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Moneris is the largest Canadian financial technology company that specialises in payment processing. The company is rooted in the Canadian economy because it was founded and developed in Canada. Since its inception in December 2000, the company has enabled several businesses to come to fruition and thrive due to its range of payment products and services.

The company’s technology has enabled businesses to reach payment processing objectives effectively and efficiently—all while prioritising customer service to customers. Many businesses choose Moneris because the products and services are cost-effective and tailored specifically to each business. Therefore, every business can ensure that its unique needs are met without keeping a high budget.

In addition to improving other businesses’ customer services, Moneris also ensures that its own clients and customers receive the necessary support. Arguably, this is another reason for the company’s success in the Canadian financial marketplace.

Therefore, this article focuses specifically on this company’s customer care services. It explains the different ways that you, as a user, can receive the support you need through various media. A comprehensive inspection of these services may also showcase why this company’s customer support services are held in high regard.

Moneris aims to provide its users with quick ways to find answers to various questions they may have about the company and its services without needing to pick up the phone or write to a representative. It manages that by providing its website’s visitors with detailed resources on various aspects of the company.

These resources are arranged in categories so that you can find answers to your exact question or problem. There are resources on Account Management, Compliance, Products, Devices, and other resources. Within each page, subcategories make the search easier for you.

Therefore, this method can help you save a significant amount of time because you won’t have to contact a representative to learn what you need to.

That said, there are some unique inquiries that only representatives can answer best. In that case, you can contact a customer services representative via call or chat.

Call Moneris

Moneris allows you to call it for issues related to three specific categories: Account Inquiry, Technical Inquiry, Sales Inquiry.

  • 1-866-319-7450 (Account Inquiry)
  • 1-866-319-7450 (Technical Inquiry)
  • 1-855-780-9320 (Sales Inquiry)

Have Moneris Call You

If you don’t want to increase your phone bill, you can have Moneris call you instead. This feature is only available for Account Inquiry and Technical Inquiry.

You can choose this feature to have Moneris either call you right away or a specific duration after you send your request. If you choose the latter option, you will need to select how much later you want a Moneris representative to call you back.

This way, you can schedule a call when you have a break in the office and minimize disruptions in your workflow.

You must provide the following information for both of these features:

  • Name
  • Business name
  • Telephone number
  • Phone number extension (where applicable)
  • Merchant number
  • Information on the help you need (300 characters max)

You can choose these call-back features here.

Online Support and Useful Resources

As mentioned above, there are several online resources available on the Moneris website. While many of these resources are readable content that you can utilize to find solutions yourself, there are some that are also about contact a customer services representative at the company. You can use these features to find answers to your inquiries that may otherwise not be present on the website.

Live Chat with a Representative for Technical Support

If you don’t have the time or convenience to call a Moneris customer service representative, you can chat with one live on the website itself. The live chat feature is available for Account Inquiry and Technical Inquiry. There’s no live chat feature for Sales Inquiry—for this, you must call on the phone number mentioned above.

You will need to like chat instead. The contact timings for live chat at Moneris are as follows (they are also similar for both Account Inquiry and Technical Inquiry): Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm (Eastern Time)

You can live chat with a representative if you have an Account Inquiry and/or Technical Inquiry here.

Moneris Social Media Customer Support Services

You can also seek customer support services from Moneris its social media accounts on two different platforms. These social media platforms include:

The Moneris support team is available on these platforms during the following hours: Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm (Eastern Time)

You can also consider following Moneris on various social media platforms to stay up to date with the company’s latest features and news for its clients and customers. Here is a list of Moneris social media accounts that you can follow. 

The Bottom Line

The customer support services at Moneris are particularly comprehensive and streamlined. They allow users to find answers to inquiries and problems with only a bit of browsing on the website. What makes the resources present on the Moneris website even more valuable is the fact that they are detailed descriptions that help simplify the information for its end users.

In addition to that, users can always consider calling a representative for speicalised inquiries. Moreover, the fact that you can Moneris call you instead is also a great feature because it can help you keep your costs to a minimum. The 24/7 support also ensures that you can seek assistance whenever you’re available. While the live chat feature and social media support are great, the support email is a bit of a disappointment.

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