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Food delivery services have become a huge part of our everyday life and if you’re from Canada, you probably already know the crucial role SkipTheDishes plays in this industry! The food delivery service became part of a parent company, Just Eat in 2016. Just Eat is a UK based food ordering and delivery services which is functional in over 13 different countries.

Established in 2012, SkipTheDishes was developed specifically to make ordering food online more efficient. While the company was launched only in Saskatoon, it eventually expanded and spread its services to Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Manitoba. SkipTheDishes is also unique in the Canadian Prairies area.

Today, SkipTheDishes functions across Canada and the US. It has also been instrumental in establishing a tech hub situated in the Canadian Prairies. Using SkipTheDishes can greatly simplify your meal time hunger pangs and ensure that you have food available at any time. It is also Canada’s largest and leading network for food delivery

With its focus on excellence, SkipTheDishes has ensured that they offer their consumers with only the best. This attention to detail is also evident in the quality of their customer service. SkipTheDishes Canada’s customer support services are known for their amazing quality, prompt response and high satisfaction rate.

SkipTheDishes Canada’s Customer Support Services

Getting in touch with the customer support services with SkipTheDishes is actually pretty easy. All you need to do is head on to the website and click on the Support tab which is situated on the top bar of the website.

Clicking on it gives you access to a Live Chat box where you can start a chat and get in touch with a customer service representative from SkipTheDishes. It’s a bit surprising to see that Live Chat is the only means of getting help from their customer support services on their website.

Live Chat Customer Support Services

While Live Chat is a great option, it is surprising to see that SkipTheDishes relies solely on this option. This means that there are no helplines or email addresses. Luckily, this isn’t so off-putting because their live chat customer service is pretty great.

Before starting a chat, you have to make sure to log in by either providing your name and email address of logging in with Facebook or your Google account. Once you have added your details, type in your message, click on Start Chatting and you’re good to go!

With low wait times for chat and faster responses you won’t have to worry about anything when you’re using live chat.

SkipTheDishes Canada’s Customer Support Services Phone Number

If you’re not up for using live chat, you can also get in touch with SkipTheDishes over the phone. They have a dedicated phone line available that you can call on during work hours:

  • 855-200-7547 – For general queries

Please note that since they only have one phone line, wait times for getting help over the phone might be more than you would have expected.

SkipTheDishes Canada’s Customer Support Services Email Address

Another way that you can get in touch with the customer support service team is through the email address. SkipTheDishes offers different email addresses, based on the nature of your inquiry. For this reason, you can rely on the following email addresses.

Based on the nature of the issue as well as the time that you email, you can expect to get a response in the normal amount of time.

Get the SkipTheDishes App

To make it easier for people to place online orders for the restaurant of their choice, SkipTheDishes even has an app available for their users. The good news is that it is available for iOS and Android platforms. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a tablet, you can easily use it.

It also has an easy to use interface that is easy to use and doesn’t pose any problems to you. The app also has an inbuilt area specifically for support which makes it easy to live chat with your agents. It is a good idea to get the app because you can browse the menus, order and get confirmation with a tap of the button.

Connect with SkipTheDishes on Social Media

SkipTheDishes is active on different social media platforms and you can also connect with them if you want. The following are the major platforms on social media that SkipTheDishes uses.


Follow on:

SkipTheDishes is very active on Twitter and has amassed a following of around 9,100. They post frequently and even address or answer any questions and queries they encounter on Twitter.


Follow on:

Just like Twitter, SkipTheDishes has a good Facebook page with a following of 384,429 on Facebook. They’re able to engage more people here and they also are very active here too.


Follow on:

Like visual treats more? Then head to SkipTheDishes Instagram page which boasts mouthwatering visuals of all their meals. You can also engage with them actively for help on their Instagram page too.


Follow on:

From their favorite advertisements to easy explainer videos on how to use the app and more, you can also follow SkipTheDishes on YouTube. They’re not very active as they are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so it is a good idea to avoid asking for help here.

With these social media platforms, you can connect with SkipTheDishes in next to no time with ease.

Head to the FAQ for Some Detailed Answers

Confused or feel like you still have some questions about SkipTheDishes? Then head on over to their FAQ section. It has answers to many commonly asked questions and even covers essentials such as placing an order, tracking an order or what to do when you have a food allergy?

It also offers details into other areas starting from Placing an Order to After the Order Confirmation, Checkout, Payment and Pricing and Managing Your Account. With the FAQ section, you can find answers and also find a solution as quickly as possible.

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3 Reviews
  1. Charmaien 2 months ago

    I spend a lot of money with skip
    I put my address in and the driver took it to another apartment building in my area. Messages for support they told me I put the wrong address in I said on my profile when I order is the same where I wanted it to go, the costumer services person said no you changed it. I never changed, now I reordered to see what will come up and it came up to the same address i ordered from on my profile. They refuse to give me my money back the costumer services is very rude and asked to talk to a manager they refuse for a manager to call me

  2. Hadia Dib 3 months ago

    I am shocked by the service you provide.

    driver did not even call or use buzzer , he dumped the food outside the building and left, found out about it after calling customer support to ask why my food hasn’t arrive ( 1 hour and 10 minutes later) my food was stolen. i was promised a refund and did not get it yet.

    please give me the refund asap

  3. Jerri Marie Peters 4 months ago

    Hi, my husband and I have been customers of your for a couple years now and we’ve really enjoyed the service and getting to know the delivery team. For a while now (the last 6 to 7 months ) we have not been able to use our credit cards. I called in to see if I could speak with someone in person, no luck, they told me to use support @skip the what I really need to know is why none of my credit cards work here with skip, when every card I have listed WORKS every where else. Now, 6 month ago my husband had a card stolen, we found it. Some weird charges were put thru but every thing is fine now!!! There are no holds on any of our cards, and would really like to start using them tonite if possible. Thank you very much.
    Jerri-Marie Peters
    Owen Peters


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