founded State Farm on June 7th, 1922. Back then, this company specialized in auto insurance for farmers. As time went on, State Farm expanded its operations, and now it includes numerous insurance policies such as homeowners and life insurance.

Even if you don’t have an insurance plan with State Farm, you probably know the jingle by heart (“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”). Go ahead, you know you want to sing it. Fun fact: that jingle was actually written by “Copacabana” singer/songwriter Barry Manilow in 1971. Perhaps even more famous than that jingle, however, are the hilarious State Farm ads released in the past few years.

Along with GEICO, State Farm ads have become an indelible part of American TV culture, especially the “Jake from State Farm” ad. If you don’t know the “Jake from State Farm” ad, drop everything and Google it right now. After you’re done watching it, come back to this informative (but admittedly less enjoyable) article on how to contact State Farm.

State Farm customer care

State farm customer supportState Farm has a plethora of telephone numbers. For general inquiries, the best number to reach a State Farm employee is (800) 782-8332. We’ll be exploring more ways to contact this Fortune 500 company in the links below.

  • Canadians interested in getting in touch with State Farm should really check out this “Customer Care” page. Here you’ll find telephone numbers for many different departments, including fire claims, property claims, and auto claims. There are also links to report a change of address, take a look at State Farm’s disclosures, and download State Farm’s mobile app on this page.
  • Looking for a State Farm agent near you? Take a look at this “Agent Locator” page. All you have to do is enter in some information on your current location, then hit “Search.” You can also hit the “View Agents in Canada by Province” button on the bottom of the screen if you so desire.
  • As you could imagine, State Farm gets a ton of questions from their customers each and every year. That’s why they’ve compiled this FAQ page to help prospective clients out. The three main FAQ categories you’ll see on this page include questions about insurance, mutual funds, and billing payments.
  • For information on State Farm’s corporate headquarters, take a look at this URL. There are also a bunch of useful telephone numbers on this page, including numbers for State Farm’s credit card services, bank accounts, and emergency road service.
  • If you ever need a good laugh, check out State Farm’s YouTube page to relive the comedic genius of some of these now classic ads. Besides watching the “Jake from State Farm” ad over and over again, there are also numerous informative videos on this channel concerned with safe driving and home safety tips.

Want to send State Farm a handwritten note? Take down this address:

State Farm Insurance
One State Farm Plaza
Bloomington, IL 61710

The telephone number for this headquarters is (309) 766-2311.

If you love to use the latest and greatest social media platforms, you’re in luck. State Farm has profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Be sure to sign up for updates on whatever website suits your fancy

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