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The Real Canadian Superstore is often referred to as “the Big Zehrs” because it is basically a larger version of the average Zehrs supermarket. Both the Real Canadian Superstore and Zehrs are owned by Loblaw Companies, so they all carry about the same products at the same prices. The main difference between the Superstore and other supermarkets, including Zehrs, is that it has everything.

There is a huge supermarket section with fresh produce, meats, cheeses, seafood and more. Plus, there is a huge retail section with clothing, hardware, electronics, etc. Many outlets also feature a GoodLife Fitness centre, pharmacy, gas bar and walk-in medical clinic. The brand originated in western Canada and expanded east in an attempt to ward off the infiltration of stores like Wal-Mart. The head office is now located in Brampton, Ontario.

Real Canadian Superstore customer service

Real_Canadian_SuperstoreTo provide the best and most relevant customer service, the first thing you are asked when you visit the Superstore website is your location. Although the headquarters is in Ontario, each province has its own phone numbers and addresses for you to contact – the closer they are to the customer, the better service they can provide.

When you have questions, the FAQ section is always the best place to start. There is a good chance that you are not the first person with this question, plus the company anticipates many questions and fills the FAQ with answers about their products and services. Of course, speaking to the store manager for urgent inquiries would be your first option. For other inquiries, select the department you wish to contact and then fill out the appropriate form or use the feedback form.

You can call the Customer Relations Centre, toll-free at 1-866-999-9890, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST or fax anytime to 905-861-2387, long distances charges may apply. Write to the company at:

Loblaw Companies Limited,
1 President’s Choice Circle,
Brampton, Ontario,
L6Y 5S5
Attention: LCL Customer Relations Centre.

Stock in the retail department is constantly changing. Keep up with the newest arrivals on Facebook. Get great deals, coupons and more on Twitter. Most of the meat, seafood and produce is locally sourced so by joining the online team, you will be able to meet the farmers, tour the farms and see exactly where the food you are eating is coming from.

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17 Reviews
  1. holly 3 months ago

    I have a case # for which I lodged and submitted all the documents required and asked for in responding emails. I continue to receive emails from PC optimum saying they have not received my response. I have called in twice already and feel that this is terrible customer service, have had no resolution in getting my points and as a loyal customer of both shoppers drug mart and superstore these missing points should be added within 1-2 days. This is not the first time this has happened, the last I had to lodge multiple complaints and pull Management into the situation to finally get it rectified. I will gladly pass this poor experience on to everyone I know, cancel my PC Credit card and cease shopping at these stores if the level of service is not improved and my points added to my account.

  2. Larry Moores 10 months ago

    I am having a really hard time not taking my business over to Sobeys with what I have been experiencing at your store in Atholville N.B. For awhile now there are cashiers who are bilingual but have refused to speak English to me when serving me. I have talked to the manager at this store ( told me he talked to them) but nothing has change….. What should be my next step? Take a French course and learn the language or change store???????

  3. Reg balabuch 11 months ago

    prices have got much higher. do most of my shopping at Wal-Mart now as prices on most things are lower, such as eggs butter. I used to love the french bread but now it is very poorly baked item. the bread is full of holes and the crust falls off when sliced with a bread knife. to save money the bags have been shortened. this very unsanitary as the bag does not cover all of the loaf. groceries today at Wal-Mart 111.89 dollars and at Superstore 18.94 dollars.

  4. Ron 12 months ago

    In Greenwood , N.S. ,I recently Picked up the last 2 boxes of No Sugar Added ,Mr.Freeze , 45×60 ml freeze pops at Sobeys for $ 4.99 each ,I asked if any more were being brought in ,an not till next year . So I drove over to Superstore to see if they had any an there was 6 cases on the shelf @ $ 9.99 each , Wow a $ 5. dollar difference , so I didn’t get any , the question is WHY ARE THEY DOUBLE IN PRICE ,the stores are only 2 kl apart

