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Levi Strauss & Co., more commonly known as Levi’s, is a global clothing company founded in the United States of America in 1853.

Known for popularizing the blue denim jeans, Levi’s created the first pair in 1873. Since then, they have been offering a wide range of clothing items to countless customers worldwide.

As the name suggests, Levi Strauss & Co, with their namesake signature brand, has other brands as well, including Denizen, Dockers, and Signature.

The company has played a key role in revolutionizing modern attire, and operates more than 2,800 company stores worldwide. Levi’s apparel is available in over one hundred countries today.

Levi’s started their operations in Canada in 1961 by setting up various plants for producing jeans. However, they closed these production plants due to rising costs and other related matters. Nevertheless, the company still continues to serve Canadians with the highest quality jeans and other clothing items.

Levi’s has made a name for itself in the cut-throat clothing industry worldwide. What gives it an edge over others is the company’s high quality jeans and other clothing items, along with outstanding customer service.

You can get in touch with Levi’s customer support team in several different ways. If you want to get in touch with them and discuss any query you have over the phone, contact them on their Canadian telephone number 1.888.501.5384 from 7 a.m – 7 p.m. PT seven days a week.

If you wish to contact them over email, visit Levi’s Canada’s official website and fill in the ‘contact us’ tab. You can mail them after clicking on the email tab regarding two matters: warranty claims or general queries. Once selected, the website will take you to your relevant page, and after filling in your details, you can mail them your query.

Online Support And Other Useful Resources

If email or call is not what you are looking for, then Levi Strauss & Co offers you various online support and valuable resources. On Levi’s Canada’s official website’s ‘contact us’ tab, along with the company’s phone number and email, you will find the “Help Center” tab. By clicking that, you will be able to access Levi’s Canada online services.


The Levi’s Canada website returns tab tells you everything you need to know regarding Levi’s return policy. This tab answers any question regarding how to apply for an order return, how to cancel that, what makes you eligible for it, and what return form isn’t accepted.


The shipping tab provides all the information regarding your online order shipping details. You can learn everything here, from tracking your order step-by-step online to where your order is being shipped from as well as how much your shipment will cost and when it will arrive.

You can even request to change your delivery instructions if your work schedule and Levi’s delivery schedule aren’t aligned and you keep missing your delivery. International customers who would like to place their order from Levi’s Canada can also find out about their eligibility here.


This tab tracks the record of all your orders. Any information you need regarding order tracking, changing, cancellation, and whether your order should be tax exempted can be found here.

If your order was canceled for an unforeseen reason, then its explanation will be available here. On case you were billed after cancellation, you will find the reason here. So check out this tab if you wish to find out about your order.


The accounts tab on Levi’s Canada website exists so you can create, manage and maintain your account. Before placing your order online, you need to have a Levi’s account, and this is where you will create and manage it.

You can also learn about all the perks and exclusive discounts you can gain from creating and maintaining Levi’s account here. Most importantly, you can reset and restore your account if you have forgotten your password here.


In the payments tab of Levi’s Canada help center, you can learn about what kinds of payments Levi’s Canada accepts. The section also explains the steps the company has taken to ensure the security of your payment. You can also learn about the various payment vouchers you can purchase to gift to your friends & family.

Our Products

The company’s products tab informs you about the company’s latest and previous collections available for purchase. You can learn about all the product details as well as how to verify if the product you are getting is genuine.

Our Stores

“Our stores” is the most important tab in the help center as it acts as a store locator. No matter where in Canada you are accessing the company’s website, this tab can tell you where you can find the nearest Levi’s franchise.

If you need information about Levi’s stores in other Canadian cities, then that information can also be availed from this tab.


The COVID-19 tab provides you with every information you need pertaining to the precautions Levi’s Canada employees take to ensure their safety as well as their customers.

Privacy & Security

This tab offers insights about Levi’s privacy policy, including the steps they have taken to keep your identity and confidential information safe, and why they use cookies. If you have any concerns regarding your privacy and security, you can learn about it here.

Levi’s Social Media Presence

Levi’s is a famous clothing brand with a long history. However, to remain relevant in the ever-changing times, they have adapted to social media to reach out to their customers better.

Overall, Levi’s combined reach on the four major social media platforms is close to 36 million. Facebook accounts for nearly 26 million followers, Instagram has close to 8 million, Tiktok has 920,000 plus, and Twitter is closing in on 800,000.

As a legacy brand, Levi’s achieved this level of growth and success because of the fantastic customer care and service they offer. If you want to know how, where and when you can contact them, then read this guide to learn all about them.

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