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OK Tire is a group of independently-owned tire shops around Canada. It was founded in 1953 to combine the services and products of different stores to improve the overall customer experience. The company has grown significantly since then, and it now has more than 300 stores from one coast of the country to the other.

Moreover, it claims to be the largest independent auto and tire service retailer in the country.

While the stores are still independently owned, this group has ten regional distribution centres to ensure that customers can find what they need in any of the stores they enter.

Users can visit the physical stores or choose what they want to buy online. Thus, users have an extra bit of convenience to determine what’s available at the stores before they actually visit them. The shipping is free for the product you want to reach the store closest to where you are.

Also, this group also sells auto products other than tires and wheels. These products include lighting, truck covers, and more.

Considering the company is a large group of stores, they have a number of options for customer support services to ensure that every customer finds what they need regardless of which store they visit.

Therefore, this article provides an overview of the various support options. You can use this one resource to find every way to get the support you need from OK Tire.

OK Tire Customer Care Services

Even though OK Tire has many stores across the country, it has contact details that are not particular to a singular store. You can then make whatever request you want and have them relay that information to the closest store to you.

There are options for you to speak to representatives both over the phone and online. In addition to that, there are online resources that may offer an answer to your inquiry without needing to speak to a representative, saving your time in the process.

Let’s discuss all available options. Also, please note that OK Tire is a Canadian company and only operates in this country.

Call OK Tire

OK Tire has more than one contact number for different issues. The advantage of dedicated contact numbers is that representatives can be more efficient with dealing with customers than they would if they catered to all issues.

There are four numbers. One is for help with browsing and shopping on the website; the second is about questions regarding products or services, and the third and fourth are for general questions.

The second option allows you to speak to an expert at your local store to help you select the right product for your vehicle.

  • You can call at 1-877-7OKtire (1-877-765-8473) to speak to an e-care team member for help with browsing and shopping.
    • The call timings for this number is between 8 am and 8 pm EST (Monday to Friday).
  • You can call 418.663.8721 to speak to an expert at your local store for help with products and services.
    • The call timings for this number are not specified, but it’s likely to be the same as the one above.
  • You can call 604.542.7999 or 1.800.663.1749 (toll-free) to speak to a representative for general questions.
    • The call timings for these numbers are not specified, but it’s likely to be the same as the one above.

Also, the good thing about having call support is that you can speak to a customer support representative in real-time. Therefore, you can possibly find a solution to your problem quicker than you would if you waited for an email response.

Useful Resources Online

OK Tire does not have a live chat feature on its website, but it has useful online resources to help answer your inquiries. Regardless of how efficient the customer support services for a company are, there is always some waiting time when you call support.

Thus, online resources are a good option when you don’t have the time to wait on a call. Here are your options.

Submit an Inquiry Online

You can choose to submit an online inquiry to the support team on the OK Tire website. after you write your message, you will need to wait for a representative from the company’s e-care team to get back to you via email.

There are a few categories for the support you want from a representative through this online feature. These are listed below.

  • Product inquiry
  • Warranty
  • Order status and cancellation
  • In-store pickup
  • Returns and refunds
  • Account login
  • Other

You will need to provide your full name, email, postal code, and store to be able to use this feature. Also, you only have a maximum of 250 characters to describe your issue, so be sure to be as descriptive in as few words as possible.

Email OK Tire Directly

If you need more words to describe your problem or situation, then you can choose to email the support team at OK Tire. Make sure to clarify the nature of support you want in the support to reach the appropriate personnel right away.

Also, don’t make your email too long that no one reads it thoroughly.

  • info@oktire.com.

Learn About Different Aspects of the Services of OK Tire

You can save some time by reading the online resources instead of calling or emailing the support team. It’s likely that you’ll find an answer here because there is exhaustive information available.

  • You can get information about General questions here.
  • You can get information about Inventory here.
  • You can get information about Ordering here.
  • You can get information about Financing Options here.
  • You can get information about In-Store Pickup here.
  • You can get information about Shipping here.
  • You can get information about Returns here.
  • You can get information about Warranty here.
  • You can get information about Privacy and Security here.

OK Tire Social Media Customer Support Services

OK Tire has various social media accounts to stay connected with its customers, which include the following:

The Bottom Line

OK Tire has fantastic customer support options with various contact numbers, a dedicated email, and information available online.

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