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The Modo Co-Op has provided car-sharing services since 2001. Their ever-expanding network began trading as the ‘Co-operative Auto Network’ and quickly became popular as trusted non-profit ride-sharing solution for all types of transport.

With rock-bottom rates, fantastic service, and a diverse fleet of shared vehicles across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, Modo gives you the total benefits of a car without needing to own one.

There are over 600 vehicles which includes cars, SUVs, passenger vehicles, and cargo vans. The fleet is comprised of owner driven, co-op members which ensures that both quality of service and affordability at Modo is unbeatable.

In total, over 18,000 members, 800 local businesses, numerous municipalities, and more than 100 Canadian building developers all rely on Modo for their 24/7 transport needs.

Modo is well-known for their friendly, attentive customer service. The co-op supplies you with a range of ways to get in touch including contact via phone, e-mail, and social media.

Here we’ll be taking you through all the customer care information you need to either make a booking, find out more, or lodge a complaint.

Contacting Modo via Phone

Depending on where you are calling Modo from, there are two numbers available. While registered Modo members are given 24/7 customer service, members of the public can contact one of their offices to contact customer services.

Modo has both a Vancouver and a Victoria office and a call-center for Nanaimo, each with different trading hours. Here’s how to get in touch with either branch.

The Modo Vancouver Office operates from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9AM and 6PM, while on Saturday’s it is open between 10AM and 4PM. You can call anytime during operating hours on 604-685-1393.

Modo’s Victoria Office is open between 10AM and 6PM from Wednesdays to Sunday, as of the 9th May 2018. Feel free to call the co-op during these hours on 250-995-0265.

Alternatively, you can also telephone the Nanaimo branch on 250-741-4141 during office hours.

How to Email Modo

Modo can be contacted via email on You can also navigate to their ‘About Us’ page found here, where a convenient contact form is provided to put you in touch with customer service.

All you need to provide is your name, email address, the purpose of your mail, and a short message, and a staff member will get back to you.

Modo Business Enquiries

If you are a business who wishes to make use of the co-operative’s services, share your fleet, or if you need to make any specific business account enquiry not listed on their site, email

Faxes are also received at 604.608.9293.

Using the Modo Trip Calculator

In order to give customers an accurate estimation of their travel costs Modo have provided a handy trip calculator. Simply use the tool ‘Trip Calculator’ available on their website and supply the necessary information.

  • You are asked for your vehicle preference and given cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, sedans, hybrids, and electric cars to choose from

  • You then need to enter the pick-up and drop-off time, as well as the distance that you wish to travel (in kilometers)

  • Click the ‘Calculate’ button and Modo will report the cost of the trip for both Modo Plus and Modo Monthly members 

Using the Modo Car Map

A great way to find cars near you is to navigate to the ‘Car Map’ on the Modo homepage. Available rides are indicated as red markers on a map, while a convenient search box is also supplied for you to type in your address.

Modo’s Car Map will then narrow down the display to vehicles which are in your vicinity.

Contacting Modo Business Development

A range of business development arrangements can be made in conjunction with Modo. From full support throughout obtaining your development permit, to marketing collaborations on promotions and communication models, Modo carries over two decades of experience.

Business Development Manage Sylvain Celaire can be contact telephonically on 604-673-2494 for all enquiries.

Modo Career Enquiries via Email

Current job opportunities can be found here on the Modo homepage. You can submit your curriculum vitae and cover letter, or any employment enquiries via email to

Visit Modo’s Offices or Contact by Mail

You can contact Modo via physical mail at either their Vancouver or Victoria address. The details are as follows:

Vancouver Office

Suite 200 – 470 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6C 1V5

Victoria Office

843 Fort Street
Club Kwench Coworking Space
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8W 1H7

Modo on Social Media

Modo maintains an active social media presence on multiple platforms. You will find support provided via most interactive social media channels. Here are their details.

Modo Facebook

@Modo.Coop presents community updates, while also giving customers and those interested a means to interact easily during business hours. Most queries are responded to within a few hours.

Modo Twitter

@modocoop updates their Twitter feed on a daily basis, giving users community updates and news, while responding to direct messages and Tweets infrequently. You will also find current promotions and events posted.

Modo Instagram

@modo_carcoop maintains an active Instagram feed which gives the local community updates on current events, promotions, referral programs, and news. You can find photos from all local happenings posted on a regular basis.

Modo Flickr

Modo The Car Co-Op posts photographs of local achievers and shots from promotions and events. Community members who play an outstanding role in the non-profit are featured frequently. Photos of contest members are also uploaded such as those from events like the Modo 8k and other fun-runs.

Modo YouTube

The Modo Co-operative Youtube channel holds a collection of videos explaining the nature and beginnings of Modo, as well hosting the videos of those applying for a position on the Modo board of directors. All applicants to this position should upload a video to the channel to be considered.

How to Book a Ride Share with Modo

Once you have registered as either a Modo Plus or Modo Monthly member, you can book your car-sharing service telephonically, or online via a browser on your computer or mobile device.

Bookings can be made as far as a year in advance, or be made for immediate demands. With no gas being charged, the rates remain fixed at a minimum as low as $5.

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1 reviews

  1. Hello,
    I have been using Modo car rental for a while and once I have made out station 2 day trip to place close to the home town. I have booked kia sedona 7 seater van for my family and friends.
    We faced lot of problems with the vehicle,
    it was vibrating, wobbling and shaking a lot during the travel and there was burning smell too. it made us to stop every 10/15 min during the travel.
    we called up Modo customer care and told the entire story. they provided some technical solution to change the gears but that didnt worked.

    we asked for repairing, replacement/exchanging the vehicle, for which Modo did not agree. The Modo customer care repeatedly told us that they will give us call back which they never did.
    we also taken it to car repair center for checkup and he mentioned that Modo has done some repair work recently which was not done properly and causing to
    loose front wheel disk alignment problems which is causing the vehicle to wobble and shake during the downhill travel. His remark was not to travel with
    the vehicle at all and its going to cause serious problems and may cause accident and you are running under very serious risk.

    It was very bad experience from Modo and the customer care department which did not co-operated properly and taken prompt action as expected while
    some one is travelling with entire family. Modo must change its out station policy and take due care of its customers.
    Thank you.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
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