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Does the thought of scoring good deals excite you? Are you hoping to get your hands on the lowest priced offers in the area?

Or are you looking for a rewards program that offers you the best which you rightfully deserve?

Look no further as No Frills is here to fulfill your wish. Many Canadians choose No Frills Canada when it comes to finding solid discounts.  A deep-discount supermarket, No Frills Canada opened its doors in 1978 to an enthusiastic crowd tired of steep inflation ridden prices.

Over the decades, No Frills in Canada has grown stronger, gaining a legion of loyal fans. It has gained a reliable reputation in the retail industry by maintaining its quality of service. By offering customers quality and convenience at affordable prices, No Frills Canada has strengthened its brand.

No Frills Canada offers its customers a little bit of everything— frozen goods, baked goods, beauty products, etc. Lately, it has also expanded its services, offering both private labels and over 2,900 no brand items. Additionally, it has also launched clothing merch to celebrate the love its fans have for the store.

If you are interested in contacting No Frills Canada’s customer support services, then this list will be immensely useful to you. To gain resourceful information on the best way to contact customer support and get the best response from No Frills Canada, continue reading.

For the customer’s convenience, No Frills has a specialized department for handling customer queries, complaints and feedback. Here is how you can contact them.


No Frills in Canada has a fantastic website, which can be used to order your grocery directly from the website. Additionally, the website can also be used to get in touch with the customer support department. The website includes a FAQs section, mailing addresses, phone call numbers and customer feedback form.

To visit the website, click here.

Email and Electronic Communication

If you wish to form any contact with the customer support team at No Frills, you may do so with the online form available on the website.

The form works similar to an email. The form may be used to explain your experiences in the store, on the website, with gift cards, PC express, products, etc.

The form also offers customers flexible options to choose how the support team should contact them. The teams respond either through a phone call or an email. You may also share details about your issues, describe your troubles or leave your comments on the form.

To visit the customer feedback form, click here.


If you want to contact No Frills Canada in an old- fashioned way, you may send in all your queries and feedback through post. It is recommended to write your contact details and the time you prefer to receive the response from No Frills in your letter. This is likely to make the communication between you and the team better.

To post your problems or queries, mail them at the following address:

Loblaw Companies Limited
1 President’s Choice Circle,
Brampton, Ontario, L6y, 555
Attention: LCL Customer Relations Centre.


No Frills Canada has set up specific phone lines for customer queries. Each dedicated number tackles specific problems; hence, it is recommended to contact the correct number for a timely response. The dedicated helplines are:

Customer Relations Centre

You may contact the customer relations centre number for problems related to your purchase experience, refund policies, gift cards, etc. It is recommended to call the phone lines on working days, which are from Monday to Friday only. The operational hours for the phone lines are 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

To call on a toll free number in Ontario, dial 1-800-296-2332

To call a toll free number in Quebec, dial 1-800-567-8683

PC Express

For all your queries, comments, feedback or issues related to the PC Express service, dial 1-844-295-8219.

For an immediate response, you can call between 8:00 AM and 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time from Monday to Sunday.


If you wish to learn more about the policies of the store regarding accessibility, disability and plans, then contact the specific store directly. To learn more about the locations of stores, contact us at 1-866-987-6453.

This number is to provide additional information only and should be treated as such for a seamless customer support experience.

Social Media Pages

You can stay up to date with your favorite store through social media as well. No Frills Canada not only gives deep discounts, but it also gives its loyal fans and customers the chance to get to know them better.

Their active online presence on social media has helped the store to stay trendy and relevant. From their trendiest merch to latest promotional offers, learn everything about No Frills Canada through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Whether you are at the store, happy with what you bought or disappointed with your experience, share everything and tag the brand.

To get better insight on No Frills in Canada, like, follow and share No Frills social media pages by clicking on them below:

Frequently Asked Questions

No Frills believes in a seamless experience, both in-store and online. For this very reason, it has posted the most frequently asked questions on their website.

A quick glimpse through the FAQs section will answer all your queries. The FAQs section covers topics such as return policies, gift cards, information of ‘won’t be beat’, express deliveries, payment options, and much more.

