Pizza Pizza customer care and support service

Raise your hands if you think that there is no party like a pizza party!

From corporate meal plans, a school party, house parties to single servings―Pizza Pizza is ready to serve you from all across Canada.

The pizza place has come a long way since its inception in 1967, and they continue to grow steadily with every franchise.  They have over 750 restaurants located in Ontario, Toronto, Prince Edwards Island, and other provinces in the country.

Over these years, the company has transformed from a traditional eatery to a tech-savvy restaurant. This, however, didn’t change their mission to deliver high-quality food made ‘especially for you’.  It’s why they leave no stone unturned when it comes to staying in touch with their customers.

How can you contact Pizza Pizza Canada?

This article covers multiple ways to get in touch with your favorite pizza franchise. Knowing these details will ensure that the customer support service from Pizza Pizza is merely a click away from you.

Let’s begin:  

Going Live with Pizza Pizza

pizza pizza customer service

Are you looking for speedy services?

Then look no further than Pizza Pizza app (or virtual assistant). The company takes online delivery to the next level through this format. It’s because their live chat operator responds quickly, and is ready to suggest delicious options if you’re confused. They’ve also included a ‘pizza builder’ that lets you customize your pizza size, flavour, and toppings. You can also place your order from pre-made deals if you want.

Other great features include:

  • A ‘remember me’ option that lets you place favourite orders with just one click
  • A voice recognition feature for faster service
  • Multiple channels for payment
  • Easy-to-navigate store locator
  • An option to track your orders
  • Special contact number for emergencies
  • & lots of other convenient features

The best part is that you can access your account through the app and website. This makes ordering a from Pizza Pizza simpler, faster, and better than any other pizza outlet.

Calling Customer Support

Do you want to order food the traditional way?

No worries! Pizza Pizza has opened multiple phone lines for hungry customers. All you’ve got to do is to dial their toll-free number to place your order. The operator will then direct your request to the nearest Pizza Pizza outlet.

Here’s a list of their province-based phone numbers:

  • British Columbia: 1-866-310-1111
  • Manitoba: 1-866-310-1111
  • Northern Ontario: 1-866-310-1111
  • Nova Scotia: 1-866-310-1111
  • Ontario: 310-1111 (no area code required)
  • Prince Edward Island: 1-866-310-1111
  • Quebec: 1-866-310-1111
  • Saskatchewan: 1-866-310-1111

Besides this, the company has a designated hotline for corporate contacts (416-967-1010). It ensures that their networking doesn’t slow down during the busy lunch hour. How great is that?

Connecting via Email

Do you prefer corresponding with restaurants through email?

Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Pizza Pizza Canada via email. They’d be happy to address your queries and complaints in this format. Plus, sending emails makes it easier to share screenshots and images to support your negative reviews.

There are two ways to get in touch with them on email:

The dual accounts ensure that they can streamline their work according to the situation. You should, however, add a relevant subject line and straightforward introductory paragraph. These details will make it easier for the team to process your request on time.

Bonus Feedback Option:

Got a few minutes to spare? You can fill up the official feedback survey to share your experience after each visit/delivery.

Being Social: Pizza Pizza’s Social Media Channels

pizza pizza social media support

Want to stay updated on all discounts and special offers?

Then you should start following Pizza Pizza on social media. Their accounts are a mix of announcements, memes, offers, and discounts. It’ll always keep you in the loop when something new is happening at your local franchise. 

You can find Pizza Pizza on:

Nonetheless, these social media spaces aren’t just for hot takes and news. The company is happy to assist their customers who need their help. You can contact them via direct messaging or hit them up in the comment section. Then expect someone from their team to respond within the next 24 hours.

Store Locator

Does Pizza Pizza deliver near your place? Is there a local franchise you could visit?

The company answers your location-based questions on its official website. They’ve got a restaurant locator that optimizes your search for the nearest eating spot. All you’ve got to do is enter your city, province or postal code. Then press search and get the directions to the closet pizza place.

The restaurant locator also provides you with work timings. This makes it easier for you to know when to contact them to place your order.

pizza pizza store locator

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have food allergies, or are on a strict diet―Pizza Pizza answers common food-related questions on their FAQ page. The website shares details about their quality assurance process, nutritional value, and suppliers. Additionally, they have listed frequently asked questions about their menu.

This includes questions like:

  • Do you use gluten-free food?
  • Do you serve vegan pizza?
  • Which brand of cheese are you using?
  • Do you use peanuts/peanut oil?

The company has tried its best to clarify basic inquiries made about their food. If you’re looking for something specific, then you should contact them through other means. The company will surely respond within a few hours or in the next two business days depending on your query.    

Let’s Sum It Up…

On the whole, Pizza Pizza Canada has created a multichannel customer support service. You can contact them online and offline as per your needs. They’ve also hired a cooperative customer support team that strives to resolve issues in real-time. Plus, the French customer service option ensures that it caters to a broader network of customers.

All these aspects allow them to score good points when it comes to accommodating the needs of their Canadian customers. So feel free to order from Pizza Pizza whenever you crave a scrumptious slice of pizza.

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5 reviews

  1. I posted a harsh review about the pizza I ordered from the outlet at 325 Carrall St. Vancouver at about 4 in the afternoon.It was 2 med pizzas on Oct 2, As l said in my post,,it was by far the worst pizza I have ever had,,,ever! After one piece and my two friends having one piece we all agreed it was ,,really very lousy pizza ,no one wanted another piece including me ,,,so it ALL went into the garbage!! I was trying it for the first time and it was a major fail for that store..Anyway ,,I don’t need to go on and on about this , I just would never order from there again and would never recommend it to anyone. …..Gordon Couchi

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  2. i just phoned to have a pizza delivered i found out that it went from 30 minutes to 40 to 60 and i have to pay almost 7 dollars for delivery plus a tip also a dollar 35 for using debit. for a x large are just another company trying to squeeze people out of their money and blame it on the pandemic. Thank you

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  3. ordered earlier today in Vancouver and received a phone call telling that they did not have any marinara sauce and I needed to choose a replacement sauce? then I received another call asking me to change my drink selection because they were out of water! at this point I asked them to cancel my order and issue a refund, I sure hope that I am refunded asap regards horst w

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  4. I ordered two pizzas for pick-up and proceeded to the Pizza Pizza on Portobello in Orleans, ON. Upon arriving at the store and waiting 30 minutes, I was told that my order was delivered to my home, although I never provided my address when I called my order in, and specifically requested pick-up. I should mention that the lady taking my order was very confused, but I thought she got my order correct in the end. I returned home to find the pizza delivery man on the phone with pizza pizza customer service. The customer service rep was so generous that he permitted me to pay the pickup cost versus the delivery cost (sarcasm intended). As a regular customer, I would have expected the customer service rep to apologize for the inconvenience I experienced, and to offer the pizzas free of charge. This is what good customer service would do.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  5. pathetic service, long time customer could not make our order as terrible phone connection and person was unable to understand our order.. due to language difficulties.. she did not know the menu and we had to hang up and call back .. this time person also did not understand we wanted delivery in Trenton where we live and kept telling us to pick up our order in Toronto… she started an argument said i was wrong.. we will never order again..
    and will tell all our friends no to order and how you have the worst service and customer service

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
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