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Any list of the most powerful Japanese manufacturing companies must include Panasonic Corporation. Founded by industrialist Konosuke Matsushita in 1918, Panasonic began by producing bike lamps and lamp sockets. It wasn’t until World War II that this company really found success in the global market. Throughout the 1950s, Panasonic focused its efforts on producing radios, electronic appliances, and bicycles for the Japanese market.

As the 1960s rolled around, Panasonic began producing and providing high-quality TVs to customers in Asia, America, and Europe. Ever since that time, Panasonic has become one of the largest TV producers in the world, along with fellow Asian companies Samsung, Sony, and LG Electronics. Although still widely known for its TVs, Panasonic produces many other popular electronic devices, including digital cameras, cordless phones, microwaves, and massage chairs. Panasonic has its main headquarters in the city of Kadoma in Japan’s Osaka Prefecture.

Panasonic Canada customer service

Panasonic has customer service representatives stationed all around the world to help their customers. The best way for Canadians to reach a Panasonic customer service representative in North America is by calling (800) 211-7262. For those who don’t want to call this toll-free number, there are various other methods for getting in touch with a member of Panasonic’s staff. Canadians will find many other ways to contact and gain information on Panasonic by using the links listed below.

  • Panasonic Canada customer supportPanasonic has listed some of the most important contact numbers for Canadians on this webpage. Just click on one of the tabs to figure out the best way to reach Panasonic’s consumer products division, sales division, service division, and more.
  • This is the official Panasonic “Help” page. Some of the most common inquiries Panasonic receives are listed at the top of this webpage. Further down, you can click on any of Panasonic’s products to find specific FAQs for each device.
  • Here’s a general FAQ page for Panasonic. You can type in keywords at the top of this page, or search for your desired answer by using product categories.
  • You’ll be able to find all the contact information you need regarding this company’s headquarters on this page. Panasonic‘s two main offices in Japan, as well as their North American office in the USA, are listed here in full detail.
  • The Panasonic team is always posting videos on their official YouTube page. You can check out the latest Panasonic products by taking a quick look at the videos on this official webpage.
  • People interested in Panasonic’s business might find this site interesting. This is Panasonic Canada‘s official LinkedIn page, so people who already have a LinkedIn account can discover even more information on the company through this link. If you’re interested in employment opportunities at Panasonic in Canada, you might want to take a gander at this webpage.

As mentioned above, Panasonic has its head offices in Japan. If you are really determined to send a letter to Tokyo or Osaka, check out the link above. For those Canadians out there want to save a bit on postage, you can send a physical letter to this address:

Panasonic Corporation of North America
Two Riverfront Plaza
Newark, NJ 07102-5490

You could call this New Jersey head office using the number (201) 348-7000.

Panasonic Canada is one three main social media sites. Facebook users can like and “friend” Panasonic Canada on this webpage. People who like to use Twitter can find Panasonic Canada’s page here. And, last but not least, anybody who has a Google + account can follow Panasonic Canada’s page by clicking on this URL.

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