  5. Mariam 12 months ago

    Had the worst customer service. I visited Superstore around 9:30 on the 19th of july walked up to the till. Everything went smooth until I had the employee ask me how many bags I would like. She individually picked the bags and threw them at my face. It was rude and I could feel the cold vibes. It is not the first time when i experienced such bad behaviour from Superstore employees. I work in the same field and am well aware of how we are supposed to treat every customer (with respect and consideration). I only had a reaction to the action. I was all the more disappointed when the supervisor on duty walked towards us to shout at me with a higher pitch voice to tell me I am not allowed to talk to the employee that way. I completely understand what she was trying to communicate to me but i told her that she thre the bags on my face and she didn’t really say anything about that and was more rude to me. When I told her that this was not the first time the service has been bad at Superstore she told me if it has happened to me once then it might be because of my behavior. On what basis does the management at Superstore make such assumptions about a customer. This was terrible unexpected behavior. Which is unacceptable. Highly disappointed with the customer service. I work in thesame field and we never accuse our customers wrongly of anything and we do everything possible to make our customers stay pleasant and respectful. I am very disappointed with the behaviour.

  6. TOm Krause 1 year ago

    About a year ago we purchased 2 super non stick silver coated pans from the Thunder Bay location. They worked very well for about 6-8 months. You were supposed to cook with no or very little (oil, butter) now it does not matter what you use it will stick .Even if deep frying you have to watch . They are junk .

    Please respond on what I should do with them ?

  7. KIMBERLY VANWINDEN 1 year ago

    I have been a consumer/customer of your Real Canadian Superstores for many years. I am saddened and feel that it is worth taking my time to tell you that in my opinion the instore bakery section at your Gibb Street Oshawa location and perhaps other locations have gone downhill in a very big way. Every single time I go into your bread/bakery section, no matter the time of the day or the day of the week, there is minimum staff, usually 1or no staff members at most and the many of the shelves are completely empty with little to no product.

    I know from a brother who used to work in the bakery and from talking to staff members that your bakery section has taken on many changes. But whomever is the person at the top making these decisions, they certainly have no idea at all and need to spend some time on the floor working the bakery and dealing with the customers. It is not rocket science to realize that with empty shelves, little to no product and minimum staff compliment, your sales will decrease. Pay the $14.00 an hour for a staff member and order enough product and fill your damn shelves!

    I have gone into your Whitby location so many times to find:

    No buns in the bun individual bun section;

    No cracked wheat bread which is what I buy (and again last night)—you had one staff member on the floor at 5:30pm and was told there is no cracked wheat bread, the section was empty, as was the cake section empty behind the glass, the muffin section empty, the Ace bakery section empty, the cracked wheat bread section empty and more…. and my mother wanted egg bread, there was none. I took pictures of the empty shelves and wish I had of gone around and taken of every empty shelf in the bakery. It was a complete joke for a huge store like this!

    Typically there are no bags to bag your buns either, always empty. No staff members to even fill the bags!

    On a recent visit I wanted Kaisers, all of the pre-bagged inhouse baked Kaisers section was empty, I could see that there was some baked on racks in the back behind the counter but no staff to put them on the floor and had to ask for someone to bag me 6. I was beyond frustrated. This should not be the case.

    I am not sure who is making the executive decisions at the top level but they are doing a very crappy job so Is your bakery specialist overlooking this store because they are allowing this crap to continue. Your employees are unhappy and fed up and for certain you have to be losing a huge amount of business. It is an embarrassment for a store of your calibre to carry out like this. This company needs to make changes and make them fast because people are going to stop shopping in your store. You are not my goto store anymore because every time I come, you don’t have the product or staff that I need. It is really just dumb and stupid on your part. I am much happier with Metro’s bakery section and even Costco.

    Signed, a Very disappointed Customer.

  8. Karen Rea 1 year ago

    The Real Canadian Superstore at Clareview in Edmonton Alberta has rude customer service reps and rude Managers. I phoned the manager tonight with a complaint and could only speak to Jody the Assistant Manager. I was returning a child’s pair of pants that had not been worn but was ripped at the seam. I had bought them for use next September so I was returning them. First they said yes for an exchange so I went and purchased some food and when I returned to Customer Service the woman said no and I had to pay cash for everything. While I was purchasing the food she took the receipt out of my bag and when I got home no receipt. I phoned the manager to complain and to ask them to get the receipt and hold for tomorrow. So now I have to return tomorrow to get back my receipt because it had over 250.00 worth of purchases and I had purchased some clothes for the children for next September. If you keep hiring people for Customer Service who do not treat their customers with respect you are going to be out of business. We have been shopping at Superstore since 1996 and it is just recently we are having issues. This will be the last time I put of with rude, miserable people while I spend my hard earned money. I will shop elsewhere thank you very much.

