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Since 1931 Porsche, the objective of Porsche is to create and develop value for Canadian customers. The manufacturer consistently invests in greater products, better technologies and highly-trained workforce. The goal is to remain an industry leader that provides its customers with an outstanding experience from their first visit to the showroom to their daily use of premier vehicles to consistent customer support.

The company is focused on production, development and sale of premium sports vehicles that inspire valued customers around the world. Porsche continues to press vehicles to greater quality with an intent on resource-efficiency. Increasing challenges of the modern sustainable automobile manufacturer make it a priority to not only provide an amazing customer experience and product, but to grow efficiency while living up to social responsibility of today’s market.

How to contact Porsche Canada

porsche-assistanceThere are numerous ways to reach out to the Porsche Customer Care Team: in person, by phone or online.

If you need personal assistance, you can return to the location from which you originally purchased your vehicle or any other Porsche dealer in Canada. The website Porschecentre.ca provides a convenient store locator tool to help you effortlessly locate the store you initially used, or another dealer conveniently located near your area.

If would like to contact the customer care via the internet, sending an email and to the Customer Care Specialists, who will work to resolve any issues you may have. Fill out your information and do not forget to provide your phone number so they can contact you directly.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with Porsche assistance by calling the toll-free phone number 1-800-PORSCHE (1-800-767-7243). Once connected, press #3 on for assistance.

Porsche of Canada mailing address is:

Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd.
5925 Airport Road, Suite 420
Mississauga, ON L4V 1W1

For more information on Porsche, you can always visit The Porsche Magazine blog on their website. Here, the editorial team creates an inside look into the company by sharing valuable and relevant information with both customers and investors. You can find the up-to-date information that is shaping Porsche as a company. Though they continue to focus on outstanding experience and vehicles, they are also always honing the value proposition to offer improvements unheard of in the market. Visiting the blog is the perfect location to stay in tune with latest developments and get clear insight into the mission as it evolves to serve you better.

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