How to use the massage chair at Fit4Less?

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Leah asked 2 years ago
I am planning to join a Fit4Less club near me. I was wondering if they have massage chairs at all of their clubs, and if so, can someone explain to me how to use one?
I’ve never used a massage chair before, so it seems intimidating. Any help and information would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance,

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
If you live in Canada, you have likely heard about Fit4Less. This is the country’s most popular, affordable, and budget-friendly fitness club, with various locations in different cities and provinces. Chances are, you have a Fit4Less gym in your city. At a price of as little as $14, Fit4Less gives you access to tons of strength training and cardio equipment, workout areas, and even massage chairs.

Despite Fit4Less being considered a budget-friendly gym, it also offers its members massage chairs. This is quite a unique amenity offered for an affordable gym like Fit4Less because even some expensive gyms don’t offer it. However, these are offered only to Black Card members of Fit4Less (we discussed the various Fit4Less membership options here). They have access to unlimited use of the massage chair whenever they want. However, this amenity is not offered to 4Less card members.

Besides massage chairs, you might even come across Hydro massage chairs at Fit4Less, which use pressurized jets to soothe your body and deliver a massage. Massage chairs are a great resource at the gym because they help your body to rest and allow your muscles to recover after strenuous exercise.

To use a regular massage chair at Fit4Less, you will likely need to inform a staff member at their front desk, who will give you the remote that has all the directions for using the chair. In most cases, though, this remote will be attached to the chair, so you don’t have to go to the front desk. You will first need to wipe down the surface of the chair with a paper towel.

Then, position yourself on the chair and ensure that you are sitting comfortably and your body is perfectly aligned with the chair. After this, you must switch on the massage chair. The remote has directions on the intensity of the massage. You can also use it to put the chair in a reclined position, allowing you to receive a soothing deep tissue massage. You can change the features according to your requirements.

You can use the massage chair for as long as you want. Once done, be sure to sanitize and clean the chair using a paper towel and sanitizer. If you are using a massage chair for the first time, it is recommended to start slowly by using the chair once a week. This is because the pressure on your muscles is a new sensation for your body, and too much pressure may lead to more soreness. Once your body becomes accustomed and comfortable with the massage, you can increase the frequency of these massages and even their intensity.

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