Revive Superfoods customer care and support service

Revive Superfoods is known for their healthy, nutritious, and delicious superfoods.

It is a multinational frozen superfood subscription company that is helping thousands of clients lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

It aims to take the hard work out of healthy eating by delivering yummy, nutritional, on-the-go superfood cups across Canada and the USA

Apart from its quality products, the company is also known for its premium customer care services. It welcomes customers to connect with them.


Multiple channels are available to customers to connect with Revive Superfoods representatives. Scroll down to take a look at different ways you can reach out to Revive Superfoods today.

Revive Superfoods Customer Support Services

Whether you want to place an order, have a question about Revive Superfoods policies, want to learn more about the company, or simply need to drop in a suggestion or compliment – Revive Superfoods customer care representatives will be happy to assist you.

You can log on to the Official Website of Revive Superfood to receive swift customer support services.  

Contact and Support Information 

Revive Superfoods website is user-friendly and simple to navigate. You can place your order via the website in just a few minutes.


Apart from that, you can also utilize one of the multiple options available on the website to communicate with Revive Superfoods.

Contact Form 

For general queries, suggestions, complaints, and compliments, fill out the contact form available on the Contact Page to reach out to Revive Superfoods.

All you have to do is enter your name, email address, and your message. The Revive Superfoods team will contact you via the email address you enter. Typically, most clients receive the required response within a few hours. You can fill the contact form here

Revive Superfoods Email Address 

If you don’t want to send a message through the website, the other option is to connect with the Revive Superfoods team via email.

You can expect a quick and effective response within a few hours. You can send your messages at the following email address.   


Want to talk to a Revive Superfoods representative right this moment? If yes, then make use of the chatbox to receive an immediate response. The representative will guide you and assist you in every way.

Revive FAQs Page 

Revive Superfoods strives to provide immediate assistance to its customers.

Therefore, while the company encourages its customers to connect with them through messages, it also has a detailed FAQs page to facilitate customers looking for speedy assistance


It covers a wide range of topics, including Revive subscription policy, refund policy, order modifications and cancellation, delivery time, shipping charges, packaging, food products, referral programs, and much more.

You can access the FAQs Page here.     

Social Media Handles

The company is very active on social media. While orders are placed through the website, you can follow Revive Superfoods social media accounts to learn about the latest happenings or connect with a customer support representative.


Here is a list of Revive Superfoods social media handles that you can follow. 

Revive Superfoods Blogs

Revive Superfoods is an advocate of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.

It goes out of its way to create awareness about living a healthy lifestyle, which is why it offers an interesting and informative blog section to the customers. 

You can access the Revive Superfoods blog here

The blog posts are updated from time to time and are categorized into the following three main sections. You can pick your read based on your preference or information you are looking for. 

  • The Know
  • Tips & hacks 
  • Uncategorized 

The blog post section also contains a message by the CEO and founder of Revive Superfoods regarding Revive’s Response to COVID-19.

He explains the measures that the company is taking to ensure the health and safety of its employees and customers. Learn more about Revives Response to COVID-19 here

Rate Your Experience

Want to leave quick feedback about your overall experience with Revive Superfoods?

Then use the Rate Your Experience option embedded on the website. As a customer, you will answer a simple question: How would you rate your experience? You can rate the experience as Hate, Dislike, Neutral, Like, Love.

Wholesale and Bulk Orders

A standard Revive Superfood order contains boxes with 9 cups, 12 cups, and 24 cups.

However, you can also place bigger orders via wholesale orders or bulk orders. 

  • Wholesale orders can contain 48 cups to 288 cups. To place a wholesale order, click here.   
  • Bulk orders contain more than 288 cups. To place a bulk order, send an email to Revive at:

Mailing List 

Revive Superfoods customers can become a part of its mailing list. It is recommended to join the mailing list as it comes with several added benefits.

You can stay up to date with the latest news about the company and receive discounts and coupons. To become a part of the Revive Superfoods mailing list, click here.   

Where to Find Revive Superfoods

You can find Revive superfoods at the following select retailers:

  • Pusateri’s
  • Garden Foods
  • Mcewan
  • Summerhill Market
  • Fiesta Farms
  • Alloro Fine Foods

The Bottom Line 

Revive Superfoods is the leading, one-of-its-kind frozen superfoods subscription company that is promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Now that you know how to connect with the company representatives, you can reach out to Revive Superfoods whenever you want.

The team encourages its customers to contact them directly and it will be happy to assist you in every way.

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