Playstation Network: problems and outages in real time

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is a digital media service created by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2006.

While the initial aim of this storefront was to support Sony’s series of PlayStation video game devices, beginning with the PlayStation 3, the advancement of technology saw the addition of support for smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray devices and HDTVs. Membership in PlayStation Network is automatic for anyone who possesses a user account on a PlayStation device and these accounts allow users to store a library of games and other digital material. This service is available in 73 different countries, including Canada.

The current framework of the PlayStation Network extends to the following facets:

  • An online marketplace, branded as “PlayStation Store.”
  • A premium subscription service for enhanced gaming, multimedia and even free monthly game titlesm known as “PlayStation Plus.”
  • A music streaming outlet that incorporates Spotify, known as “PlayStation Music.”
  • A cloud gaming service, known as “PlayStation Now,” that allows for streaming of PlayStation brand games from as far back as the PlayStation 2 console.

Users can create a digital wallet that is tethered to their PlayStation User ID and this wallet can be loaded with currency to spend on games, upgrades, loot crates, digital films and all other sorts of items. Users also have the option of simply adding enough to their digital wallet to complete a transaction through the service, instead of having to proactively add currency before even looking over what they might wish to buy. Furthermore, gift cards exist that feature a scratch-off code and are loaded with a specific amount of currency to be loaded onto a user’s PSN account..

Findings from the most recent statistics regarding PlayStation Network’s usage indicates that over 111 million active users engage with the service on a monthly basis.

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