MiniInTheBox customer care and support service is a worldwide business leader in selling high quality consumer goods. Founded in 2006, this online retailer is committed to providing its customers with unbeatable prices on a wide range of electronics and other items that are known to come with considerable retail markups. They make it much easier and convenient to browse through a huge selection of these items rather than having to find them in stores.

At MiniInTheBox, you will always find the most amazing deals that you just won’t be able to get anywhere else. A quick look around their website and you will see a massive range if top notch goods such as electronics, sports equipments, tailored clothing, accessories, and more.

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MiniInTheBox has its presence in over 50 countries and they’re still growing. And they have one mission: to offer the same low prices to everyone around the world. Therefore, whether you’re a wholesaler looking to boost revenues or a retailer who just doesn’t want to pay high local prices or just a shopkeeper looking to have the latest products at your shop, MiniInTheBox is ready to serve you at the speed of light!

They strive to not only meet your needs and expectations but also exceed them. That’s why you will always get highest quality of goods delivered to your with precision and reliability.

Another reason why MiniInTheBox is so popular is its prompt and superior customer care and self support tools. Let’s take a detailed look at their customer services available for Canadian customers.  

The Website

MiniInTheBox has a well-designed and interactive website offering a number of customer support tools and other care services. They have not only made the process of shopping and order processing very convenient but also made their customer support services easily accessible.

MiniInTheBox Customer Care

MiniInTheBox is a completely customer-centric company because they know they get all their business from online buyers. This is why they want to make sure that their customers feel satisfied and supported every time they interact with their brand. Therefore, you will find a whole lot of customer support tools and services on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can find a vast knowledge centre available on the website that lists down various categories of frequently asked questions. This way, you can find prompt answers to many questions that you may have as customer. They keep updating their FAQ section and also respond to specific queries via help tickets. They have further categorized FAQs into various sections so that it becomes even easier for you to look for answers. These categories include:

My Orders FAQs

These contain questions related to customer orders. They touch topics like how you can check your order status, cancel orders, make changes to your orders, or any other questions that you may have before placing an order.

My Account FAQs

As a regular online shopper, you must be familiar with creating accounts on the retailer’s page so that the whole process of ordering and delivery becomes convenient. And that’s why you have the option of creating your personal account with MiniInTheBox.

In case you have any queries or concerns about your accounts such as what you should do if you forget your password or how to change your shipping address,. you can find all the answers in this section.

Payments FAQs

Everything related to payments such as payment methods, payment policy, currency rates, coupons are all included in this section.

International Shipping & Delivery FAQs

MiniInTheBox offers international shipping to nearly all the countries. Therefore, customers usually have lots of queries related to international orders. This is why they have a separate section for this where they have answered everything from estimating delivery dates to shipping methods and tracking packages.

Returns and Refunds FAQs

Even with the best quality products and service there could be rare instances of damaged, missed, or wrong items. So, if customers have any questions regarding returns or refunds, they can refer to this section.

My Rewards and Credit FAQs

You can earn rewards and credits while shopping from MiniInTheBox and if you want to know how you can earn them, use them, withdraw them, etc. all your questions are answered under My Rewards and Credit FAQs.

If you still don’t find the right answers or the exact information you’re looking for, you can get in touch with customer representative via clicking the Submit Ticket button. They usually respond to tickets within a single working day. You can check the status of your ticket by clicking the Check My Ticket button.

Social Media

Customers can also follow MiniInTheBox and interact with them via social media. They have well-established operations in Canada and their social media team is extremely responsive and alert. You can get to know all about the exciting deals and offers, latest additions, and best products by connecting with them on social media.

  • Facebook: Follow MiniInTheBox on Facebook to interact with them through shares, comments, likes, pictures, and videos.
  • Instagram: Follow MiniInTheBox on Instagram and get to know about the best deals and giveaways.
  • Pinterest: Follow MiniInTheBox on Pinterest to stay up to date with latest products and technology.
  • YouTube: Follow MiniInTheBox on YouTube to watch customer reviews, events, products, etc.
  • Twitter: Follow MiniInTheBox on Twitter to know everything about latest happenings, deals, and events.

Newsletter Subscription

MiniInTheBox invites their customers to sign up for newsletters via email to find out what’s new on their online store. It also gives details of exclusive offers and deals that newsletter subscribers can enjoy.


MiniInTheBox has not only exceeded customer’s expectations in terms of their product offerings but they have also given immense importance to continuously level up their customer care game. With the extensive knowledge and help base, social media presence, newsletters, and helpdesk ticketing, they have ensured that their customer support is nothing short of excellent.

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