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Is Miniso Canada the first Chinese retail shop in Canada?

Probably not! But it’s certainly been the talk of the town since its launch in Canada.

The Chinese store is the brainchild of Miyake Junya and Ye Guofu. The duo administers their franchise at the headquarters located in Guangzhou, China. Despite the distance, Miniso has a knack of aligning its designs with the customer’s needs.

From high-tech gadgets, kitchenware, toys to accessories― you can find everything here in this mini-mart.

In 2013, Miniso started out as an attempt to provide budget-friendly lifestyle products to the nation. But soon enough its innovative range, cute aesthetics and smart designs became a global phenomenon.

For these very reasons, Miniso Canada has been a hit from the get-go. The company took a steady start by launching flagship stores in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. But they’ve now expanded other cities too and hope to secure at least 500 more outlets by 2020-2025.

Will Miniso keep up with customer demands?

Yes, it will! The company’s clever designs, high-quality and excellent customer service prove to be a triple threat for its competitors. The design team never misses a beat when it comes to creating something out of the world. While the customer support service is always there to assist you.

Do you want to contact Miniso Canada?  

This article lists all the necessary details about the Miniso’s customer support services in the country. From contact information, social media channels to a store locator―the team have made sure they’re always available.

Calling Customer Support

Will the store open in my area? Has a particular product been restocked?

These and many other questions might be the cause for a phone call. In this digital age, some consumers still prefer to call rather than tweet their query. Moreover, all business ventures become more official when the correspondence happens over the phone. That’s why Miniso Canada has a hotline open for customer support. You just have to dial (604) 244-0061 and state your purpose.

Once you’ve done that, the operator will direct your call to the respective department. Moreover, the company can be reached via fax ((604) 244-0654) too. This medium though is probably open for business communications only.

Connecting via Email

Communicating with retail shops and stores via email is a risky business. On one hand, it gives you an opportunity to send lengthy messages explaining your purpose. You may even add attachments to justify a complaint or send in a proposal.

Yet, you may wonder if your plea will be heard amidst the thousands of other emails. That’s because with a store as busy as Miniso, the inbox is bound to be full all the time.

However, Miniso has strategically found a way to resolve this problem. Instead of setting up one or two official email accounts, this company has four. Each of which is created for a particular purpose.

Here’s how you can contact Miniso Canada via email:

On the whole, this kind of filtration brings customer segmentation to a whole new level. Additionally, it allows the customer service operator to address each query as quickly as possible. The normal response time varies between 24-48 hours or maybe a week depending on the situation.

Being Social: Miniso Social Media Channels

Do you wish to get the latest updates about your favourite store?

Miniso is super active on the social media front. It regularly posts cute images from the shop and informs them about new products or a store launch in their area.

Apart from marketing, these social media pages serve as another medium to check up on customers. You can slip into their DMs to send in your queries. Or if the question is related to a particular post, you may ask about it in the comments sections. Within a matter of minutes or sometimes a day, someone from the support team will reach out to you.

This is an overview of their social media spaces:

The best part about Miniso Canada is that like many international chains, they’ve created Canada based accounts. This ensures that your messages reach the right people directly. You don’t have to worry about them getting lost in translation or of being sidelined during transference.

Other Customer Service Options

Location Specific

Is there a Miniso store near you? 

Miniso Canada’s official website makes the quest for their stores pretty simple. They’ve placed a store locator on their home page. Once customers land on that page they’ll find two things. The company has put up a marked map to give visitors an overview of all Canadian stores.

Secondly, a long list of these outlets is also available below the map. The list provides details about each store (e.g. address and business hours). Plus, they’ve conveniently placed a search bar to optimize your search.

Bonus: The list and the official website itself can be translated into French. This nifty feature is a reflection of Miniso’s consideration and care for its customers.

Stay Updated

What’s new at Miniso?

You don’t need to constantly check their social media pages to see that.  Subscribing to Miniso’s newsletter is an efficient way to get the 411 on the store. Opening this line of communication gives customers access to various updates. This includes news about the latest products, new ranges and best of all exclusive deals/promos. The store might even drop in the dates of an upcoming sale before its release. These are definitely things one doesn’t want to miss out on!

Let’s Sum It Up…

On the whole, Miniso Canada sets a great example when it comes to exceptional customer service. Like the products on their shelves, they’ve lined everything up for customers neatly and efficiently. You won’t find any difficulty in reaching out to them. And once you do, all matters will be taken care of!

They are a sure shot winner when it comes to Canadian-centric customer service.

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