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If you are looking for a service that provides you with free classified ads in Canada, then Locanto is your answer. It is the best platform to find or advertise services locally.

With the platform’s job exchange, you can discover a new job, buy a used car, or find a new house in the real estate classifieds. Additionally, the Personals, Buy & Sell, Communities, and Services categories often contain offers too hard to resist.

Not only that, but advertising on Locanto is also simple, easy, and absolutely free. It also functions just like the ads in the newspaper, but the only difference is that your ad will reach a considerably broader audience.

The incredibly easy-to-use interface and affordable and often free services make this the top choice to display your ads, where you can even insert your company’s links and pictures. Another thing that sets Locanto apart from its competitors is its top-notch customer care services.

The company is committed to serving its customers and making them its top priority. For this reason, it provides various ways to interact with its customers. In this guide, we will highlight the techniques that will help you get in touch with the customer care department at Locanto.

If you have any questions or queries or want to share your feedback or concerns with Locanto, there are different ways you can do that. We will go over all of these so that you can choose the most suitable one for you.

Here’s how you can share your feedback or have your queries answered by Locanto.

Contacting Locanto via Form

The best way to contact Locanto is via a form they provide on their official website for Canadian customers. However, this form will only provide automated answers, and you cannot type in your question.

You will be redirected to the form when you click on this page. Here, you must select the topic of your inquiry. Once done, you can choose from a list of options for your questions. When you click on the question, the answer will instantly appear.

Luckily, you can access a form where you can type your question in detail. You can access this form when you rate the automated answer as unsatisfactory. Once done, you will be provided with the form to enter your question, details, files, or pictures, and your email address.

The customer support team will get back to you at your email address with a response. However, note that this may take a couple of days.

Contacting Locanto via Telephone

Unfortunately, Locanto does not have the option to call or correspond with any of its customer support teams via telephone. There is no number on their website, so you cannot really contact them through this service.

Contacting Locanto via Email

Additionally, Locanto also does not currently offer this service either. They don’t have a support email where you can send them general inquiries, concerns, or feedback.

Instead, you can fill out the forms, and they will get back to you via email. This is the best way to have a conversation with them.

Sending Feedback to Locanto

If you wish to share feedback regarding your experience at Locanto, you can do so by visiting the feedback form on their website. This can be accessed from the bottom of their web pages when you click on the ‘Feedback’ option.

A box will appear where you can enter information regarding your experience and whether it was positive or negative. For example, the form allows you to share an idea, problem, or praise for them. You can then enter your email address, and someone from their customer support team will get back to you regarding your experience if needed.

Other Resources and Features

Locanto’s website is the only way you can get in touch with their customer support team. They currently don’t have any email address or telephone number you can access either.

However, you can check out these resources in case you are searching for an answer to your problem or need more information:

Locanto Help Center

This is the best resource to use if you are looking to get more information on Locanto and its services or have a question. The Locanto Canada website has a comprehensive FAQ section covering a number of subjects, including:

  • User accounts and registration
  • Communication between Locanto users
  • Advertisements
  • Mobile website and apps
  • Premium features
  • Data protection and security

Hence, if you have a question that you need to contact their customer support team for, it is best to explore their Help Center and go through the FAQs thoroughly. Chances are that you will likely find the answer to your question in this section.

Locanto Social Media

Locanto is also quite active and responsive on its various social media handles. Hence, if you want to learn about their latest updates or information regarding their services, you can follow them on social media.

Their social media will also help you access customer feedback, and you can share your own with them on social media. Other than that, you can also send them a direct message if you have any questions or queries, as they might get back to you on these applications.

You can follow and connect with Locanto on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The Bottom Line

Locanto is one of the country’s leading sellers of classified ads and allows you to share or view advertisements in every city across Canada.

If you want to learn more about its services, you can visit its official website. Moreover, you can go through their comprehensive FAQ section for answers if you have any questions or queries. Lastly, through the aforementioned techniques, you can also fill out forms for feedback or general inquiry on their website.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any phone number or email on their website, but you can certainly correspond with their customer support team by filling out a form, and they will get back to you.

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