How Much Does Fit4Less Cost?

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Martin86 asked 1 year ago

I’m thinking about joining Fit4Less next month. But I am not sure about the monthly cost of membership. As the name suggests, I assume it will be affordable, but I want to know exactly how much it will be.

Do they have different membership plans or just one for everyone? Can I get a customized plan according to my preferences and budget? Any help and information regarding their costs would be much appreciated.


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admin Staff answered 1 year ago
Fit4Less is one of Canada’s most renowned fitness centers and gyms. There are hundreds of Fit4Less facilities all over the country, and their membership plans are pretty affordable, considering the array of services they provide. The gym has all kinds of cardio machines and strength training equipment and various functional workout areas. Besides this, they also have massage chairs and tanning beds.

Membership at the gym gives you access to all of these. Fit4Less currently offers two main membership plans. They also have different services you can use to ensure your membership cost does not rise and will stay the same.

A basic plan of a 4Less Card costs $7.99 for two weeks and can be used at only one Fit4Less location. This is suitable for individuals who want to use the basic amenities of the gym. If you want to use more services, you should opt for the Black Card, which costs $11.99 for two weeks

This gives you access to every Fit4Less facility in Canada, unlimited massage chair and tanning bed use, and even a free gym bag and 30 minutes circuit class. After every two weeks, you will have to pay the fee. Otherwise, you can pay for your membership annually.

The Black Card gives members numerous perks, which is why it is often the more common plan bought. If it fits your budget, you can opt for this plan too. However, if you are looking for a gym near you that lets you use equipment and basic facilities, you can opt for the 4Less Card. You can upgrade this plan any time you like

If you are confused about which plan to get, you can attend their Free Workout Day. Fit4Less offers a free workout day for non-members on the last Thursday of every month. You can spend the day as a member and use their amenities and equipment. This is the perfect opportunity to test out their services and see if Fit4Less is the right choice for you and which plan would be more suitable. 

Whichever membership plan you opt for, you can register as a member at Fit4Less online. All you need to do is choose a Fit4Less gym location and the specific membership plan, enter your personal information and then make the payment. 

You should also sign up for their website’s ‘Lock In Your Rate’ option. This ensures that your original membership cost will never increase as long as you stay a member. By filling in the form, you can lock in your rate online through their website.

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