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JOEY Restaurants is a popular upscale, casual restaurant chain in Canada and the US.

CEO Jeff Fuller started his culinary journey by flipping burgers, sweeping floors, and washing dishes, which helped him learn from the ground up and understand the value of success. He strongly believes in the power of hard work and showing unwavering commitment to customers, which is reflected in the service offered at his restaurants.

Fuller opened the first JOEY in 1992. Today, there are 27 JOEY Restaurants across Kelowna, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Winnipeg, California, and Seattle.

He believes in creating spaces that are uniquely suited to the locale and its clientele. The things that are common across all JOER Restaurants include a lively environment, exceptionally scrumptious food, and excellent hospitality. The company also offers incredible customer service via its official website.

Here are some ways in which JOEY Restaurants provides excellent customer service:

General Inquiries

If you have any general queries that you want JOEY Restaurants’ corporate office to answer, fill out the form on its “general inquiries” webpage. The company will get back to you within 48 hours. Here’s what you can do if you have specific queries:

Real Estate

If you have a suggestion for JOEY Restaurant’s next location, you can email the details to the company at Its real estate department will review your email and contact you if they are interested in acquiring more information.

Becoming a Supplier

If you have a specific product that you would like to introduce to the Culinary Department at JOEY Restaurants, you can email it at For bar-related supplies, you can contact its Bar Department at

If you have any other queries about becoming a supplier, you can call its Head Office at 604.699.5639 to speak to the appropriate department. You can also email the company at


JOEY Restaurant Group supports numerous charities in the communities where it does business, including Plan Canada, Ronald McDonald House, and more. The company also has its charitable program called Cup of Care, through which it serves soup to tens of thousands of Canadians.

If you want the company to support your charitable initiate, you can email it at to submit your donation request.

Media and Advertising Opportunities

If you have an exciting media or advertising opportunity for JOEY Restaurants, you can email your contact information to Its marketing manager will review your pitch and reach out to you directly if it’s a good fit for the company.


JOEY Restaurants want to deliver the best, most hospitable service to you. It’s why it has a helpful “feedback” webpage on its site. If your experience at one of its restaurants was unsatisfactory, you could fill out the form on this webpage. The management team at JOEY Restaurants can get back to you within 2 to 3 business days.

Locations and Menus

JOEY Restaurants want to make it easy for you to find its various locations and access their menus, which is why it has tabs for locations and menus on its website. You can click on the tab, and the website will show you all the available locations. You can search for the one closest to you, click on it, and the website will direct you to the webpage dedicated to said location.

Similarly, if you want to access the menu, click on the location so that you can explore the menu and order your food. You can also make a reservation by clicking on the location that is closest to you. Alternatively, you can order your food online via takeout and delivery in Canada and the US.

JOEY Restaurants’ Social Media Presence

JOEY Restaurants has an active social media presence. The company keeps its customers engaged and updated via the following platforms:

If you have any concerns or suggestions, you can reach out to the company via the aforementioned platforms. You can also follow it online to learn about every scrumptious food and beverage it serves at its numerous locations and partake in the giveaways and deal offers on these platforms.

JOEY Restaurants’ Reopening Plans

JOEY Restaurants want to facilitate its customers however it can, which is why it has provided a detailed plan of the reopening of its locations under the health and safety guidelines of the regions it operates in. This webpage mentions everything you can expect at different JOEY Restaurants’ locations, such as capacity, seating restrictions, etc.

Gift Cards

JOEY Restaurants also have special gift cards that you can buy for your loved ones. They are available as physical cards that the company can mail to you or e-cards that it will send via email. These cards are not redeemable for cash, and they never expire.

Here are the two gift card options that you can avail:

If you want to check the available balance on your gift card, you can do so on the website by entering your PIN code and card number. If your card doesn’t feature a PIN code, you can email a picture of it to to find out your balance.


JOEY has a comprehensive careers webpage where you can apply for a job. The company has a strong culture, and it believes in hiring promising individuals who can take the business to new heights of success.

Here are all the locations that have job openings currently:

The webpage also has three types of job categories that have their respective webpages detailing all the openings in those categories:

You can find the job that you’re looking for by browsing through the numerous openings on each webpage.

The Bottom Line

JOEY Restaurants is a thriving Canadian restaurant business that firmly believes in upholding the highest standards of customer service. To make sure that JOEY is the hallmark of hospitality and customer care, the company has many helpful webpages on its website that detail all the different ways in which you can reach out to the company.

So, if you have any feedback or concern that you need to share with JOEY Restaurants, reach out to the company via its website and social media.

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