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ICICI Bank is one of India’s largest multinational financial service providers. This relatively new bank was formed as a subsidiary of the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India in 1994. Today, ICICI Bank is proud to be one of the largest multinational banks originating in India both in terms of market capitalization and assets. Just a few of the services offered through this bank include life insurance, credit cards, asset management, and mortgage loans.

ICICI Bank currently has over 4,000 branches in almost 20 countries, including in Canada, Malaysia, the UK, and the USA. ICICI Bank made history in 2000 when it became the first Indian bank to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Investors in the NYSE can follow ICICI Bank’s shares by following the ticker IBN.

ICICI Bank support from Canada

There are many ways for Canadians to get in touch with ICICI Bank’s customer service division. The easiest way is to dial this toll free number (888) 424-2422. This 24/7 hotline will put you in contact with a North American ICICI Bank representative.

ICICI Canada customer helpOf course, since ICICI Bank is such a huge institution, there are numerous other ways to get in touch with its staff. The following URLs will provide you with both contact and general information on ICICI Bank.

  • ICICI Bank neatly lays out all of its contact information on this webpage. Canadians will find ways to reach them by telephone, email, and postage. Also, ICICI Bank’s branch locations in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario are listed here.
  • This is ICICI Bank Canada’s official FAQ page. You can either click on a topic that interests you or type your question into the search bar.
  • Here’s an official form written by ICICI Bank Canada to tell Canadian citizens how to officially file a complaint. Just follow the four steps listed here to have your complaints heard by an ICICI Bank employee.
  • Like the first link in this list, this is an ICICI Bank contact page. The main difference is that this page targets an Indian audience. If you need the address of ICICI Bank’s main headquarters in Mumbai, just scroll down to the bottom of this webpage.
  • Every company nowadays has a YouTube page, and ICICI Bank is no exception. If you want to check out some of ICICI Bank’s official videos, look no further than this website.

As mentioned above, ICICI Bank‘s main headquarters is in Mumbai, India. If you currently reside in Canada, however, you’d be better off sending a physical letter to this address:

ICICI Bank Canada
P O Box 396
Don Mills, ON M3C 2S7

All Canadian branches are open from Monday through Friday from 10:30AM-6:00PM. You can check out the first link in this list to get more detailed information on phone and email contact info for each Canadian branch.

ICICI Bank is thoroughly plugged into social media. Facebook users can “friend” ICICI Bank on this website. You can follow ICICI Bank’s tweets on their Twitter account here. And, finally, if you are into Pinterest, you can check out this ICICI Bank Pinterest page.

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