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Founded at the end of the groovy 1970s, Shop ‘n Save is a popular American grocery store chain based in Missouri. Although there are only 42 Shop ‘n Save locations in the St. Louis metropolitan area, people from around the world can now order goods from Shop ‘n Save’s online store. Oh mein Gott, there’s the number again…42! Can you believe it? Can’t you see by now? Ach, foolish mortals! 42 really is the meaning of life. Ist doch nicht zu fassen! Ehem, sorry about that. Sometimes my German just slips out…especially when I get excited. Um, where was I? Ah yes, Shop ‘n Save.

People from all around the world can now order goods on Shop ‘n Save’s wonderful website. A few items Shop ‘n Save offers consumers include meats, liquors, seafood, baked goods, and pharmaceuticals. Shop ‘n Save is currently a subsidiary of the company SuperValu.

How to contact the Shop’n Save customer service

Looking for a way to get in touch with Shop ‘n Save’s staff? Well, here’s the best place to start: (800) 428-6974. This toll-free number will put you in direct contact with Shop ‘n Save’s customer service division.

For those out there craving more information on Shop ‘n Save, hold on to your hats and glasses, ’cause here comes a flood of URLs:

  • Shop and save customer service CanadaHere’s Shop ‘n Save’s official “Customer Service” webpage. In addition to the telephone number we already listed above, you can find the company’s main headquarters and an “Email Us” button to send the company a direct electronic message. You can also search the company’s extensive FAQ page right here.
  • Shop ‘n Save only has stores in Illinois and Missouri right now. We know most of our readership is Canadian, but you just never know when someone in “Donald Trump land” might be reading this article. Here’s the Shop ‘n Save “Store Locator” page. People living in or around the St. Louis area will be able to find all the Shop ‘n Save stores easily on this webpage.
  • Shop ‘n Save has two mobile apps that are free to download onto any Android or Apple product. Here’s the link to the Apple page, and here’s Google Play page for Android users. If you frequently go to Shop ‘n Save, or if you use their website a great deal, it might be worth your while to check out these apps.
  • Since Shop ‘n Save is a subsidiary of SuperValu, it’s well worth your time to check out this SuperValu “Contact Us” page. You can literally type in your complaint/compliment into this webpage and send it off to SuperValu’s cool customer service staff. How do we know SuperValu’s staff is so cool? Hey, they spell “value” without the final “e.” That takes guts. Seriously.

OK, now it’s the time in our customer service guide where we give you the company’s main mailing address. Anyone who wants to send a physical letter to SuperValu should address their letters using:

Attn: Customer Service
157 S. Howard St.
Spokane, WA 99201

Social media addicts, rejoice! Shop ‘n Save is now on three of the hottest social media websites. First, Shop ‘n Save has its own Facebook profile. Second, Shop ‘n Save tweets on this Twitter feed. And, thirdly, Shop ‘n Save pins day and night on that classiest of websites known as Pinterest.

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