  9. Judy Babij 1 year ago

    Less than a year ago, I purchased new eye glasses from Superstore for approximately $350. I am extremely disappointed in the service that I have received when I have gone in for adjustments. I have tried several locations in Winnipeg to see if I could get a proper adjustment, but to no avail. As I have worn glasses for many years, I am aware of the quality of service provided by other establishments in the after care. A few of The problems that I have faced are: with such limited hours often there are no technicians scheduled for servicing or adjustments therefore having to return several times, they have changed nose pads but just hand glasses back and dismiss you, when I stated I did not have proper fit, I got attitude of well there’s nothing more to do. I had expected more from the name Superstore. I purchased a Banana Republic brand, so the issue is not in the quality of the actual frames. I would appreciate your input on this matter. Judy Babij

  10. WILLIAM BACKOUS 1 year ago


  11. ruth 1 year ago

    PC mobile..I know this is separate from the actual store but it does bear the PC name. For 3 months I have had nothing but a nigh mare with PC mobile. My husband’s phone died in Sept after almost 2 years and he got a new one. Nov the new one quit. It was sent out to Samsung by the store. I called their customer service the beginning of Jan and after being on hold for over 1 1/2 hours they agree we hadn’t used the phone//do you think, we didn’t have possession of it//they gave me a credit of $34 but could do nothing about the phone. After 7 weeks we were told the LCD was broken. My husband never dropped it. What happened to it in the 7weeks Samsung had it or was it a default to begin with. It was $120 to repair or get a new one.
    We chose a new one.
    We were told to pay $27 before they would activate the new phone. At the same time I received a bill for $56 as well. The agent at the store could not tell me if I should pay both 27 plus 56 or if everything was in the $56. To end the delay in activation I paid $83.44 on Jan 13.
    The phone was activated but everything on it like contacts and photos were lost.
    Now Feb 08 I receive again 2 bills for 255.17 and one for 242.80..this time I notice there were 2 different account numbers on them. When I questioned the PC manager I was told to pay the 255.17 which I did and to ignore the other one. I do not ignore bills and would like to know why there are 2 different account numbers. I do not want this to effect my credit rating. Iàm very very frustrated and do not know where to turn to get answers. I have sent about 4 emails to PC mobile and have not received any reply.
    After reading the reviews on PC mobile, this appears to be the normal customer service for PC mobile
    Thanks for your time

  12. Barrie Briggs 1 year ago

    This week I was in Super Store on King George Hwy Surrey, B. C. I was in a hurry and picked up a couple of things. Paid the bill and as I was leaving realized that I was grossly over charged for Chocolate covered Almonds out of the bulk section. I had .18 kg at $6.99 a kg charging $12.04 I bought .22 kg of chocolate covered coffee beans for 4.16
    I know there is no sense trying to get this sorted out at the cash register and customer service at store level has no idea on pricing as pricing is at corporate level. There is no way chocolate covered almonds would be selling three times the price of chocolate coffee beans. Someone has made an error in pricing at my and others expense. I was in the food business for 40 years and mistakes happen unfortunately my experience has proven time and again people at store level are terrified of putting forth a complaint on quality or pricing to buyers for fear of retribution. As far as I am concerned I have been ripped off royally and although I will continue to shop at your stores I will now not hesitate to tie up the check out line and will be a lot more demanding that things are corrected. I have over 70,000 plus followers on twitter and since I did not give the store an opportunity to respond I will not be posting my concerns on social media. Thanks for reading my rant. Sometimes being the biggest at anything doesn’t unfortunately make you the best.

