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Mazda Motor Corporation is one of many great Japanese automakers. Headquartered in Japan’s southern Hiroshima Prefecture, this car company began in 1920 under the name Toyo Cork Kogyo Company. By the 1930s, this manufacturing company was responsible for producing most of the weapons used by the Japanese Army in World War II. Of course, Hiroshima was devastated at the end of WWII by the atomic bomb on August 6th, 1945. However, Mazda emerged from the ashes of nuclear destruction with resolution and strength.

Mazda is now considered one of the top car manufacturers around the world. Just a few of Mazda’s most popular models include the Bongo commercial van, the Cx-3 compact crossover SUV, and the BT-50 pickup truck. Mazda is currently at the forefront of developing eco-friendly cars, unveiling their first attempt at a Bio-Car in 2008. Just in case you were wondering, “Mazda” stands for the name of God in the Zoroastrian tradition.

Mazda support service

Since Mazda is a global company, there are Customer Service headquarters located all around the world. If you are a Canadian and have a Mazda vehicle, you should know that Mazda’s official toll-free number for Canada is (800) 263-4680. Mazda’s Canada Customer Service division is open from 8:30AM-4:30PM Mondays through Fridays.

If you’ve got more questions about Mazda, just check out this list of helpful URLs.

  • Mazda canada supportThis is Mazda Canada’s official “Contact Us” page. Here you’ll find Mazda’s Canadian mailing address, fax number, and telephone number. You’ll also find a few roadside assistance numbers and an email form on the bottom of the page. Just fill out the form on the bottom of the page and click “Submit” to send your message directly to Mazda.
  • Here’s Mazda’s official FAQ page. Just click on any question that strikes your fancy to get a detailed answer, or type your specific question into the search bar. At the very bottom of this page you can find a few more useful telephone numbers and links to download Mazda’s app.
  • If you need to find out where a dealer is located near your home, look no further than this site. You can either type in the dealer’s name or your postal code to find out all the information you need on your local Canadian Mazda dealers.
  • Looking for some cool Mazda ads set in Canada? Well, why not check out Mazda Canada’s YouTube page? Check out all the hottest cars and latest deals going on in Canada on this wonderful webpage.

As mentioned in the description, Mazda’s central headquarters is located in Hiroshima Prefecture. If you’re living in Canada, however, sending a letter to Japan can be quite a hassle. For those Canadians out there thinking of mailing a letter to Mazda’s headquarters, take this address down:

Mazda Canada Inc.
55 Vogell Road
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 3K5

You can call this Canadian office between 8:30AM-4:30PM Mondays through Fridays at the phone number (905) 787-7000.

As you could imagine, Mazda is all over social media. Fans of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook can “friend” Mazda Canada on this webpage. Mazda Canada tweets on this Twitter page. Plus, Mazda Canada has an Instagram page located right here.

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