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MoneyGram International Inc. has slowly become one of the world’s largest money transfer companies. This Dallas-based financial services company began in 1940 when American companies Travelers Express and Integrated Payment Systems Inc. merged. Some of you may recall that MoneyGram used to be called Travelers Express.

It actually wasn’t until 2004 that MoneyGram International became this company’s official name. MoneyGram is now a truly global company with an astounding 350,000 offices in over 200 different countries. To meet the demands of the globalized economy, MoneyGram has split into two departments. MoneyGram’s Financial Paper Products handles money orders and official checks, whereas the Global Funds Transfers deals with money transfers and bill payments services.

In addition to MoneyGram‘s status as one of the world’s leaders in money orders, this company is also well respected for its philanthropic ventures. Just a few highly publicized charities MoneyGram has donated to include the Habitat for Humanity, World Vision International, and towards relief efforts after the 2010 Haitian earthquake. MoneyGram currently trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker MGI.

Moneygram assistance

Moneygram canada supportThe easiest way for Canadians to get in contact with MoneyGram’s customer care division is to call this toll-free number (800) 666-3947. If you live in a more francophone province, you can call this number to talk to a French-speaking representative (877) 716-6940.

Now that MoneyGram is a truly global company, it can be hard to guess where and when you will need to contact MoneyGram’s customer service reps. For those of you out there who need a bit more information, take a quick look at these following links.

  • Here is MoneyGram’s “Contact Us” page for Canadian residents. You’ll find a boatload of information here, including telephone numbers, a link to a store locator, and an electronic form. If you want to send MoneyGram’s staff a letter from this page, just type in your name, address, the nature of your complaint, and then click the “submit” button on the bottom.
  • Before you ask your questions, why not see if anyone else has already gone through the trouble? This URL will take you straight to MoneyGram’s FAQ page.
  • This is MoneyGram’s Canadian homepage. Here you can figure out the latest news about the company, access your account, find a Canadian office location, and so much more.
  • Yes, even MoneyGram has a YouTube page. The various videos posted here are actually quite informative. Instead of reading about MoneyGram’s services, why not just watch these professionally produced videos first?

If you are interested in sending MoneyGram a handwritten letter, you should use this address:

MoneyGram International, Inc.
2828 N. Harwood Street
Dallas, TX 75201

You can call this MoneyGram headquarters using the number (214) 999-7552. Note, this office is only open from 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday.

MoneyGram is quite active on many social media platforms. If you would like to “friend” MoneyGram on Facebook, just follow this link. Twitter users can follow MoneyGram’s tweets through this link. Lastly, Google + members can join MoneyGram’s page here.

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