It also includes answers to questions relating to operational hours of the store and the minimum order required for delivery.

To visit the FAQs section, click here.

No Frills Canada encourages customer feedback as it always puts its customers first. Contact them through any of the above-mentioned ways to share your experience and queries.

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13 Reviews
  1. Sidney 4 months ago

    For the last couple of days(June 11 and 12, 2020) I was at Luciano’s No frills located at 243 Alberta St and was extremely disappointed. I went there to shop for Royale toilet paper advertised on their flyer for $9.97 and none was available( the manager told me to come back the following day and still nothing). Upon further inquiry, I was told they’ll only restock in the morning.
    Around 3 pm on this date(June 12, 2020) I notice an employee checking out with a box of 6 Lysol wipes. When I asked which aisle I could find that item I was once again told they were sold out! I guess employees have certain privileges when it comes to certain items…..

  2. Alex 4 months ago

    CUSTOMER COMPLAINT: On Tues 26th May I visited the store. I spent $92.05 which included 3 shoe polish and a pre-bag of organic apples. When I got home and opened the bag of apples to wash them – I noticed that 2 apples had holes in them – so those couldn’t be consumed. I also noticed that one of the shoe polish was damaged. I returned to the store today to refund the items. The security guard said due to COVID 19 – no refund is done. I showed him the broken shoe polished and I explained I bought it yesterday. He said it doesn’t matter. At this point I am annoyed and I asked for the manager. A male appeared. I showed him the broken shoe polish and he said there is nothing he can do – no refunds. At this point I insisted I am not leaving until I get a replacement or my money back. He reluctantly went inside and said here is another one. I checked it and it was broken. He said he is not going back inside to take it – there is nothing he can do. I asked to come inside so that I could select one. He reluctantly let me come in. I chose a different style. I asked about the apples – he said it’s my responsibility to check them before I buy them – no refund. Question: are customers suppose open pre-bagged fruits and check them at the cashier before paying for them? I am now left with a faulty bag of fruit. Also-why should I be made to feel embarrassed and humiliated in front of a long line customers waiting to go inside – when I did nothing wrong – except purchased faulty goods. Also when I was going inside to select a new shoe polish – he instructed me to leave the apples on the ground outside – you can’t bring them inside. I said no and put it in my hand bag. If there are no refunds – then stores should ensure that all items on the shelf for customer purchase are free of default.

  3. karen hay 7 months ago

    I have made an online complaint. We are still shaken. It was in
    Fort Erie. It will be a while before we are strong enough to try it again after the terrible customer service we received and the feeling of being stranded because no one would help.

  4. VASHTI P 1 year ago

    Daniels No Frills – Mississauga
    On Thursday 23, May 2019 I went to the store to get foodstuff and go home to watch the Raptors. Every thing was normal, busy at 4.00pm and went to cash out after 2 hours in the small space for carts. I was in the middle of 3 lanes and people left, back and right getting by. Everyone courteous and I kept moving in the 3 directions for people to pass by. All of a sudden, a young lady said move your cart and I did but not to her expectation because did realize she was coming to the side of me, I thought she was on the way out and she took my cart and shoved it towards me. It slightly hit me and I was so shocked because everyone with common sense know that is the grocery shuffle at this time.

    I told her she have to share the space and learn to share with her haughty arrogant attitude. She touch my cart again and I told her I don’t want her germs on my groceries. I ignore her and finish with my last two bags and because the space so small my cart touch her cart on the way out and I pointed out to her again how the space small and everyone have to learn to share. She then flipped and went into a victim mode and told me I was rude, when she was the aggressive one in the beginning.