  13. Naomi montpetit 2 years ago

    I ordered a pair of new glasses from the st annes optical about a month ago. They said that I would have to wait two weeks for them because they were really busy no problem.the called that they were ready I picked them up and they had the wrong frame. The lenses were fine. The girl said to keep the wrong ones and they would order the right frames. They called to say they were in and I picked them up. After a few days I was really having problems focussing with them. So back I go. The girl was hard to understand but kept insisting that the frames needed adjusting. There is no way, obviously they were not focussing properly. Anyway I had to insist that they be sent back and replaced. I have already made four trips there and am not any further ahead. I have been ordering my glasses there fo a long time and never ran into anything like this. I don,t tithing I Wil deal with them after this.

  14. dorinda YOUNG 2 years ago

    I am referring to your flyer of April 13th – 20 th. On the first page above the fold the roast was advertised for $4.77 Thursday – Sunday. I was in the Kamloops BC store and they didn’t have any but the clerk wrote a rain check on my flyer. I travel between Kamloops and Calgary regularly. I have checked repeatedly in both cities. Neither location has ever had any of these roasts. A few weeks later I was in Calgary and I was going to buy some advertised special meat. It was either a roast or a steak. Again the store did not have the product. This time they refused to write a rain check. I tried to get the meat manager to honor the price and he refused. I went to customer service and they called the meat dept. and they refused to back the advertisement. I ended up throwing that flyer away.
    What’s up? Can we no longer trust your flyers?

  15. J.L.Jordan 2 years ago

    I bought a Westinghouse, flat-screen TV at the Superstore in Medicine Hat, Alberta in June 2016. I have very limited income, so it was a major purchase for me. The price seemed too good to be true, but I thought the store would have my back. Apparently, this is only for 30 days. I spent the spring e-mailing back and forth with Westinghouse for a minor sound problem. I had to rely on company to take the required pictures and e-mail them. I had to fax the receipt to the company elsewhere. I finally got all these ‘accepted’ and was informed that I was to pay the costs of transporting the unit myself. To California. Now, they claim I need a whole new set of photos and my receipt again. I feel they are just running down the clock until my warranty runs out on June 20 2017. I am disillusioned that Superstore would sell brands that do not support their products better. There is no private company in Medicine Hat that fixes TV’s.

  16. j stobert 2 years ago

    I was in the Regent Ave Superstore in Winnipeg today. I am a disabled senior citizen and have a great difficulty in walking from the pain. while I was in this store today I had to use the washroom. my choice was to walk all the way to the to the front door and back again or jump over some chains at the checkouts to use the washroom. I talked to the manager ” Cliff ” and was told this is store policy.
    My conclusion is that disabled seniors are not welcome in that store. I call this discrimination against disabled seniors. it seems that policy is more important than customers. I have been shopping in that store side it was built but I will never step foot in that store again. I will be informing all my disabled friends about ” SUPERSTORE POLICY “

  17. Myrna Dobson 2 years ago

    I have been a loyal Superstore customer for over four years and do the bulk of my shopping at the Bison Drive location in Winnipeg Mb. A couple of weeks ago, the bagging stands were removed from the check out lanes and I would like to say that was a big mistake. Yes, I am aware that children climb on them and it is not safe however, perhaps the staff should be given the authority to tell them to “get down”. If a simple instruction does not work then, they should refuse to continue scanning until the parent removes the child from the stand. At any rate, whatever the reason, removing them was not the answer. There is no room on the conveyor belt to rest the bag and even if there was, it is too high for most people to reach. Holding the bag with one hand and trying to fill it with the other doesn’t work either. turning the cart around so that you can put the bag in the cart is also problematic as the cart gets bumped or you run out of room quickly. I have tried all of these ideas and found it awkward not to mention slowing down my bagging time considerably. Last night, Friday, March 3, 2017, the cashier was scanning my groceries and of course I was not able to keep up. Needless to say, the groceries piled up on the belt and she had no more room to send the groceries. I suppose not realizing that I was falling far behind, she gave everything a push from her end and multiple item went flying onto the floor. Now, not only am I trying to bag my groceries but I’m picking them up off of the floor as well. This is unacceptable. I was not the only person last night having difficulty either and heard many people complaining. People such as myself who rely on the stands would certainly appreciate them being put back at the check out lanes. Speaking only for myself, trying to maneuver this process without is simply too frustrating and I will not continue to do this on a weekly basis. It may result where I take my business to Walmart or another establishment.


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