Does GoodLife Own Fit4Less?

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Tony Ferguson asked 2 years ago
I was looking at different fitness centers around my area and came across GoodLife and Fit4Less. When I visited both gyms, I could see very evident differences between them, yet they were also similar in how they operated. I believe they might have the same owner, or maybe GoodLife owns Fit4Less? Is that true? If not, who owns Fit4Less and GoodLife then? I’m pretty curious so any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
GoodLife and Fit4Less are two of Canada’s most popular gyms and fitness centers. They have hundreds of locations all over the country, making them incredibly accessible and widespread. Due to this, and because of their high-quality services, they are also the top choice for fitness centers for most Canadians.

If you are wondering if GoodLife owns Fit4Less, the short answer is yes. GoodLife is a brand on its own, but it also owns various other brands under its name, one of which is Fit4Less. This is branded as the budget-friendly option for a fitness club in Canada since GoodLife is expensive and the average individual does not want to pay that much.

The aim of Fit4Less is to make a healthy lifestyle and fitness easily accessible and affordable to all Canadians. Quite often, individuals don’t pursue such a lifestyle or exercise because it is too expensive to pay a high monthly fee. Fit4Less wants to change that, which is why its monthly fee is less than $15.

On the other hand, GoodLife is a more expensive fitness center because it offers a wider variety of workout classes, personal trainers, and exercise equipment. Their clubs also have massage chairs, saunas, and much more. For this reason, they charge a premium price from their members. Membership there starts from $20.

GoodLife was founded and created by David Patchell-Evans. Over time, he introduced multiple brands under the GoodLife name, and one such is Fit4Less. Both gyms are targeted towards different segments of the population since GoodLife is for individuals who want more personalized training and better quality facilities and equipment. On the other hand, Fit4Less is suitable for individuals who just want the essential equipment for regular workouts.

Therefore, you should assess your budget and needs when deciding between the two. The same person owns both gyms, and they operate similarly, but they have vast differences in the products and services they offer. If you are on a budget, you should opt for Fit4Less membership because it is a great gym and does not burn a hole in your pocket. This is a good choice if you are looking for just a basic gym.

However, if you have the budget and are willing to spend more, you should consider opting for GoodLife. You will definitely get value for money here, and it would be the ideal choice if you are looking for a fitness club that offers different facilities and high-quality equipment.

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