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Sezzle is one of Canada’s biggest interest-free financing plan platforms, offering customers and businesses a path to optimal financial control.

Through a Buy Now, Pay Later policy, Sezzle has made it its mission to empower the next generation of change-makers with financial freedom. The company believes in valuing, respecting, and supporting Canadian shoppers through a highly effective payment tool that removes all the stress and lets you regain control over your finances.

Apart from their innovative way of helping young Canadians achieve financial freedom, Sezzle also offers exceptional support services designed to elevate the customer experience.

This digital platform is taking all the right steps to increase Canada’s purchasing power while also ensuring improved financial responsibility.

Sezzle is a Canadian brand that truly prioritizes its customers through different tools and platforms. It offers various customer services and support protocols to ensure that customers and clients both enjoy a heightened buying and selling experience.

You can visit their website for all the details you need before signing up with Sezzle. Moreover, to offer further support, Sezzle also offers different communication tools to its users. Here are the many ways that Sezzle caters to its customers on all fronts.

How to Sezzle in 3 Easy Steps

Sezzle lets you benefit from its services in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign Up and receive approval
  2. Shop from over 44,000 brands
  3. Select Sezzle at the checkout to complete your order.

Even the customer sign-up process at Sezzle is quite simplified. You just need to fill out the form shown below, submit it and wait for the confirmation email.

If you’re already a Sezzle User, you can Sign In here to start using Sezzle for easy payments that are spread out over 4 weeks at a 0% interest rate!

Sezzle’s Shopper FAQ Page

One of the biggest reasons why customers flock to Sezzle for their new wardrobes and other shopping is because of their extensive FAQ page.

The Frequently Asked Questions section answers any queries that the customers may have. It also ensures that all confusions are cleared out, and shoppers can enjoy the Sezzle experience with complete transparency.

The FAQ page is divided into numerous categories for easy navigation. Here are the different categories that you will find on Sezzle’s FAQ page.

Account & Settings

To offer information on how to change your personal account information like phone number and delivery address.

Payments & Rescheduling

To offer information on how to change payment methods, reschedule payments and use the Sezzle Virtual Card.

Declines & Limits

To offer information on the most common reasons why requests can be declined. It also contains useful details about account limits and any checkout issues you may experience.


To offer information on how the refunds process works

Delivery & Returns

To offer information on the order and delivery status. It also provides details on existing Sezzle orders and how you can manage any returns if needed.

Products and Services

To offer details on the many products and services offered by Sezzle. It also gives you insight into Sezzle Up and Sezzle Promotions for a smoother customer experience.

Frauds & Disputes

To help you deal with any unrecognized charges and clarify numerous Sezzle processes.

You can also type your question into the search bar and go through the results for a quicker solution to your problem.

Contact Sezzle

Sezzle provides its customers with numerous different ways to reach out to their customer support representatives. You can communicate with the company through different methods, based on your preference.

Contact Form/ Email

You can use the Sezzle Contact Us page to reach out to their support team through email or even by filling out a contact form embedded on the website.

Their shopper support unit is highly responsive and replies to emails within a short period of time to ensure all of your shopping queries are cleared out.


If you need immediate help with a certain product or are confused about the payment process, you can always use the Sezzle online chat option.

Sezzle has a help team available online 24/7 through their App or even directly from the Sezzle dashboard. You can easily gain access to the online chat by logging in to your account.


For customers who prefer getting instant replies over the phone, Sezzle has an active phone line that is available 24/7 to cater to your queries.

You can reach out to the Sezzle Shopper Support unit over the phone by dialing:

  • 1-888-540-1867

Stay Connected through Sezzle’s Social Media

Sezzle has a strong social media presence with highly engaging content for its customers. You can find them on the following platforms.

On the abovementioned social media platforms, Sezzle regularly updates its customers and does a fairly good job of interacting with them.

The company posts about their latest offers encourage customers to make the most of new deals, offers tips on how to use their website and communicate effectively with the audience.

If you’re facing trouble using the website or have some feedback to offer, Sezzle is just a Twitter DM away!

Wrapping it Up

Sezzle is offering the Canadian people a way to practice financial wellness through a highly effective Buy Now, Pay Later system.

By creating a way to break down their payments over 4 to 6 weeks at no additional interest, Sezzle ensures you can enjoy the latest trends and stock up your wardrobe with all of the colours of the season.

The team at Sezzle puts in the legwork to bring you all of the hottest Canadian brands and their inspiring stories, all bundled together in a cute little package waiting on your doorstep.

Their superb services, extensive shopper support materials and easy-to-navigate website further improve customer experience. Every query is answered promptly, and you can receive all the guidance you need before making a purchase on their website!

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