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Once upon a time, a young Canadian inherited two pharmacies in Toronto both called Koffler’s Drugs. This young lad, named Murray Koffler, soon used his superpowers in business to expand his initial two stores to 17, then to 27, then to over 100. And lo, Canadians rejoiced! In the mythical 1970s, Koffler decided to rename this store to “Shoppers Drug Mart“, a name it has retained to this day.

Shoppers is now considered one of the first “modern” drug stores in North America. Koffler was the first man to take out soda fountains from his drug store locations (a fact many older residents are still lamenting over), and he also made it necessary for pharmacists to wear those drab white lab coats. Today, there are well over 1,250 Shoppers locations all across Canada. Québécois might be more familiar with the store Pharmaprix, which is also a part of the Shoppers family. Shoppers is now owned by Loblaw Companies.

Shoppers Drug Mart customer care service

Unfortunately, there’s no central number for Shoppers Drug Mart’s Customer Care division to call. However, there are numerous ways to get in touch with this company. For example, since Loblaw Companies owns Shoppers Drug Mart right now, you can directly call Loblaw Companies using this number (888) 495-5111.

For more information on contacting Shoppers, take a look at these websites:

  1. Here’s Shoppers Drug Mart’s “Contact Us” page. Honestly, this basically functions as a kind of FAQ page. Simply type in your question in the search tab to look through Shoppers Drug Mart’s long list of questions and answers.
  2. Anyone who needs to find the closest Shoppers Drug Mart to their current location can use this “Store Locator“. You know the score: type in your postal code or city and the map will show you where the closest stores are. You can take down the telephone numbers of your local Shoppers Drug Marts to get in touch with their pharmacy department should you have any questions.
  3. Need to find out some quick info on Shoppers Drug Mart? There’s an app for that! Take a quick look at Shoppers Drug Mart’s hot new app on this website. You can easily set your prescriptions, collect coupons, and write your own shopping list using this extremely useful app. Shoppers’ free app is available on both Android and Apple devices.
  4. Yes, even Shoppers Drug Mart has its own YouTube page. A few playlists you’ll discover here include makeup tutorials, videos on career opportunities, and flu prevention tips.

Want to send this company a quick hand-written shout-out? If so, please write down this address:

Shoppers Corporate Office
243 Consumers Road
Toronto, ON
M2J 4W8

Want to call this headquarters? No problem. Just use this telephone number (416) 490-2891.

As of today, Shoppers Drug Mart is on three major social media sites. Facebook users can “friend” Shoppers Drug Mart on this webpage. Folks on Twitter can use this website to check out Shoppers’ feed. And, lastly, Instagram freaks can follow Shoppers on this website.

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