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A Vancouver-based fintech business, Mogo started in 2003. The company is a privately held Canadian firm offering authentic, secure financial products. Initially, the company was under fire for its high-interest loans but has recently expanded its offering to include seven financial products. These items include cards, loans, bitcoin, mortgages, and others.

Today, Mogo’s financial innovation is widely acknowledged in the industry. In 2016, the company received the Fintech Innovation Award for its unmatched approach. It was also a finalist in the field of marketing. The company also received the Canadian Mortgage Award for the most novel use of mobile technologies.

While Mogo loans are still typically associated with exorbitantly high-interest rates, the company is also known for its great customer service. They strive to help their clients at every step and provide robust services.

As a result, the company provides multiple channels that existing and potential clients can use to reach out to Mogo representatives. An easy way to connect with Mogo or learn more about them is through the Official Mogo Website.   

Read on to learn how Mogo provides dedicated support to its clients all over Canada.

Mogo Office Locations

  • Vancouver: The Mogo HQ is located in Vancouver. The company has a large number of departments in this location, including design, development, data, information technology (IT), product, and marketing, as well as human resources and legal and compliance.
  • Surrey: Members of the customer service and credit risk teams can be found in Mogo’s office in Surrey.
  • Winnipeg: Winnipeg is the central exchange point for Mogo. Product expertise, finance, and operations support are all located in this location.

Contact Mogo

Mogo provides a handy “contact us” webpage that allows you to communicate with the company in a variety of methods, as discussed below.

Send an Email

You can use the Mogo website to communicate with the customer care team if, for example, you have a question, a recommendation, or an issue that you’d like to bring to their attention. You can send a ticket through the contact us page or drop an email to provide your feedback: 


In any case, a Mogo representative will get in touch with you soon.

Chat Options

For any questions that are not covered in the FAQs section, you can contact Mogo via live chat at any point. However, keep in mind that you will have to register at Mogo for a live chat. All you have to do is enter your name and email to start the chat. Alternatively, you may write us a query, and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Keep in mind that at the moment, live chat assistance is available only for the processing of loan applications and assistance with Mogocard. You may contact Mogo Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

For all other inquiries, such as Credit Score, Protect, Card, Bitcoin & Rewards, or to make loan payments, you can post an offline message through the Chatbot. Mogo uses an artificial chatbot, but you can rest assured that your question/request will be reviewed by a human as soon as feasible.

Call: Due to current conditions, including remote work, Mogo is unable to provide inbound phone help at the moment. However, the company promptly responds to all offline inquiries.

Find Mogo on Social Media

Mogo has a strong social media presence on the following social media websites:

On these social media sites, the company updates and interacts with its followers on a fairly regular basis.

You may also follow it to remain up to date on the latest offers and deals, as well as corporate news, product debuts, and other exciting developments. By commenting on the firm’s posts, you can also engage with and reach out to the company directly.

You can also communicate with the company’s social media representatives through tweets, posts, direct messages, mentions, and other means.

Career Opportunities

Mogo welcomes qualified candidates to join their team. You can view all available positions on the Mogo Career page. You can also look for relevant jobs by using Team, Location, Type, and Company filters. Detailed job descriptions are provided for each job opening available. You can apply directly through the website by entering your information and attaching your resume.

Another option is to apply via Indeed. You can also learn more about the corporate culture and all of the job positions on the company’s helpful careers to get a sense of what it’s like to work at Mogo.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a priority for Mogo to provide customers with prompt and effective service. As a result, the website contains a comprehensive section devoted to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS). This section provides solutions to a number of queries pertaining to the themes listed below and more.

In addition to searching for information by topics, you can also type in your questions in the “ASK US ANYTHING” search bar available on the Help & Support page.

Press & Media Inquiries

Press and media personnel can find everything they need on Mogo Pressroom. It contains different Mogo logos and media that can be downloaded. For further inquires, you can reach out to Mogo via email.

Drop your press and media-related emails at to get a quick response.

The Bottom Line

Mogo is dedicated to providing the greatest possible experience for its clients and goes above and beyond to accommodate them. It offers a range of contact and customer service options. You can always expect a prompt and effective response, whether you are contacting the company via email, Chatbot, or social media.

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