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Do you need some extra luxury in your life? If so, then you need to take a ride to Nordstrom. Founded in 1901, this luxury department chain specializes in cosmetics, clothes, handbags, and accessories. The store is named after John W. Nordstrom, a Swedish immigrant to America who co-founded Nordstrom with a man named Carl F. Wallin. Why didn’t Wallin get any credit in the Nordstrom name? We don’t know. Perhaps John just felt Carl’s last name was a bit too silly.

Anyway, Nordstrom now has almost 350 stores across the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This popular high-end retailer is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker JWN.

How to get in touch with Nordstrom customer care

The best way for Canadians to reach a member of Nordstrom’s staff is to call this telephone number (877) 794-5304. This 24/7 toll-free number will put you in contact with a member of Nordstrom Canada’s Customer Care team.

Nordstrom customer care in CanadaBesides this toll-free number, there are many, many, many other ways to get in touch with Nordstrom. Don’t believe us? Well, how about you stop acting like such a smarty-pants and take a look at the links below.

  • This is Nordstrom’s official “Contact Us” webpage. You’ll see the toll free numbers neatly listed here for Canadians, Americans, and international customers. You can click on either the “Chat With Us” or “Email Us” links to connect with a member of the Customer Service team right away. There are also tabs on the bottom of this page designed to help you contact various Nordstrom specialists.
  • Here’s a link to Nordstrom’s “Customer Service” page. Again, you’ll find links to chat or email a member of Nordstrom’s staff on the top of this page. You’ll also find a great list of the services offered at Nordstrom on this webpage.
  • You know, Nordstrom is a very classy place. It’d be a shame for you to look like a buffoon asking some ridiculous question. To save you the embarrassment of asking silly questions, Nordstrom has its very own FAQ page right here. Stay classy my friends. Read the FAQ.
  • Take a look at this “Store Locator” page to find the closest Nordstrom to your home address. Unfortunately for Canadians, Nordstrom stores are currently only in the Canadian cities of Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto. For those out there who don’t live anywhere near those cities, please don’t cry. You can always order Nordstrom goodies online.
  • Nordstrom’s YouTube page is super stylish. A few playlists on this website include “Style & Technology,” “Nordstrom Cares,” and “How-To: Style and Fit Tips.” You’re sure to learn a great deal about the Nordstrom brand on this wonderful YouTube page.

You know, taking the time to write a letter is great way to relieve stress. Seriously, it has been scientifically proven that people who write out letters or journals have a better sense of psychological, physical, and emotional wellbeing. You just can’t grapple with the complexities of the human spirit without taking the time to put pen to pad. If you feel like blowing off some steam in a hand-written note to Nordstrom, then you’re going to need this address:

Nordstrom Direct Inquiries
1600 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2600
Seattle, WA 98101

You could also reach Nordstrom’s headquarters by using this number (800) 282-6060. Just so you’re aware, Nordstrom’s Seattle headquarters is open from 8AM-5PM Mondays through Fridays.

As you probably could’ve guessed, Nordstrom is on numerous social media sites. Users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or even Wanelo can follow Nordstrom online.

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