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OC Transpo is a public transportation agency situated in the city of Ottawa, Canada. It carries approximately 97.1 million riders annually, which amounts to 340,000 daily trips. It operates an integrated system that consists of conventional bus routes, light metro, and bus rapid transit.

OC Transpo’s O-train is a metro system that offers two lines: the North-South Trillium line, which operates through five stations, and the East-West confederation line, which operates on a partially underground route cutting through downtown.

The agency’s bus system has 43 bus transit stations and has 170 routes. These routes operate in the downtown area of Gatineau, Quebec. Another great service provided by OC Transpo is the door-to-door bus service for disabled passengers.

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In 1973, OC Transpo launched the first-ever BRT system in the world. Transit was first provided in Ottawa by the Ottawa transportation commission in 1973. Its formal name was Ottawa–Carleton regional transit commission, until it was formally changed to OC Transpo.

Today, OC Transpo is the most efficient transit system in Canada’s capital city. It delivers its promise of always being on time with very few delays with regards to technical issues. It also guarantees excellent customer support. If you are looking to contact OC Transpo, then you have come to the right place.

OC Transpo Customer Care Service

Customer Care Service Centers

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If you have any questions about the services provided by OC Transo, then you can visit their customer service centres.

OC Transpo has two customer care service centers: Rideau Centre is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Lincoln Fields, Place d’Orleans & St-Laurent, which is situated in Quebec, Canada.


Rideau Centre

  • Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday: 9:30 am to 9 pm
  • Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm

Lincoln Fields

  • Monday to Friday: 7 am to 6 pm

Feedback and complaints

If you want to give your feedback on OC Transpo’s service, you can visit their website. Press on the menu bar on the top right side of the homepage to see the option ‘customer service and information’. You will be redirected to a page that will have a feedback form. To fill the form, click on it and fill in your details such as your name, address, phone number and location.

You will also have an option of writing down any concerns or questions you have if what you are searching for is not included in the form already. Once you are done adding the details, submit it and the customer service center will get back to you as soon as they can. OC Transpo appreciates feedback and actively works towards improving their service.

OC Transpo helpline

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Under the feedback form, a helpline number is provided for residents of Ottawa. For customers who do not speak English, there is a language interpretation line.

Lost and Found

OC Transpo provides a lost and found service that is managed by Heartwood House. If you want to contact Heartwood House, you can reach out to them through email or by calling them.

If you have lost an item, then make a call to the number given for Heartwood House after 11 am the next business day . However, if the item you lost was significant (for example, medication) and wish to retrieve it as soon as possible, kindly contact the customer service number.

In the case of finding an item that does not belong to you, return it to any customer care service center or an OC Transpo special constable.

Para Transpo

OC Transpo provides a service for disabled customers. It offers a shared-ride public transportation service, which has to be booked in advance. For information regarding the booking of the service, contact details are provided in our customer care service portal.

This service is available for customers who are unable to utilize public transit such as bus or O-train. You could fill a Paratranspo form or you could drop in your application in person to Lifemark Health Services as well. Upon completing the form, you can fax the application number to 613-712-2151.

Distress Call

oc transpo helpline

OC Transpo also provides counseling services that are available 24/7. This service is provided by Ottawa Distress Centre. You can access these services through their customer care service portal.

You can call the helpline or you could visit the website for further information. The counseling services help with emotional distress, suicide, referral information and crisis management.

Whatever issues you are facing, you can reach out to the OC team without hesitation. OC Transpo cares for its customers’ mental and physical wellbeing.

Special Constable Service.

oc transpo special constable

This is a service you could use in case you need to report an incident. You can report incidents such as harassment, any crime committed against you or others and vandalism. To report an incident, click on ‘Report an incident online,’ which will take you to a new page with all the relevant details.

If you are uncomfortable reporting an incident online, you could always call 613-741-2478. As soon as you are done reporting the incident, the customer care representatives will follow up with a reply within 72 hours. You even have an option of reporting an incident anonymously. 


OC Transpo has a separate page for FAQs that highlight all the frequently asked questions and their detailed answers. If you are struggling with something or need more information about OC Transpo’s service, you can visit this section.

Social Media

For live updates, you can visit their Twitter account. Here you can find information on routes, timings and cancelations.

For information on promotions, you can visit their Facebook page.

For instructional videos regarding their transit system, you can visit their YouTube page that has various videos in English and French.

OC Transpo is one of the most prominent transit systems in Canada. It has professional customer care representatives who promptly respond to customer queries and complaints. If you want to provide feedback or contact OC Transpo, you can do so through the above-mentioned ways.

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