Are EconoFitnes and Fit4Less the Same?

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Celine asked 1 year ago

I am interested in joining a gym and noticed a couple in my area, mainly EconoFitness and Fit4Less. They both look pretty similar and have similar monthly membership rates, so I was wondering if they are the same. Can I get a membership to one gym but have access to both with my card? Are EconoFitness and Fit4Less the same? 

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admin Staff answered 1 year ago
If you live in Quebec, you have likely seen a Fit4Less or EconoFitness club. These are widespread across the province as they have hundreds of locations. The two are the most popular and budget-friendly fitness clubs in Canada.

Fit4Less is considered the country’s most affordable gym since it has a monthly fee of less than $15, and you get access to all kinds of cardio machines, strength training equipment, and various functional workout areas. Besides this, they also have massage chairs and tanning beds you can use.

Similarly, EconoFitness is another high-quality but affordable fitness club in Quebec. The club has various virtual and in-person fitness classes and tons of exercise equipment, and they are all quite budget-friendly. In fact, you can pay as little as $10 per month at EconoFitness.

Due to the fact that the gyms are both high-quality and affordable, you might think that they are the same. However, that is not true. EconoFitness and Fit4Less are two separate entities that function independently. Besides their affordability, their owner is the only thing they have in common. Both gyms are owned and controlled by GoodLife, which David Patchell-Evans founded. 

While they may have the same owner, it does not mean that the gyms function the same way or are the same. On the contrary, you will need to get separate memberships for both. In other words, a membership at Fit4Less will not work at EconoFitness or vice versa. If you are a member of EconoFitness, you only have access to the EconoFitness club, services, and facilities. You don’t get access to any facilities at Fit4Less.

If you want to use both facilities, you must buy memberships at both places. Luckily, these come at an economical price. However, despite that, getting a membership to both clubs is not a wise idea since the two are pretty similar; in that they are basic gyms that have all the essential workout equipment, places, and a few unique services like massage chairs and saunas.

Fit4Less and EconoFitness might not be high-end and glamorous gyms, but they will help you get the job done at a very affordable price. Hence, before deciding which fitness club to join, it is recommended to do plentiful research, assess your budget, and sign up for the most suitable one. There is only a $4 difference in their membership anyway, so choose the most convenient club.

If you require further information about Fit4Less and EconoFitness, contact their representatives via email, call, or visit them. Their staff is quite helpful so they can guide you better.

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