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Klarna is an online shopping platform where you can buy different types of consumer goods from over 250,000 merchants present in 17 countries. The company was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2005. Since then, it has made considerable changes to the technology to facilitate more reach and a quick, safe, and effortless shopping experience for customers in various parts of the world.

The company’s mission, in fact, has always been to offer a smooth shopping experience. Therefore, one-click purchases are possible, with various payment options. These options include paying after the delivery, direct payment, and installment plans. In addition to that, the company has continued to offer great customer support to its existing and potential customers. In turn, it has made sure that customers face minimal problems when using the platform.

In 2014, Klarna acquired SOFORT, forming the Klarna Group. This group consists of investors named Visa, Permira, Bestseller, Sequoia Capital, and Atomico. With the combined resources, the group has managed to form an active consumer base of 90 million. Moreover, it has over 4000 employees to accommodate those customers and ensure they get the best possible value for money through its services.

Considering the scope and the importance of the customer services of Klarna, this article will explore the different ways that you can get support from the company. This way, you can reduce the hassle of trying to find the help you need because everything is included right here.

Klarna has a number of different ways that you can get support from the company. So, there’s a lot of information present online about various categories related to the issues you may face. You can read about them without needing to contact a customer services representative. On the other hand, you can also call or chat with a representative if you can’t find an answer to your particular inquiry. In addition to that, the Klarna application for your mobile device also offers customer service options. Having said that, let’s get into the different support options you can consider.

Call Klarna

Klarna offers one contact number for customers who reside in Canada. There is no indication that the contact number is reserved for specific issues only. So, it’s safe to assume you can speak to a support representative about whatever problem you’re facing regarding the company. So, you possibly speak to a support professional about payments, refunds, products and services, delivery, and much more.

The contact number is, however, reserved for only certain times of the day. So, make sure to have your question ready so that you can speak to the representative at the appropriate time.

You can call from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm ET if you reside in Canada.

  • 1-833-916-3555

If you live anywhere other than Canada, you can change your region on the website for the contact details.

Useful Resources Online

As mentioned above, you can find a variety of online resources for support at Klarna. You can either read information or speak directly to a representative over the internet. Here’s what you can do.

Live Chat with Klarna

You can chat with a customer support representative on the Klarna website. Like the option for calling, you can also only speak to a representative online between Monday and Friday, 9 am to 5 pm ET.

You will need to create an account to be able to live chat with a support professional at Klarna. This step can be a little frustrating for new users. This is because you will need to go through the hassle of creating an account to be able to speak to someone. What’s even worse is that you cannot sign in using an existing Google or Facebook account.

Instead, you’ll need to provide your email and create a dedicated Klarna account. It can be quicker to call the company instead—provided the customer support personnel answer the phone on time.

When you draft your message, it’s in your best interest to keep it clear and concise. As a result, you can get the necessary support quickly. Also, considering it’s not a 24-hour service, it helps to message the team much before 5 pm ET.

  • You can live chat with Klarna here.

Learn About Different Aspects of the Services of Klarna

Klarna also allows users to get information about various aspects of the company and its services on their own. All of this information is present online in the form of a detailed Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) section. There are various major categories for you to choose from, which include the following. Every major category also has subcategories.

  • You can learn all about Klarna for Individuals here.
  • You can learn all about Payments here.
  • You can learn all about Refunds here.
  • You can learn all about Delivery and Returns here.
  • You can learn all about Payments here.
  • You can learn all about Account and Settings here.
  • You can learn all about Products and Services here.
  • You can learn all about Fraud and Security here.
  • You can learn all about Declined Purchases here.

Email Klarna (for Merchants Only)

Unfortunately, Klarna does not have a support email for customers. However, it does have an email option for merchants. The support service is embedded within the website. So, it’s not a separate dedicated email address.

  • You can email Klarna for merchant support here.

The merchant support timings are between Monday and Friday, 8 am to 5 pm EST.

Use the Klarna App for Mobile Devices

If you prefer using your mobile device for contacting the company, you can use the Klarna app. This app allows you to chat with a support representative, view your purchases, manage your payments, handle returns, and resolve problems.

Klarna Social Media Customer Support Services

Klarna has accounts on various social media platforms too. You can learn new updates about the company and its services through these platforms. The social media platforms to follow include:

The Bottom Line

The customer support services at Klarna make sure that all customers can find what they need to with ease, even if it may take some time for some services.

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