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Are you looking for a place to buy or sell pre-loved clothes, shoes, accessories, and home items? When you have too many things in your closet, some of which you might not even use anymore, then you can try to sell it off to someone who would actually find it helpful and valuable. It could also be the other way around. Who knew buying from another person’s closet could be this easy?

There might be many places where you could do that, but there’s no other more reliable online source than Poshmark. It is one of the biggest online commerce marketplaces where anyone from anywhere in the US, Canada, and Australia can use it. The website allows one to buy and sell used things for men, women, kids, pets, and home.

Found in 2011, the company has its own application for Android and iPhone users to make things quick and convenient. It was also created to uphold the company’s primary aim, which is to empower people to thrive and be at the forefront of the online buying and selling process.

This aim to put their customers at the forefront can clearly be seen in their customer care services.

Poshmark is the ideal example of a company that is constantly aiming to make its customers the focal point of its user experience. Besides providing high-quality services, they also aim to enhance their customer’s satisfaction constantly.

For these reasons, Poshmark consistently tries to enhance their customer support services, which is why they provide several avenues of reaching them if you want to share your feedback, query, or complaint. For them, their customers and members always come first.

Here are some ways to connect with Poshmark’s customer care services.

Email Them

The best way to contact Poshmark is through emailing them. They have different email addresses for various types of queries you might have.

General Feedback and Queries

For example, if you want to chat with them regarding any questions you have or general feedback you want to share, you can simply contact them on the following email: hello@poshmark.com.

Feedback or Queries Regarding Copyright Issues

Suppose you want to contact Poshmark regarding any copyright issues you may be facing on any of the products you sell on their platform. In that case, you can easily send them an email at their specific address designed to handle queries regarding copyright issues. It is copyright@poshmark.com.

Emails by Law Enforcement

Lastly, if you are from law enforcement and have specific queries or questions to ask the company, they are pretty much open to them. You can simply email them at their email address that caters to law enforcement. Here is where you can send them this email: lawenforcement@poshmark.com.

Send Them Mail

Suppose you want to contact Poshmark the old-fashioned way, that is, through written mail, you can do so at the following address. Here is their address for their Canadian members:

Poshmark Canada
306-1008 Homer St
Vancouver, BC V6B2X1

Connect with a Pro

If your nature of feedback does not align with any of these subjects, then you can consider speaking to a professional right away. This will be a good idea if you find that emailing them is not the right option for you for any reason.

On their Support Service page, you will find the option to fill out a form when you click the tab, ‘Contact Support.’ There you can add all your contact details and the nature of the complaint. A representative from Poshmark Canada will likely get back to you at their earliest.


Since Poshmark is all about putting their customers at the forefront, they also have a thorough FAQ page that answers all the questions customers might be asking. The questions are divided into several categories to help you easily browse through and find a similar question to yours.

However, if you cannot find a similar question, you can always get in touch with Poshmark customer service representative via email or forms.

These are the following categories of questions you will come across in the FAQ section:

  • Getting Started
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Account
  • Programs and Events

Poshmark Social Media

Luckily, Poshmark is also quite active on all of its social handles. Not to mention, they have accounts on various social platforms. You can follow them to know about any latest deals, newly added products, and what’s new. In fact, you can even connect with Poshmark via social media.

However, they are designed to interact with members and customers, but not precisely to handle customer complaints. Hence, your best bet is via email or forms.

If you simply want to follow Poshmark on social media, here’s where you can find them:

Using Poshmark

If you are having trouble using their website or application, Poshmark provides helpful guides on their website. These are specifically designed for first-time users and members looking to buy or sell used items. You can find this guide on their homepage under the “How it Works” category.

It is divided into two parts; for buyers and for sellers. Depending on which you choose, they will provide you a breakdown of the steps with pictures as well. All in all, their entire website is designed to make the online marketplace convenient and straightforward.

Final Words

There’s a reason why Poshmark has a customer base of nearly seventy million users across the US, Canada, and Australia. With such exceptional service, they have to provide superior quality customer care as well. This leaves their customers satisfied and happy at all times.

You can always send Poshmark an email to their specialized emails or forms or leave feedback on their social media if you want to get in touch with them.

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