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Are you looking for the best gaming monitor or fancying a new cell phone? Is your heart set on buying a new dishwasher or a reliable smart TV?

When it comes to quality appliances, LG is a name that shines. Barely ever disappointing when it comes to providing superior quality, this South Korean electronics giant has been spreading smiles and making life good since 1942.

Starting as a cosmetics producing company to becoming one of the world’s largest electronic products developing company, LG has evolved greatly in the last 72 years. Skillful at crafting top-of-the-line appliances, cell phones and more, it has spread far and wide, with a presence in close to 118 subsidiaries across the world.

The company started its subsidiary operation in Canada in 1995 and has since been manufacturing and selling its products all across the globe. As a Canadian, when you wish to put your faith in a good product, LG products, supported by extensive research and testing, settle cozily in your heart and mind.

If you are interested in LG Canada’s Customer Support Services but find help lines time-consuming and a tricky process, then our efforts will be most beneficial to you. Here is everything you need to know about how to get in touch with LG Canada’s Customer Support Services.

Customer Support

Time is of importance, and when it comes to LG, their customer support services are centered on the customer’s happiness and superior satisfaction. Hence, LG has established an all-comprehensive and easy to use online customer support system. It is fast, satisfying, and stress-free.

The Canadian subsidiary has developed methods to bring ultimate convenience to the customers. These include options such as emails, and to return callbacks to customers.

Filing a complaint or making an inquiry will never be as easy as it is with LG Canada.


LG Canada’s Customer Support Services and electronic communication division can be contacted via their official Canadian website, which offers a bunch of options to contact the customer service representatives. These are specially tailored for LG’s customer base, and each process is made seamless to make the entire process quick and satisfying.

We have compiled these various options for your convenience so you may opt for the one best suited to your needs.

Real Time Chat

LG Canada presents its customers and website visitors with the ease of chatting live with its customer representatives in real time. You can receive live responses from LG Canada to your presented queries by clicking here.

To initiate the chat option, simply click on the red ‘Start Chat’ button visible on the top left corner of the web page. You will be directed to the live chat line feature which is operational from 9 AM till 9 PM every Monday to Friday at Eastern Standard Time.

The feature is also available on the weekends from 9 AM till 6 PM every Saturday and Sunday at Eastern Standard Time.

Email and Electronic Communication

There are often times when you are unable to form a successful connection with the chat feature or may be queued up in a long waiting line online. There are even times where the chat feature may be unavailable or may appear to be offline.

In such circumstances, LG Canada also offers customers the benefit of establishing contact with its customer service representatives through an email option.

To send queries or concerns in an email, you can simply click here. The customer support group will get in touch with you shortly with a relevant response to your queries or feedback.

Call Option

Additionally, you may even get in touch with LG in Canada by calling on the helpline number. The customer service number of LG Canada is:


This call option is operational from 7 AM till 12 AM from every Monday to Sunday at Eastern Standard Time.

If you are a B2B customer looking for support, you may contact the 24 hours helpline, 7 days a week at:


If you wish to receive further assistance, resolutions, or business solutions, then you can contact the helpline number:


from 8 AM till 5 PM at Eastern Standard Time.

Additionally, if you wish to speak at a time more convenient to you and wish to skip the long wait time, then you can simply schedule a call with LG customer support.

Whenever it is proving to be difficult to get in touch with a customer service representative through a call, simply click here. Leave your contact information, product details, and the time that best suits your schedule, and LG Canada will call you back!

Social Media Pages

LG Canada is easy to approach through their social media pages, which run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. LG makes use of every opportunity to make its followers on social media pages aware of its partnerships or influencer reviews by re-tweeting them.

It also actively posts its promotional events and product advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, too.

If you wish to reach out with your concerns, queries, and complaints, simply post on the official pages of LG Canada on Facebook, Instagram, and more.  You are bound to receive a speedy response.

You will be redirected to the relevant social media pages of LG in Canada by clicking below:

Other Customer Support Options

Share Feedback Option

Do you have any important notes you have collected recently on your newly purchased product from LG Canada and wish to convey it successfully to the company?

Is there any criticism you believe LG Canada may benefit from concerning their product lines, product performance, or customer services?

Or do you believe the company needs to review and update their customer touch points such as websites or social media pages?

If you have any opinions on similar topics or more and hope to have LG Canada successfully acknowledge them, then worry no more. You will be glad to learn that LG more than welcomes feedback from its customers.

You may share your valuable feedback with LG in Canada by trying out the ‘Share your opinion’ feature on their official Canadian website. The option is available as a red clickable button labeled ‘feedback’ on the left side of this webpage. You can also land directly on the feedback page by clicking here.

Complaint Cell

Are you unhappy with the way your new product turned out? Did the product fail in satisfying your expectations? Was it faulty?

If you have such complaints, then you can complain directly to LG on their complaint section. Share everything regarding your customer experience or product performances with abandon, as LG is there to support you throughout every step.

For your benefit, and to ensure the response is timely, it is recommended to establish all contact for complaints through emails.


Sign up to receive the company newsletter and stay up to date with the latest buzz surrounding LG products and current innovations. Whether it is information on promotional events, new offers, special discounts, fun contests, sales and marketing or exciting product announcements, you will find it all here.

LG Canada keeps its online audience and customers updated at all times with commercial information through the convenience of an electronic newsletter. You can register for this newsletter by simply clicking here. The newsletter can be easily unsubscribed from at any time and any day, as and when you prefer.

Press Releases and Latest Announcements

Are you trying to get information on the latest happenings related to LG’s products, services, and innovations?

Are you interested in learning about LG’s initiatives for environment conservation and carbon neutrality, or are you looking to read about some useful tidbits on AI developments?

Are you searching for the latest announcements or cancellations for current and upcoming products?

Now you can learn all this and more by reviewing the original content from the official LG press releases. Directly sourced from their website, they are highly valuable articles that will aid you in making better purchases. Learn more by clicking here.

You can also search for announcements on everything concerning LG, from the latest software updates to the expected release of a new product. You can discover the latest happenings and announcements of LG Canada here simply by a keyword search.

It also holds information on services, current news, new products, and innovations. For easy convenience, the page layout allows visitors to enter keywords and search for relevant news relating to LG electronics.

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  1. This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered.
    I have been dealing with problems of my LG 3 and a replacemen LG4 since October 2015 and have still no satisfaction. I have to repeat my story every time since I never get to speak to the same representative; promises are made that they will call me back with an update – never happens, and the Service Department takes more than 6 weeks to deal with the issues.

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