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In the world of networking, NETGEAR Inc. is an incredibly popular name. Based in San Jose, California, the multinational computer networking company specializes in three sectors – commercial, retail, and as a service provider.

Selling their networking services in over 30,000 retail locations across the globe, Netgear truly has a powerful brand presence. With services that include wireless and wired devices for broadband and wide-scale network connectivity, Netgear serves millions of users around the world. Whether it’s North America, Europe, or Asia, Netgear services are far-reaching, smart, and easy-to-use.

Netgear Canada support

The company believes in innovation that ‘connects people’ and ‘powers businesses’ to live in a more globalized, fast-paced world. The world-wide leader of network connectivity bagged 6 Reddot awards for launching phenomenal products like Orbi, Arlo, and Nighthawk.

Keeping its customers, businesses, and service providers happy, Netgear offers unmatched connectivity that is genuinely affordable. Offering a wide range of speeds, ranges, and performance on broadband devices, the company has consistently remained a top-performer.

Netgear is known for its excellent customer service. The company dispatches expert technicians and assistants that arrive at your doorstep on the first call or message. It doesn’t matter where you, Netgear has well-trained assistants, both online and on-site, to cater to your complaints and issues.

Known for its minimal downtime and speedy repair services, Netgear has a proven track record of happy, satisfied customers. With that said, let’s explore the many ways to get in touch with the company.

Netgear Customer Care

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Netgear offers plenty of options for customer support. As a service provider, its consistent and powerful network connectivity is what sets it apart from its competitors. Ready to help its customers in every possible way, here’s how you can get in touch.

Finding Your Model

Netgear’s customer support for Canada is very responsive. Whether the broadband services are for home or business use, the first step of customer support is ‘finding your model’. By adding the product name or the model number of the device, the website tailors the search results for your region.

Netgear support

You can also select a category like OrbiWiFi System, Home-networking, or Security depending on the products/services you want help in. Each category has a list of products to choose from, which will re-direct you to the model number you’re looking for. Netgear offers attractive and easy-to-understand graphics for users to locate products/services they want to register or require assistance in.

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Ask the Community

As a customer-friendly website, Netgear offers a chance to interact with an online community of broadband users. With forum discussion on topics like cyber security, understanding Ethernet, and Wi-Fi FAQs, the page offers every user a chance to express their opinions and ask questions.

With over 140,000 topics related to network connectivity and business solutions, Netgear is more than just a service provider. You can join the community by creating an account and submitting your queries for other users to answer.

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MyNETGEAR – A Personal Portal

MyNETGEAR is where you can create your own personal account to buy network-related products and services. All you have to do is login with a password and E-mail to join other Netgear users. The support services then help you with trouble-shooting and finding quick solutions. You can also download any technical tools and resources that you may need.


Complimentary Support

Upon registering your network product through your Netgear account, the website offers complimentary support that includes 90 days of phone and live chat services. You can contact an assistant in your region at any time of the day for queries and issues.

Whether you can’t configure your device or are looking for broadband ranges in different parts of Canada, Netgear assistants will guide and assist you.

Call Support

If you want to call the head corporate office, you can do so on (408)-907-8000. The company also has a receptive Sales department, which can be contacted on the same number. The good news is that there won’t be a need to call Netgear as most of their customer support is online. However, if you do need to speak to a representative for business purposes, then use the number mentioned above.

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E-mail support

You can also drop an E-mail for any type of inquiry regarding a product or service. For sales and media inquiries, the E-mail addresses are and The assistants are quick on E-mail and will most likely respond to your queries within 24 hours.

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Social Media

Netgear is also active on its social media handles. You can easily find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel. Updating their followers with innovative network products, Netgear aims to broaden their horizons and help them adapt to the modern world.

Their YouTube channel, for example, discusses national cybersecurity awareness to help customers use Netgear services responsibly. It also advises customers on how to save up on ISP bills through smart network products. With so much to offer, customers can find quick answers to their questions and issues.

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Live Chat Support

If you want to learn about wired or wireless products before you invest in them, there’s a live chat feature that lets you do that. Simply select “Canada” as your country, enter all the basic details, and enter the live chat.

Whether the internet speed is down or the router is showing a glitch, through live chat, a support expert will guide you with trouble-shooting and resolve the issue in no time. Catering to customers who speak French, German, and Polish – Netgear has truly outdone itself with top-notch customer support.

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It doesn’t matter where you reside in Canada, Netgear will always offer customer support round the clock. You can get in touch with them through phone, E-mail, live chat, and their social media handles. By joining a community of network experts and broadband users, Netgear really is the future of connectivity.

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