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Shark Clean has a whole range of cordless and corded vacuum cleaners as well as state of the art cleaning robots that scurry around doing the job on their own.  The site offers substantial discounts that are further enhanced via subscription drives in which all subscribers may avail blanket discounts.

This is Ninja Kitchen’s sister website. The main difference between the two is that Shark Clean deals primarily in cleaning products while Ninja Kitchen is restricted to kitchen appliances.

The site is only available in English with its support page icon on the upper right side of the main heading. Unlike Ninja Kitchen, the support page does not open directly. Rather it is available in the form of a drop-down menu that contains the following links:

The same information is also available at the bottom of the page in more detail.

Order status

This page links to a form in which you have to enter the order eight-digit number of the Shark Clean product. The page also has an option to register the subscriber by entering their name and email here.

Registration to a SharkNinja account bestows the following benefits to the subscribers:

  • The subscribers will be able to get, faster and easier product support
  • They will be able to access the warranty information on their products more quickly 
  • They will be able to process their accessories and replacement parts purchases faster
  • It will lead to a personalized shopping experience
  • The registration process also enables faster access to troubleshooting and product care related instructions
  • All duly register subscribers will be able to track their individual orders and also view their order history
  • The subscriber will be able to access all of their product information in the same place
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Support and FAQs

This section follows a similar pattern across both Ninja Kitchen and Shark Clean sites. The purchaser will have to access their product model number to access all of the FAQs and other information regarding their product/s. If they don’t have access to the model number of their product, they will be forwarded  to the product category. Here, they may select the desired product to access all the information available for that specific product.

App Help for Smart Devices

It is possible to download the user-friendly Shark ION™ Robot app on any IOS or Android device. This will enable the user to schedule or even start a cleaning operation from anywhere.  It is also possible to give a voice command to the Shark ION Robot via Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home.


The Apple OS app can be downloaded from here. It is compatible with all new iPhone and iPad smart devices. It requires a total of 393 Mb of space on the device.


The support page also links to the Google App store where all Android users will be able to download the Shark Clean’s Shark ION™ Robot app here.

Battery Support

This page contains information on most battery-related questions of the various cordless vacuum cleaner models available on the website. Some of the more common FAQs include the following ones:

  • How should one insert or remove the battery of the IF280 Series cleaner?

It is possible to insert or even slide the ION Power Pack Battery right into its slot located on the back of the vacuum. Similarly, it is possible to remove it by lightly pinching the release tab in order to slide the ION Power Pack battery right out of the vacuum cleaner.

  • How to charge the battery pack?

It is possible to charge the ION Power Pack with the help of the proprietaryShark® ION Power Pack Charger. However, the device can only be charged via the individual shark chargers that have been created specifically to work with ION Power Packs only. The instruction manual contains the model numbers of all approved models.

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Warranty Information

Shark Clean offers comprehensive warranties on its products. These warranties are divided into VIP and regular warranties and are time-bound in their application.

Ninety Day Refurbished Product Limited Warranty

These warranties apply exclusively to refurbished products alone and they will be applicable only on the purchase of products through the authorized retailers of SharkNinja Operating LLC. The warranty coverage will be applicable only to the original owner/purchaser of the refurbished unit and it cannot be transferred to anyone else.

SharkNinja LLC warrants that all of the refurbished units sold by the company shall be free from defects in material as well as their workmanship for a period of ninety days from the date of original purchase. Furthermore, the product should only be used under normal household conditions.

This warranty does not cover the following situations:

  • In case the product is subject to normal wear and tear of all wearable parts including but not restricted to HEPA filters, foam filters, pads and the like. (In this case, the purchaser will have to buy replacement parts from
  • In case the product has been tampered with or has been used for commercial purposes.
  • Any sort of damage caused by persistent misuse such as vacuuming water and other liquids, leaving the unit on for days at a time or any other form of abuse and/or negligent handling.

Since these products have been both represented and subsequently sold as refurbished items, this limited warranty won’t apply to superficial and cosmetic damages or defects. These include scuffs, scratches and slight dents.

How to Avail the Warranty

Shark Clean customer service specialists are available at the following number 1-877-581-7375 to assist with both product support as well as warranty service options. The product can also be registered online at

Social Media


The Shark Clean Facebook page has a live chat option for all product related queries and they typically answer individual questions within a few hours at most. The page has over 350k followers.


Shark Clean does not maintain a strong presence on Twitter and they have only 8.5k followers. Their last post was back in May 2019. 

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