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Are you looking for a heavy duty printer to replace your old one? Are you finding it difficult to choose the right entertainment devices? Or do you simply hope to get assistance from one of the finest business solution providers in the market on what to purchase for your office?

HP Canada is one of the most trusted names when it comes to technology. Founded in 1939 to produce audio oscillators, the company has come a long way. HP is one of the finest information technology companies in the Industry. Its products shine bright for the quality and performance they exude.

HP lives up to its reputation when it comes to reinventing and creating marvelous new technologies too.  HP Canada‘s aim is to make people’s lives better through technology. HP Canada is your go-to brand if you need new technology for your home or office.

Are you looking to buy HP products but need assistance? Are you trying to find out the closest retailer to buy HP products from? Or do you simply need professional assistance from HP Canada’s Customer Support Services regarding a specific product?

If any of the above instances apply to you, then this comprehensive list will help you. If you want to contact HP Canada, check out the following options.


HP Canada has a special website dedicated to the Canadian market. This website is available for support and feedback 24/7. The website includes an online customer support section, virtual customer support agent as well as a news and press release section.

The website includes the latest products as well as incredible blog posts on the global, social and environmental initiative taken by HP.

To experience the HP website, click here.


Do you have feedback regarding HP products? Or do you have a query and wish to have it answered through conventional channels?

You can contact HP Canada through conventional channels such as a delivery mail address. If you wish to post your criticism or feedback, queries or concerns to HP in Canada, then contact them through the following address:

HP Inc.
5150 Spectrum Way, Floor 6
P.C L4W 5G1

Virtual Agent

HP Canada has employed modern tech to offer superior solutions to its customers. If you are looking for any type of support, then take advantage of the virtual assistance feature on the website.

You have the option to take your concerns regarding printers, PC or printer ink to the virtual agent. The purple virtual assistance button is visible on the bottom right corner of the screen on the support centre page.

To opt for virtual support, simply click here.

Online Customer Support

HP Canada also offers customer support online on their website. This support is specific to the product you have purchased.

Simply select the product you have purchased, enter the serial number and let this feature detect your product. To take advantage of this feature, click here.

Phone Call Customer Support

Are you facing problems with an HP product and need help?

Fret not, as HP in Canada has a special phone line just for this purpose. Call this phone line for all queries and questions and receive prompt solutions.

If you have queries regarding delivery, sales or other services, discuss your concerns with the customer representatives. To get in touch with HP Canada, call 1-877-231-4351.

To offer feedback or simply share your experience with HP, you may call the HP Canada HQ office. To get in touch with them, you may dial the following number: 888-206-0289

Social Media Pages

Are you curious about new HP products in the Canadian market? Do you want to know what types of printers are trending these days?

Now you can get to know HP Canada even better than before. The HP social media pages are a wonderful way to connect with your favorite brand.

HP in Canada posts regularly on their social media pages, uploading the latest promotions and offers. In fact, loyal fans occasionally get chances to share their experiences with HP products too.

HP Canada is available 24/7 through their social media pages, so you can always contact them for any queries and feedback. To visit their official pages, click on the social media pages below.

News and Press Releases

Are you still curious to know more about HP and how it impacts the world?

You can get updates about HP Canada and its initiatives for environment conservation, its new innovative designs and its novel products directly from HP.

The website has a special section, which informs the world about what HP is up to. Go through the news, blogs or watch videos and learn about how HP Canada is helping the community. To visit the news and press release section of HP in Canada, Click here

Community Support

Are you confused about how to use a product? Do you just want quick answers to complicated questions? Do you want to learn about other people’s experiences with a particular model?

You can ask all this and much more by visiting the community support section that is on the website. Ask your questions and queries through HP’s community support feature and get answers from people who use HP products.

The best part is that you can ask other people for recommendations and make an informed decision before buying an HP product.

HP Canada cares about its customers and values their feedback. To get solutions, tips and support from the HP community, simply click here.

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