How to cancel my Telus internet plan?

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Myriam Zafhari asked 1 year ago

I have been using Telus’s home internet services in my residence for many months. I have found the company’s internet connection to be reliable and satisfactory most of the time.

However, I am planning to move to the United States next month and would like to cancel my Telus internet subscription immediately. Can you please tell me how I can finish this process quickly and without any issues?

I would like to complete this cancellation before being charged for the next billing cycle.


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admin Staff answered 1 year ago
Hy Myriam,

Thank you for submitting your question.

Telus prides itself on offering excellent customer service as one of Canada’s Big 3 Telecom companies. The company has made it incredibly easy to cancel its services anytime. You can end your current Telus internet subscription by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Call the Telus’s customer service helpline at 310-2255.
  2. Speak with the representative and verify your contact details, account, and package details.
  3. Pay any currently outstanding bills or charges against your Telus account
  4. Inform the Telus representative that you intend to cancel your Telus internet package.
  5. The Telus customer service representative will then repeat your account details and confirm the cancellation of your internet services.
  6. The Telus customer service representative will then inform you how to return your Telus internet equipment to the company to avoid any extra charges for failing to return rental equipment.

You should receive your final Telus internet bill after completing the steps described above. This bill will include the following:

  • The current charges and the remaining balance moved forward from your previous bill.
  • The bill’s payment deadline date
  • Any on-time charges such as late payment fees, cancellation charges, device financing charges, and extra usage charges.
  • Account crediting for the period between the cancellation date and the next payment due date.

You should note that you will experience a reversal of any one-time credits or sign-up bonuses you received, assuming you canceled within 90 days of availing them.

If you were previously subscribed to any additional third-party services, such as Netflix, through your Telus internet subscription, you would receive an email detailing your new billing information.

If you have rented any equipment from Telus (like a modem) as part of your internet subscription, you will need to return it within 30 days of your cancellation. The company will typically provide equipment return details via email or mail within 1 to 3 business days of making your cancellation request. You will then receive a return waybill that can accommodate the equipment and related accessories. Be sure to securely pack each item into the return waybill packaging before sealing it and placing the return waybill sticker on the packaging exterior. You can then drop off the sealed package at any Canada Post outlet. There is no charge to complete this mailing process.

As you can see, the process of canceling your Telus internet subscription is relatively straightforward. Consider following these steps to ensure your Telus internet subscription cancellation is completed quickly and without delay. This will help you avoid unwanted charges, move to a different internet provider, or end your residence’s internet connection entirely as intended.

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