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PhoneBox is synonymous with high quality and affordability. It is a mobile phone service provider committed to providing simple, cost-effective, and top-notch mobile services to individuals in every province of Canada.

However, what sets this company apart from other mobile service providers is its exceptional commitment to providing the best customer experience. PhoneBox provides customer assistance at any time and every turn. They not only provide technical support via experts, but they also have a multilingual customer support staff.

Hence, you can communicate in your own language and have your query answered by them within minutes. If you want to learn more about PhoneBox’s customer care services and want to know how you can get in touch with them, keep reading this guide as we highlight each method for you.

Whether you have a query, concern, or question or want to share feedback with their team, you can easily do that by visiting the PhoneBox official website. The company’s efficient and well-trained support team would be there to communicate with you and help resolve your problems in just a matter of minutes.

Here are all the ways you can reach out to their team and get the support you need.

Contacting PhoneBox via Telephone

If you are looking for a swift response from their team and prefer human interaction, then you should directly call PhoneBox on their number. This is also a good idea if you want to avail of their multilingual services and would be comfortable talking in a language besides English.

PhoneBox has a customer service team of experts who can guide you in your own language. Whether you are setting up your SIM, need help with billing, or have any other issue you need help with, consider calling them on the following toll-free number:

  • +1-855-886-0505

Contacting PhoneBox via Email

Emailing PhoneBox your queries, concerns, and feedback is also a good idea. However, there is a chance that you may not receive a prompt response. If you are still waiting for a response in a couple of days, you should inquire or call their customer support team. Chances are that your email may have ended up in their spam folder.

However, keep in mind that the PhoneBox customer support team takes 1-2 business days to get back to emails. You can send PhoneBox an email at the following address:


Contacting PhoneBox via Live Chat

PhoneBox also has a Live Chat feature that you can access on every webpage on their website. If their customer support agents are available to chat, you can directly converse with them regarding your concerns or issues. If not, then you will be asked to leave a message.

In such a case, you must type in your message with a subject, your name, and your email address. The customer support team will then send their response to you via email.

Contacting PhoneBox via WhatsApp

Individuals who live outside Canada can also get in touch with the PhoneBox customer support team by calling them or sending them a message on their official WhatsApp number.

This is specifically designed for international customers who want to inquire about the mobile phone services that PhoneBox offers.

  • 7789800955.

Contacting PhoneBox via WeChat

Another mode of communication specifically designed for international customers is WeChat. PhoneBox can be found on this messaging and calling platform. Hence, you can get in touch with a member of PhoneBox’s customer support team by dropping them a message or calling them from this application.

This will also likely usher in a quick response from their team. PhoneBox is available on WeChat as PhoneBox Canada.’

Visiting PhoneBox Store

If you live in Vancouver or Toronto, you can stop by the official PhoneBox store in case you have any inquiries, queries, or concerns.

They have an expert team of customer care staff members who can help you with any issue you might be encountering with PhoneBox. Their team may also be available to physically carry out any installation or setting up tasks for you.

You can visit their store at the following addresses:

Vancouver store: 658 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3K4

Toronto store: 1240 Bay St. #305, Toronto, On M5R 2A7

PhoneBox Social Media

As one of the leading mobile service providers in Canada, PhoneBox serves its customers via social media as well. The company is active on various social media platforms, where it posts deals and promotions and frequently interacts with its customers.

If you have tried contacting their customer support team through email, messaging, or calls but have yet to hear back from them, you can use social media. Consider direct messaging them on their social media handles, as they will likely get back to you because they are quite active on social media. You can also follow them here if you want to stay updated on any promotions.

PhoneBox can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

PhoneBox Support Page

If you require any additional support or information, it is recommended to visit PhoneBox’s Support page on their website. You should also check out this section before attempting to contact them through the aforementioned methods. Chances are that you might come across the answer to your question on this section of their website.

The section answers all customers’ common questions regarding billing, SIM installation, account information, and more.

The Bottom Line

PhoneBox is one of Canada’s most popular and leading mobile service providers. The company has provided comprehensive customer care services to keep up with their rising demand and popularity.

Whether you seek additional information or need help setting up your account, you can always get in touch with them. You can also easily share any feedback or concerns with them. The best way to get in touch with their customer support team is by calling them as you can instantly chat with their staff member, that too, in your own language.

However, you can send them an email if they don’t respond. Alternatively, you can call or drop them a text via Live Chat, WeChat, or WhatsApp.

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