    First time in twenty years I met such a hateful person in this grocery and someone who violently pushed a the cart I was using towards me. I felt unsafe with her and said let me get away from this arrogant person. I went and called a cab as I did for the last twenty years in this grocery and sat down. She passed by and I had my phone in my hand and she asked what I am doing I told her calling a cab and I had my phone ready in case she does something stupid again. She then called her husband and he came over demanding my phone and I told him don’t have to do anything he says and call the police.
    MY cab arrived they kept following me making the environment unsafe because I don’t know who he kept calling and I asked for a manager because all this was in the store and I just wanted to get out alive.
    To my disappointment the manager was just made the situation worst and no sense of customer relations. I was shocked when he accused me of not moving my cart for a “pregnant woman”. I was the one who called for a manager because of the unsafe situation and he just went ballistic and there two staff, I asked to speak to one person and they came like a mob shouting after me led by the manager. After twenty years in this grocery, this is the worst staff service in volatile situation

  5. Nicholas 2 years ago

    For what reason before to measure blood pressure client have to enter in computer( by keyboard) which installed together with apparatus to measure blood pressure personal e-mail, password or create Account included all personal information: sex, age and so on in the Store # 03636
    by Address: 1880 Eglinton Ave. East,

  6. Lisa 2 years ago

    I called on behalf of an employee who is not being paid for 1 month now (supposed to be weekly) and spoke with a very rude Alex, in customer service, who refused to give me the number to call head office to report this. So, I am filing with Employment Standards and I hope you get a big fine for it! She has a child to feed and rent to pay!!!

  7. Vince 2 years ago

    Hi I was doing my daily weekend shopping at no frills and I purchased a pizza dough that had 30% off the price so the lady try’s to scan it but it’s not working so she call the bakery person they come a told me we don’t put 30 % stickers on pizza dough and she was accusing me of putting the sticker on the pizza dough she said we can see on the camera I said go and look at the camera. I was very upset what she said to me I might sue no frills I like to be compensation for this matter hope u can help me

  8. Larry 2 years ago

    Just came back from Johns No Frills in Shelburne Ontario. I wanted to purchase a 12 pack of PC blonde
    de alcoholized beer only to find one very damaged case. I checked the case as one end of the case was tore open and one can was punctured but all others were fine. I took the busted case to the check out and put
    the cans individually on the belt pointing out the damaged carton ,empty can and the fact this was the last pack there. I was expecting a small discount as I was only receiving 11 cans. The cashier then tried to ring them through individually but they rang up higher. She then called Manager Mike and no discount, as the case would be returned and no frills would get their money back. I told her that seemed like a lot of work to deny me sixty cents, the price of of the can I was not receiving. To me this is some way to run a business as the cashier has to put the cans aside, a stock person has to come and take these cans back to receiving ,do
    paper work to return the product. I walked out of the store with nothing , I went to Foodland bought their near beer and some other products when I was there. I hope the 60 cents was worth it.

  9. victor 2 years ago

    Do you know that their system is not real time? It is as of morning. It is often wrong. I asked for PCO potatoes. System showed it is in stock at 17 Leslie. I asked customer service supervisor Alex to call and confirm. He refused. He would only give out phone numbers. Finally, I convinced him to call and check himself. And ….. they did not have it in stock. How is this for system accuracy and customer service? How many stars or percentage of satisfaction should I report ? I had to encourage them to do something about this shortage and finally I was told that case 1835684 has been created. But they did not want to give me case number or kept giving me partial number for case of PCO potato availability shortage.

  10. Gayathri B. Seetharam 3 years ago

    Hello, we love your store in the Bloor West Village neighbourhood in Toronto. For other visits, there is Garden Foods near High park. I have a suggestion for a new name or an ad, No Frills for bills but l’il details for fills. You could consider a fortune cookie style scenario or pass off free bags as your l’il detail with an added quote.
    I would like in our store (Bloor and Kennedy or the one on Pacific Avenue which my husband frequents) Red Fife flour, please.
    Thank you,
    Gayathri B. Seetharam

  11. Todd MacCullouch 3 years ago


    I was just in NO FRILLS Hagersville ON and they would not price match a FRESHCO deal.
    The woman told me it was out of their area. WTF does that mean.
    As a long time customer I feel that I will no longer be.

    Good Luck


  12. danny 3 years ago

    Its Saturday sept 30 the 2017.I open up my pack of steaks and found some thin small pieces of bone. I tried to call but you can’t leave a message and its closed on the weekend.

    • danny 3 years ago

      Tried to give a bad review but everything is four stars?

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